MARVEL - The Beginning: Guardians of the Galaxy #4

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The battle was beginning. The battleground was set. Mar-Vell’s frustration with the Mad Titan was about to take fruition and Thanos couldn’t be any happier. Thanos was anticipating the upcoming attack of the Kree captain. His actions were all about infuriating the Kree warrior, making him lose his nerve, so he can go reckless and all into the fight.

Mar-Vell had done something which he wasn’t sure if he was about to regret it or it would help him – knocking out Drax the Destroyer. Now he was mid-flight, going straight towards the Mad Titan a.k.a Thanos. Mar-Vell’s hands were glowing as he was gathering there his blast energy. Intensifying the charge with each passing meter the palms of his hands were getting brighter and brighter.

Mar-Vell’s right arm faced Thanos’ face. The hit had unleashed the blast energy which was gathered at the end of his palm sending out a flare like an explosion. The hit was with the power to shatter a small moon but after the flare had went out Mar-Vell managed to see the damage he had done. Not a scratch on Thanos’ face. His smile had just become bigger than a few seconds ago.

Mar-Vell attempted to hit him with his other hand, but Thanos caught it mid-air. Then he managed to grab his other one as well and with a quick reaction he headbutted the Kree. The captain’s body was sent flying as it hit the floor and started rolling for over a 50 metres when it finally stopped. From the rolling on the uneven surface his battle suit was shredded.

“Not a single drop of blood. I am disappointed, captain.” Thanos’ voice was deep and calm. Frighteningly calm “I have heard the stories. I expected more. Get up!” The voice of Thanos quickly changed into something more demanding and threatening.

Mar-Vell’s body was only giving out grunts and cracks as he was trying to raise his body from the ground. As he was trying to put himself up on his feet with his arm, they were shaking. A single blow from the Mad Titan had literally shattered the body and will of the legendary warrior.

As his body was almost raised the Mad Titan was already next to him. He was looking at his struggles. He just grabbed Mar-Vell’s body, picked up and dropped it with so much force that a thunderous sound was heard around. Mar-Vell’s body made a crater as his body hit the floor. Dust was going up from the hit and a deafening scream of pain was heard from the Kree captain.

Thanos was standing over the broken body of his opponent. He waited for the dust to go away, so he can see how broken exactly he was. As the dust went away and Thanos saw the body he smiled.

What followed was difficult to watch. Thanos started sending a rain of punches over Mar-Vell’s body. Each blow sending a thundering sound around. After a while the thunderous sound was replaced with a sound of a hand hitting water, but it wasn’t water. What Thanos was now hitting was not a body either, it was a bloody pulp. Mar-Vell had become a body bag which was releasing more and more blood as it was being hit.

Thanos stopped for a second to look at the defeated warrior. As he was about to deliver the killing blow a last effort from Mar-Vell’s body was released as he sent a last energy blast at Thanos. The blast didn’t do much but it managed to stop Thanos for a second.

“You dare?!” Thanos shouted out.

He was about to finish the job when he was interrupted by a body that jumped over him. The body was Drax who sent the Mad Titan flying to the ground. As they had grabbed onto each other they were rolling around.

Thanos’ body was lying on the ground as Drax was on top of him. He had locked Thanos to the ground with his knees. He started punching the Mad Titan with both hands with incredible speed, not stopping for a second.

“You scum! You wanted to waste all of your energy on the Kree policeman?” Drax asked with so much rage in his voice it was sending saliva out of his mouth.

Thanos was about to answer Drax’s question when Drax drew out his twin blades and started slicing Thanos up with them. He was stabbing, slicing, cutting out pieces out of Thanos’ body. Drax was enjoying it.

Drax stopped for a second to enjoy the view. He smiled. He started laughing with a maniacal laugh.

Thanos managed to get one of his hands free. With it Thanos hit Drax in the rib cage which made Drax bend his body to the side, lowering his head. Thanos’ next blow was to Drax’s head which send him aside to the ground.

“You played enough, boy.” Thanos said with a calm voice yet again.

“Boy?! You dare call me that, murderer?” Drax was pissed off even more.

Drax jumped at Thanos with his arms reaching out to his back with his twin blades in his hands. He was swinging his arms back, so he can stab him with a bigger force.

