Marvel - The Beginning: Guardians of the Galaxy #3

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One of the moons of the Kree Empire

The large ship that just obliterated the Kree police force and their ships was now standing still, withdrawing their weapons. As soon as the weapons were drawn back to where they belonged the hangar door on the bottom of the ship started opening.

The group which was on the moon was standing still, observing what was about to happen. The amazement and fear on Mar-Vell’s face from the obliteration of his men was still evident. It seemed like he was frozen in time and was a statue compared to the others.

As the hangar doors opened entirely three dark figures could be seen coming forward the door’s end. Drax was ready, he was ready for a fight because he knew that he and his companions are probably next. Two of the beings, the ones on the side, jumped from the ship and landed on the moon’s surface. It was none other than Nebula and Gamora.

As the two fierce female warriors landed on the surface, with a bended headed towards the ground, the third figure jumped out of the ship as well. The mysterious figure was their benefactor, the father of two, information which was unknown to Drax, it was the infamous galactic tyrant known as Thanos.

From the sight of Thanos, the face of Drax changed entiretly. From a stoic expressionless it became an enraged one, filled with hate and ferocity. Some call his state – berserk. He started rushing towards the Mad Titan and drew out his two blades. While moving past Mar-Vell, Drax managed to make Mar-Vell snap out of his trance like state. The Kree leader quickly came to his senses and turned to Drax and stopped him in his tracks.

“Drax, stop! Do you know who you are going to face?” Mar-Vell said with an exclaiming tone.

“Yes. Now take your hands off of me.” Drax replied with anger.

“Knowing who you are facing and yet you still want to dive in the deep waters? Come to your senses, please!” Mar-Vell replied with fear.

“I have an advantage.” Drax simply replied.

“Advantage?!?! Are you out of your mind?” Mar-Vell was starting to think that Drax is crazy.

While the two men were arguing for the best action to undertake, Thanos was simply enjoying what he was observing. A smile came to his face as he put his double ended sword as a pole and hung his helmet on it. After which he sat on the ground.

Gamora was bewildered. She was looking at her father and wasn’t sure what to think. While Gamora was unsure what to do, Nebula bowed her head as a sign of appreciation to her father.

“What should we do, father?” Asked Nebula with a polite tone.

“Your task is simple – murder them all, except for the ugly green brute.” Thanos replied envisioning Drax with the rude epithet.

“And what? You will simply sit here while we do everything? Why did you come then?” Gamora was unhappy.

Hearing this, Nebula became angry. She rushed towards Gamora, putting her sword below her throat as a threat.

“You dare question father’s orders? Again?!” Nebula asked.

Nebula’s face was angry, but nothing she was doing made her sister react in any way. She was simply looking at her, waiting for the moment to pass. However, Thanos spoke:

“Now, now Nebula. Put the sword down.” He got back up on his feet, grabbed Nebula’s blade and slowly removed it from Gamora’s throat. He then put his index finger below Gamora’s chin, lifting it up to see if there was any damage there and to make her look at him straight to his eyes.

“I came to see you two correct your mistakes. To make sure that you also corrected your past mistake. I want the Kree captain finished.” Thanos was smiling.

While the other two groups were arguing, Peter Quill along with Rocket and Groot were observing. Rocket and Groot were ready to fight, however, Quill was rather peaceful. He was examining the situation, making a plan to react. His expert tactic skills were becoming rather useful in this moment.

“Rocket, Groot! Whatever happens you need to keep the blue mean bitch occupied. I’ve got the green one.” Said Quill and drew out his guns.


Thanos’ ship, Years Ago

Nebula and Gamora were standing in one of the ship’s rooms. Their look was regular – black trousers with a soft white shirt on their bodies. They were standing next to each other, in a line, and they were waiting for their father. Their body language and their facial expressions were giving away that they were a but tense.

The door, which was on their right, slided sideways and opened. Thanos walked in. He was not wearing his battle armor but clothes which were fit for regular people. Clothes which were usual for a terran. He stopped in front of his two daughters and looked down to them. He looked at Gamora, he held his eyes on her for a few seconds and then moved his eyes to Nebula who he looked for a second at most. Nebula, however, was not looking at him. She had moved her eyes and head downwards, looking at her feet. It was fear that was evident.

“My daughters, as life forms which have been given the chance to live, to be saved, to be raised by Thanos, I want to teach you that you should know that appreciation of life is essential. Daily it must considered and not taken for granted. You must also learn that nothing will be given freely to you. You must fight.” Saying this sentence Thanos made a pause. Proxima Midnight walked in the room and stood beside him. “Proxima was similar to you. Found at a later age than you two by me. She learnt what it meant to be grateful for your life and what fighting for what was rightfully yours meant. She will show you what it means.”

Thanos turned in 180 degrees, put his arm on Proxima’s shoulder and said:

“They are all yours, Proxima.”

Thanos had walked out of the room, leaving the three females together. Proxima was still not attempting anything, simply looking at the two small girls.

Gamora was brave and compared to her sister which was staring at the floor, Gamora was looking up to Proxima and examining her face and body structure. It seemed like she was putting up a plan of attack.

“Why are you not kneeling?” Asked Proxima.

Having asked this question Nebula automatically went down to her knees, while Gamora remained on her feet.

Proxima picked up her spear and with the dull end she swung the spear in order to trip Gamora. Gamora fell down on her butt and hit her head.

“I asked a simple question.” Said again Proxima.

Gamora raised her head a bit and with a calm face said:

“I kneel to no one. Not my father, nor you.”

Proxima’s face changed. It was full with rage and ahe started making attempts to hit Gamora while she was down. Each attempt being more powerful and more powerful, but Gamora was simply avoiding eqch one. She was stepping back more and more in order to avoid getting hit, but when she was with her back against the wall she stopped.

