Marvel- The Beginning: Captain America

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Marvel- The Beginning: Captain America

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The year is 2019, and the American idealism and moral values have achieved a great degree of seperation from the 1940's, which seems like the time of yester-year was more than a lifetime ago for one man trying to hold a country up by his broad shoulders. Marching alone to an old and weathered drum which only he seems to know the sound of, Captain America, to the world of now, he's seen as a near perfect man of moral high ground and impeccable muscle structure, but to those who are close with this hero of heroes know differently...

This is the story of that man, and the journey he takes to protect what may already be lost unto him.

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Part 1 Of 5



"Please state your name for the record,"

"My name is Steven Rogers, ma'am,"

As the lighting flickers to life, our story begins in an interrogation room with a camera on a tripod set up to watch the following interaction between one Steven Rogers and the intimidating yet lovely Victoria Hand. Up in one corner is another camera with the standard red light meaning it was recording everything that was happening between the two of them, and where Steven was sitting calm and collectively polite Victoria was on the edge of her seat like she was fishing and about ready to catch the big one.

"Steven Rogers, an hour ago you were arrested for the apparent murder of The President. Do you understand the gravity of the situation?"

"Yes ma'am I do,"

Steven spoke with confidence and without missing a beat, he moved his hands to rest them on the metal slab of a table, revealing some rather thick looking handcuffs wrapped around his wrists and chained to the table. Victoria Hand rested a large and chunky manila folder before him and started to open it, the first thing to greet their eyes was a grisly photo of beaten and bloodied to a pulp photo of President Norman Osborne laying on the ground in a pool of blood that eminated from his severed throat.

"Please, Mr. Rogers state for the record of what you see before you,"

Silence for a few seconds as Steven considered his options on the matter, he glanced with his sky blue eyes towards the door that led into a hallway where a sea of reporters were ready to eat at his story like hungry sharks. He could see the headlines now: "Ex-American Superhero turned American Assassin" or "Steven Rogers: Captain America No More!".

"Ms Hand, may I see a pen and paper?" Steven asked without losing an inflection of politeness in his steely authoritative voice, Victoria nodded curtley. Her dark and naturally maroon colored hair swayed like a curtain for the briefest of moments as she handed him a pad, unsure if he was about to confess, or what she didn't know. She glanced through her silver half framed reader glasses at the two way mirror where a couple of Secret Service agents were watching intently, and a few members of the Raft Guard units as well.

In only a second, everything was about to go to Help in a Hand Grenade as Steven returned the piece of paper to Ms. Victoria Hand, one of the Ex-President Norman Osborne's most efficient and most trusted, and the now dead body laying in it's own pool of blood in an Oval Office hardly trusted a soul. On the piece of paper was just a single, perfectly written cursive word...


Victoria looked up from the note just as the emergency lights turned on, giving the room a dark red glow. She looked up at Steven who kept his suave, yet respectful facial expression. "Steven-" she started to ask, but then gunfire erupted down the hall and the door opened up quickly as one of the secret service agents busted through, hand on his sidearm.

"Ma'am, we need to get you and the suspect out of here,"

"Steve, what did you do?" She asked, her steely calm voice starting to become alarmed as the Raft Guards were next to come through the doorway, decked out head to toe heavy power dampening armor and they carried pretty big guns that could destabilize the villainous Rhino at full speed. Then another shock to Victoria's system as the gunshots got closer and louder, her all business-like attitude started to come apart. As the Secret Service started to uncuff Steve, the cuffs fell with a loud clang against the metallic table and then two more shots were fired, and The Secret Service agents dropped to the floor, their heads nowhere to be seen on their bodies revealing the Raft Guards to be double agents.

One of them started to train their weapon on Victoria, but Steven stopped him before any harm could be instigated. "Hail HYDRA, gentlemen," Steven declared with a HYDRA salute, his left arm ending in a fist over his heart, "Victoria Hand," Steven said without losing eye contact he reached for the service weapon of each decorated military officer, "Welcome to The New World Order," he said and offered a powerful hand to the woman in distress.

Outside of the steel reinforced walls of the interrogation room, many of the cell doors shuttered open, letting the inmates wander out into the grated walkways like arteries of water opening up into a bigger body of water. Waiting for them on the walkways were HYDRA soldiers decked out in green and yellow body armor waiting to welcome their new bretheren into the fold...