Thanos countered his move with a simple grab. He grabbed Drax’s hands mid-air with one hand while with the other he punched him in his abdomen. From the blow Drax spat blood as he hit the floor.

He was quick up on his feet.

“You…How are you still overpowering me?” Drax was confused. He was on his knees wiping his blood from his mouth “As I am this close to you…my strength is supposed to increase while yours decreases. It doesn’t make sense.”

Thanos smiled. He opened one of his belt’s compartments and took out of it something. He was holding it in his palm, squeezing hard. He put his hand up as he was slowly revealing what he was holding. It was a red rock which was glowing brightly.

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“No!” Drax exclaimed. “How did you get a hold over the Power Gem?!” He was startled as he knew that this may be his final moments.


While the battle between the three male warriors was raging on, the fighting between the other involved had progressed a lot as well.

Rocket and Groot had went against Nebula as they were told by their field leader Peter Quill. Their battle plan was not to have one, they wanted to put her down and that was everything.

Rocket was shooting with his laser gun which was the cosmic equivalent of an AK-47, but it was much faster and much more powerful. Even though the speed of the rifle was amazing, Nebula’s reflexes appeared to be faster. She was zig-zagging across the field as Rocket was shooting at her.

“Stand still, b***h! Stand the f#@k still!” said Rocket angered at the blue woman. He was concentrating harder and harder with each curse as if concentration was going to help him tag Nebula.

When Nebula neared Rocket, she jumped from the ground. Reaching her peak point she forced herself to go down, pointing her sword towards Rocket in order to stab him. Her control over her body was great, her speed was as great. The reaction time of Rocket had to be truly uncanny to be able to move away – it wasn’t. He was about to be dead meat.

If it wasn’t for Groot who prolonged his right arm, turning it into a projectile, Rocket would have been a raccoon on a stick. His arm’s end took the shape of a hammer as it hit Nebula and sent her away.

Rocket froze. He wasn’t moving. As Nebula was still lying on the ground, Groot went to see his friend.

“I am Groot.” Said Groot.

“I am alright, buddy. Don’t worry about me. We have more pressing matters right now.” Replied Rocket who showed clear understanding of Groot’s words.

“I am Groot.” Said Groot with an agreeing tone.

The two friends looked at Nebula who had already started coming towards them, yet again.

Rocket drew out a different weapon. One which required him to aim at Nebula. However, as he was doing that, Groot had already hit the ground with both hands. Rocket looked at him as he sensed the tremors underneath his feet.

“What’s happening?” Rocket asked Groot.

“I am Groot.” Replied Groot as his hands’ ends came out from below, underneath Nebula’s feet. His hands started to come around her, stopping her in her tracks. As they had become as tall as Nebula and were all around her, they closed themselves.

Groot had put Nebula in a self-made coffin. A coffin so thich that she would be unable to cut through it.

“And you couldn’t think of that earlier? Amazing!” said Rocket with a condescending tone.


Peter Quill was on to Gamora. He was shooting at her with his laser guns which were unable to tag her. The ones that did get in close proximity to her were just parried with her sword.

As Gamora was getting closer Peter put away his guns.

“Alright, change of plans then.” He said to himself.

He waited for Gamora to get within 15-20 meters away from him. He opened one of his belt pockets and took out three metal spheres. As he was waiting for her to get even closer he threw them on the ground. On impact the spheres exploded releasing a big amount of thick gas which made it impossible for Gamora to see. However, Peter was ready. His photographic memory remembered just fine where her body was and especially where her face was. He knew the speed with which she was moving.

A punch to the face followed but to Quill’s surprise the same followed from Gamora’s side. As they both punched each other at the same time Quill was sent to the ground while Gamora remained on her feet.

“You really thought this would work?” asked Gamora with a laughing tone.

“Hey, I had to try.” Peter answered as he was holding his jaw in pain. “You really do hit hard for a woman.”

“Deadliest woman in the galaxy.” Gamora said in a bragging manner.

As she was looking down at him, Peter quickly took out his gun again and shot her in the thigh.

“Actually this is what I intended to do the whole time.” Peter said with a smile on his face.

“You bastard!” exclaimed Gamora as she started holding her thigh. Bended slightly, a perfect opportunity came to Peter Quill who sent his left knee to her face.

