MARVEL - The Beginning: Namor #1

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Thick layers of ice separated the Arctic’s surface from the deep below. Stuck within the ice for decades was the lost ship, the SS Endurance. Seeking out one of the world’s rarest metals it had never made its way back home.

Yet man had failed to learn their lesson. As the Vibranium would prove to be durable and valuable for acts of warfare, Americans desire for it only grew.

A second ship, SS Oracle traveled through the harsh winds, the water below chilling to temperatures far lower than zero. As the blizzard clears, Captain Leonard McKenzie see’s the silhouette of the SS Endurance in the distance.

“We Got It!”

He yells out to his crew, turning his head back baring a grin concealed by his garments covering his pale face.

While lost in a fantasy of having riches granted him by recovered mass amounts of Vibranium being discovered by his brave crew, the ship comes to a harsh halt, shaking Captain McKenzie off his feet.

Picking himself up, he exhales seeing his own breath breach through his face garments.

A mysterious woman also gains her footing, observing Captain McKenzie from afar. The crew operated around her seemingly as if she did not exist. Her abilities allowed her to peer into McKenzie’s mind and see his thoughts of greed and fame. An adventurer in it for all the glory. It amused her really, to know he was just a means to an end.

“Dammit!” Leonard shouts, peering over the SS Oracle’s ledge. “Grab some charges, we’re going to need to blow the Ice if we’re going to make it out of here!”

“Ay Captain!” McKenzie’s crew desperately scattered for explosives, using their last energy in them as the harsh temperatures were slowly making majority of the crew ill.


Emperor Thakorr sat underneath the surface in his throne room, massive in his frame and size he ruled over Atlantis with an Iron Fist, having fought many wars for generations of Atlanteans.

The school’s were full. General Krang was training the Atlantean Army, and Princess Fen casually sat upon her quarters longing to be away from the kingdom on an adventure like the ones Thakorr told Fen as a child.

All was normal in Atlantis until the ancient city began to quake.

Erupting a mass of panic, Thakorr rose from his throne, as his armies rallied the kingdom’s defenses.

Doors swung open one after another following the quakes.

“My Lord,”


The Atlantean Emperor’s throne room was entered by a Startled Fen and General Krang. Quickly dismissing his daughters worry, he looks to the General for a detailed report.

“Is it Attuma?”

He asks with a rather certain look, gripping a mighty golden trident. Many royal guards all present were knelt along with Krang while the Emperor stood from his throne.

“No My Lord. It is from /Above/.”

Krang tilts his head up up, his blue complexion matching that of his blue eyes.

Thakorr lets a breath go of relief, and takes a seat back down on his throne. Krang and the others rise, while Princess Fen observes.

“I fear I worry much in my old age.”

Thakorr jested lightly, shaking his head. It was obvious something plagued his mind with worry.

“Fen, take word to the war unit to have a search done immediately.”

He commanded, while looking back to Krang.

“General, on the other hand, you and I have something to discuss.”

“Very well, My Lord.” Krang nods, listening intently as Fen walks off at a loss of words.

“My Father’s prefers his own /War Dog/ to speak about his feelings than his daughter? Oh Thakorr… how the mighty Emperor wishes me to die of lone life. One I can’t let alone have a mother in, now a father too?”

Fen vented to herself as she ran off to do her father’s bidding.

The Princess elegantly swam through the waters when another tremor occurred, again knocking her off path. Hitting her head on a large sunken boulder, she looks up to the light of the Surface World.

With a look of determination she smirks before darting to the sunlight peering into the deep from above.


“One more should do and we’re out of here!”

Leonard shouted. Out on the ice himself, He prepared the detonation for the next explosion but instead his hand was stopped by the breath-taking grip of Atlantean royalty.

“Ack!” Leonard shouts, turning to see the woman responsible.

“I wouldn’t do that again.” Fen says, looking at the chunks of ice they had blasted away. Using her index to point to the wreckage, she hopes Leonard learns this is less advise and more of a threat.

From the SS Oracle’s ledge, the mysterious woman watches tucked away in her cloak.

Intrigue takes her over as she fights into the Atlantean’s mind. It was far more up-kept than that of the human, but no one could resist Selene’s abilities for long.

“Rough grip for a woman!” McKenzie says, on the ground, while his crew cautiously stands back.

Princess Fen narrows her eyes, picking him up by his collar.

“What did /you/ tell me?”

“I just mean-, well you’re really str—“ His windpipe begins to be squeezed by her strength.

As he gasps for breath, she sees the helplessness in his eyes and releases him.

“Jesus…” Leonard says, stumbling back to his feet while tending to his throat.

Shaking her head in disbelief of her actions, she turns to see a harpoon aimed directly for her by another member of the SS Oracle crew.

“Stand down. I made a mistake.”

Fen voice shook with guilt, causing McKenzie to be even more confused.

“Damn right you did, Fire that damn thing!” He shouts out of fear, only for Fen to catch the Harpoon mid-way and fling the crewman off of his feet and harshly face first onto the ice.

“…” Leonard backs up in awe and a bit of terror.

“Y-you-got-t-t-to-be-f-freezing?” He inquired as she stepped his direction out along the cold planes.

“Look. You’re intruding on my world. I know you Surface-Dwellers have a reputation of spilling your wastes into my people’s oceans… and for that alone I should gut you alive!” She says, motioning to him with the harpoon she had caught prior.

“However, You don’t seem so bad… Despite your unruly comments about women.”

She throws the harpoon down, allowing it to impale the ice right below Leonard’s crotch.

“Women? I love Women!” Nervously McKenzie chuckles.

He gulps, his chattering teeth causing him to stutter.


A soft smirk appears on her face he calls for her mercy.

She had no idea the Surface-Dwellers would be so amusing.

“Princess Fen of Atlantis.” Helping him up off the ground he looks up to her taller beauty.

“Captain McKenzie… You can call me Leonard!” He yells out over the harsh winds.

“Your boat, I can help you free yourselves of the Ice if you’d like!?” Fen offers, to which Mackenzie and his crew cautiously step closer and begin to discuss their plan.

Selene watches from the boat, reading and dissecting their minds without them even knowing. She grins as the human and the atlantean meet each other with a handshake.

Over the scene, she could too see the SS Endurance in the distance.


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@jayksaginowski: Cool. It's a little confusing on who is watching who, but its a good start to Namor's origin. Go write more...NOW :)

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Nice. I like how you're slowly building up to Namor rather than just jumping straight into the Submariner from the first issue.

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Intriguing first issue. It was a nice little introduction to the world of Atlantis and the world around Namor before Namor.

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