Proxima saw that Gamora was at a dead end and simply smiled. She tried another attempt of attack. It was going to be a direct hit to Gamora’s face. Gamora saw the weapon coming nearer and nearer to her face and at the very last moment she moved to the side, avoiding yet another attack.

The green child rolled over on the side to get away from the wall and with the speed of a cheetah got back on her feet and jumped at Proxima. She jumped on her shoulders and put her legs around Proxima’s throat to choke her, while with her hands she started hitting her.

“Raaaargh” only these growling noises came from Proxima’s mouth.

She then grabbed the child, pulled her down from her shoulders and while Gamora was still mid-air Proxima kicked her. Gamora was sent flying and hit the very same wall she managed to escape from earlier. Hitting the wall all of Gamora’s breath went out of her body.

Seeing this Nebula decided that it is time to act. Her whole body was shivering from fear. She was unsure of her decision but she couldn’t bare seeing things like this happening to her sister. However, this compassion of hers slowly faded away with time and the love between these two sisters was not evident any more in present time, respect was gone as well.

As Nebula started running towards Proxima crying and yelling she was stopped by the sudden shout from Thanos’ general:


Those words automatically stopped Nebula in her tracks. She was too afraid to continue because she knew she could survive Proxima’s beating, but something far worse expected her later if she didn’t obey.

While Proxima Midnight was distracted from the joyful view of a scared child listening to her orders, Gamora had stood up and kicked her in the knee joint sending her down on one knee. After which she punched her with all the power she had in the jaw and sent her flying on the floor.

Hitting the floor Proxima dropped her spear and Gamora picked it up. She put it against Proxima’s face as a death threat put didn’t say anything ot attempt anything.

“Do it, child. I know you want to.” Said Proxima with a bloody smile.

Gamora hesitated. Proxima took advantage of her hesitation and grabbed the spear and pushed it back with force. The other end of the spear broke Gamora’s nose and put her on her back once again. Proxima took the spear and threatened Gamora the same way she did it to her a few moments ago.

“You may be Thanos’ daughter, but I am not afraid to kill you.” Said Proxima.

As the two females were staring at one another a loud voice was heard in the room:

“Enough!” It was Thanos.

Thanos had watched the whole battle from a control room nearby and decided that the training for today was enough. That the two young ladies had learnt their lesson.

Proxima immediately put her weapon down and stood next to Thanos as a goos soldier. He nodded at her giving her permission to leave the room. She saw his silent message, bowed to him and exited the room.

Thanos looked at the still kneeling Nebula.

“Rise, child. On your feet” Thanos said and Nebula listened. She was still crying and he began to speak “I am grateful that you have learnt your lesson – to listen and obey. A good lesson which you learnt the hard way. However, as my daughter I have never thought you to listen to oppressors.” He removed the tears away from her cheeks with a gentle move. “When someone tries to put you down and hurt you, why would you listen? It is not something I would teach you.”

Thanos removed his hand from Nebula’s face and tears started coming down from her eyes once again. She was afraid because she knew what would follow now.

“Come, daughter. Join me as I go visit Maw.” Said Thanos.

Even though she did not want to suffer Nebula listened. She exited the room with her father and left Gamora alone. Gamora had her back against the wall which she hit so many times and she shed a tear for her sister because she knew the pain she would experience with Ebony Maw.


One of the Kree Empire’s moons, Today

As their leader had commanded, Groot and Rocket were tying to put the blue mean bitch down. Rocket, a weapon expert had taken out his strongest guns earlier because from bqck then he was ready for bloodshed. The automatic kinetic cannon which was twice his size was coming in handy. However, Nebula was just moving too quickly. Each time that Rocket thought he had her, she managed to dodge the ray once more. If that was not enough, Groot’s efforts were almost pointless as well.

Groot was prolonging his limbs turning them into giant weapons which were supposed to hit Nebula and sent her flying. But with each attempt Nebula managed to cut his arms or body parts with her blade.

“I am GROOT!” Said Groot enraged.

“Hey, I know buddy. Me too. But keep on trying.” Rocket replied as he understood Groot’s frustration with the female assassin.

As those three were battling, Gamora and Peter Quill were occupied with one another. Gamora was swinging her sword trying to pierce Quill’s body but he was avoiding her. For a person who didn’t look that fast he was moving like a cat with a sixth sense.

“Come on, honey. I can do this all day.” Peter said mockingly.

“Imbecile! I do not have the time for you or for your games. You pose no threat!” Gamora replied.

“Oh, yeah? Then how come you cannot hit me?” Peter Quill asked as he grabbed Gamora’s arm by the elbow, pulled her towards him and punched her.

While these two battles were still ongoing, the two men known as Mar-Vell and Drax were still arguing for their plan of attack. At one point a loud scream from Drax was heard as he was mad Mar-Vell.

Drax attempted to hit Mar-Vell but the kree warrior send him on the ground with an energy blast from his hands. Drax was knocked out cold.

“I am sorry, friend. You will just be a setback for me.” Mar-Vell said.

Then Mar-Vell turned around and faced Thanos who was sitting on the Moon’s surface a few hundred feet away from him.

“You are next, Thanos.” Said Mar-Vell.

Mar-Vell started flying towards Thanos with incredible speed charging both of his palms with another energy blast. It seemed like he was charging it up more and more.

Seeing this Thanos stood up, smiled and said:



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Guys, I am sorry if it looks bad on a laptop or a computer but this issue was posted through my phone. I couldn’t put the names od locations in Bold and etc. for which I apologize as well.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the issue!

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This is fun. Not expecting something like this. I'm very intrigued to see where this goes. Like the incorporation of Proxima!

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@silverspidey: Glad you are enjoying it, bro. I am putting all my love for these characters with this book. There will be many surprising things in it.