Gamora was sent back a bit by the hit but she still remained on her feet. She was not happy. Her face quickly changed as her nose was bloodied and broken. She put her sword away and charged at Peter Quill yelling.

“Oh, god. I think I might be screwed.” Peter said a bit worried but keeping his comedic tone.

Gamora started sending hits of great caliber towards the human. The way she was hitting him was highlighting her background of training. The speed of the hits was uncanny.

At first Peter managed to parry a few, to hold his own against her and even hit her a few times. However, one surprising hit to the rib cage of Peter made him drop his guard. A series of facial, body and lower body hits to Peter’s body followed.

He was lying on the ground, grinning in pain.

“And when you think that I actually tried to help you. I sure was stupid to do that.” Said Gamora as she unsheathed her sword once again.

Peter’s facial expression quickly changed as he was shocked by what she said “Wait, what?!”

As Gamora swung down to slice the human, a blow to the side of her body came from Groot. He and Rocket were about to help Peter.

“NO! Wait! I think she might be of help to us.” Said Peter but it was too late as Groot had knocked Gamora out with the hit. He was not holding back.

“I am Groot.” Groot apologized.


As the fight between the Mad Titan and the Destroyer was continuing, Peter and others were about to interrupt it.

Thanos was holding in one hand the Power Gem and in the other Drax by the throat.

“Beg me. Beg me, Destroyer.” Said with a smile to his face Thanos.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you, man.” Peter Quill interrupted the Mad Titan.

Thanos looked at Peter and dropped the broken body of Drax to the ground. As he landed on the ground he came to his knees right next to Thanos.

“Why wouldn’t I?” asked Thanos.

“Well, for starters we captured both assassins which you send to kill us. And second, now you will have to deal with all of us at once.” Peter said as he made a sign to Groot to show Nebula which was inside the coffin.

Thanos looked at Nebula in the coffin and then he saw that Gamora was on Groot’s shoulder unconscious.

“You think you’ve captured them? You think you pose a threat to me? Even as a team you are nothing. Nothing but a minor nuisance.” Said Thanos.

Thanos grabbed with his whole palm the head of Drax.

“I can smash his whole skull if I wanted to. However, I do not desire no such thing.” Thanos made a pause. “Nebula, please, come. Come to me, daughter.” Thanos said by emphasizing the word ‘daughter’.

All of a sudden the coffin of Groot shattered. Pieces of broken wood started flying and Groot screamed in pain. Nebula had sliced the coffin from within. Now she was ready for an attack on the team of men.

“No. Come to me. They do not matter. They can keep your sister…for now. We have one of theirs. They will come looking eventually.” Said Thanos calmly as he picked up by the head Drax.

Thanos was holding up Drax as a puppet and was showing him to Peter and the others as Nebula was approaching him.

“Look closely. In mere seconds I showed you how cockiness can screw your plans up. How if I wanted to do you real harm, I would. I am not interested in that at the moment.” Thanos smiled as Nebulas was beside him now. “Keep Gamora. She is never going to be a prisoner of yours. But your friend, I don’t think the same can be said about him.”

Peter watched with fear in his eyes as Thanos was walking away dragging his friend by the head as if he was already dead. He took a look at Mar-Vell’s body which was lying close to them and it was motionless and looked at Gamora afterwards.

Peter Quill looked at his friends and wondered if they survived because of themselves or because Thanos spared them.

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@silverspidey: Yeah, I delayed it a bit because of personal events and etc. But now I will try to post as fast as possible because I want to get it going.

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You gave Thanos a solid voice. Very well done. Action was nice and punchy. All around well done.

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Ayyye nice!! The first appearance of an Infinity Stone and a solid show from the whole cast. I particularly liked Drax better in this issue than I did in the previous 3.

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You gave Thanos a solid voice. Very well done. Action was nice and punchy. All around well done.

Thanks, mate. I really did my best to give Thanos a stand-out voice, to make him as threatening as possible. Big things are coming for all of them.

Ayyye nice!! The first appearance of an Infinity Stone and a solid show from the whole cast. I particularly liked Drax better in this issue than I did in the previous 3.

I am glad yoy enjoyed the showings of everyone. Gave this issue a lot of love and the upcoming ones will be great. I cannot wait to share them with you guys.

Is there anything particular that made you like Drax more here than in the previous issues?