Marvel - The Beginning: Pete Wisdom #5

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Previous chapter is HEREMore stories located HERE

Wheelers & Dealers Casino, Madripoor

Pete Wisdom stood in the corner and vomited into the fern tree. He wasn’t really sick but it was working with his role as an obnoxious drunk gambler who’d just lost a fortune, which he had as his blackjack skills were terrible but he didn’t care as it wasn’t his money.

“Target is proceeding your way, Wisdom,” said Michelle Scicluna in his ear. She was safely aboard the HMS Knightsbridge moored in the Madripoor harbour.

“Tell me something I don’t know!” Pete hissed. “And stop calling me...”

“On your left!”

Pete watched a young man in a cream suit, sunglasses and earbuds walked past him. He was carrying a black briefcase which is what MI:13 wanted; Latverian defence plans. Word was that the son of one of Doom’s generals had stolen some schematics and wanted to sell them to the Americans along with seeking asylum. MI:13 wanted to prevent that quietly and quickly so that Doom didn’t declare war on the USA and that Britain’s former colony didn’t get their hands on his technology.

Pete staggered in slightly behind the oblivious man and as they passed a fire door he tackled them both through it. As they tumbled down the concrete stairs, Pete put his hand on the man’s chest and fired a blast of hot knives. The scorchingly sharp blast blew a cauterised hole through his sternum and out his spine, killing him instantly.

“Sorry,” Pete said to the corpse as he took the case away. It felt heavy, heavier than he expected.


“Is the parcel secure and the target down?” Scicluna barked into his ear.

“Something’s wrong,” Pete said as he patted down the man to find his key and passport. He quickly unlocked the case to find it full of diamonds.

“Wisdom!” Scicluna barked. “Is the parcel se...”

“What’s the target’s name?” Pete asked. “Because if it’s Abdullah bin Khalifa Al Dijaj then cool, but if not...”

Gunshots and ricochets erupted in the stairwell as a security guard from the casino opened fire. Pete clutched the case to his chest and fled down the stairs swearing all the way.

“SOMEBODY €^*#{‘d UP!” He yelled to Scicluna. “Who the hell did I just kill?”

“Stand by!”

Pete smashed through a fire door into another level of the casino. “I’ve got diamonds not schematics!”


“You heard me. I just sent some poor geezer to an early grave,” he lamented as he looked for a way out amongst the rows and rows of slot machines. He spotted a trio of security guards who’d just spotted him. “I need a pick up.”

“Denied. Mission isn’t complete.”

“ARE YOU $&¥*#} WITH ME?” Pete yelled as he ran. “This is over, it’s done! You told me it was the guy and it wasn’t! If you weren’t hot and a woman, I’d break your nose!”

“Parcel is unsecured and target is still in play.”

Pete yelled in frustration as he skidded to halt at a balcony that looked down five floors. “Then get me some better +%#?~<£ intel! It’s not like he’s going to walk past m...targets name!”

“Kreis Pferdnik.”

Pete looked at the man in a cream suit, who also had a brief case walking right past him. “Oi! Chris!”

The man turned at his name. “Are you talking to me?”

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“Chris Ferdick?”

“...Yes?” He replied with a puzzled look on his face.

“Good enough!” He raised his hand and blew the man’s clean off with a focused beam of hot knives; he was dead and decapitated before his legs realised. People nearby screamed. Pete grabbed the case from the collapsing corpse then leapt over the balcony to avoid a hail of bullets.

“Parcel secured! Target eliminated!” Pete said as he fell thinking this was very similar to how he got the job with Black Air in the first place. He used his mutant power to slow his fall. “This place has cameras.”

“John is taking care of those as we speak Wisdom,” Michelle said unto his ear. “There’s an orange van out front ready for your exit. See you in the harbour.”

Pete ran out of the casino, dodging bullets and firing back with a finger to cover his escape as he held the diamond case to his chest and the other briefcase in his hand. Ahead was a rickety old orange van waiting. The doors opened and standing there was a man holding a .50 Cal sniper rifle.

“Chop chop!” said the sniper pulling the trigger and taking out one of Wisdom’s pursuers.

Pete clambered into the van and away they went skidding through the narrow Madripoor streets.

“Well that was a right royal *%{~ up!?” He exclaimed lighting up a cigarette. “Who the hell was that poor sod I murdered for wearing the same clothes?”

SLAP! Pete was stunned as Michelle Scicluna stood over him as he boarded the warship.

“If you ever speak to me like that again Wisdom, I will put stick an Uzi in your mouth and pull the trigger until it clicks empty!” Michelle snapped at him. “I am your superior officer! Do you understand me?!”

“I do…” Pete seethed. “But you made me kill the wrong guy!”

“Do you actually genuinely care, Wisdom?” Michelle asked. “Or are you just looking for a fight? He was an acceptable loss. Any questions?”

Pete glared at her. “No.”

“You are an MI:13 agent, start acting like one!” She stormed off below deck leaving Pete to nurse his cheek.

“She digs me,” he said cockily, lighting up a cigarette.

To be continued...

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Well. Pete's a murderer now which is nice. You always put your characters into such off kilter situations.

Keep 'em coming.

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@tommythehitman: Well Black Air is all about tying up loose ends and eliminating threats to interests of the Crown.

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@batkevin74: Very eager to see how the story continues.

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Still love this story. Feels like a Bond movie!