Marvel Renegade: The Story

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Greetings! I am Evan, but my internet alias is Nave_Ninja.

This is the first chapter of my story. It's called "Marvel Renegade". It follows a group of youths who wake up in a completely different world, with the powers of Marvel Comics superheroes!

Me, I ended up with Spider-Man's powers.

WARNING: This story contains bad language, mild adult situations, and is rated M. Read at your own risk.

===One Day, in New York City...===

Evan awoke with a sudden jolt. His eyes opened wide, scanning his surroundings. He was looking up at the sky; it was blue and not a cloud was in sight.

“Where… Am I?” he breathed. He felt tired, yet… He sat up He had no recollection of any of the events that lead him here, or what he was wearing, for the matter. It was a black leather jacket with black pants, and a red shirt underneath. The usual blue headband he wore remained, possibly the only thing still normal about his apparel.

He was on top of a building, a very tall building. It looked like… New York City? What was he doing in New York? He stood, and the first sudden thing he noticed was a… Change… In his body. He felt…




He looked around at the surrounding rooftops. He walked over to the edge of the building, looking over, seeing the busy streets below, seeing people moving here and there, cars moving down the street, and the usual, or what he believed was usual, honking of horns from traffic.

“This IS New York…” he said to himself.

He took off his coat, which he had never seen before, to look at his arms. His eyes widened. He had muscles… Big muscles. He felt like he could lift a truck into the air! As he inspected his arms, something fell out of the coat pocket.

It was a piece of red cloth, a color that matched his shirt exactly. It seemed to be designed to fit around his head, notably his mouth and nose, leaving the rest of his face exposed. It was like a balaclava.

Just then Evan noticed something on his shirt.

A black, eight-legged symbol.

“A… Spider?” he said aloud. “It looks like… The Spider-Man 3 symbol…” his voice trailed off as he continued to survey his surroundings.

“How did I even get up here?” he asked himself. “There’s not even a staircase leading up here…”

He put the jacket back on. He dug his hands into his pockets, as he usually did while thinking, but he felt a piece of paper inside of his pocket. He pulled it out, seeing it was folded. He unfolded it.

“YOU ARE SPIDER-MAN” was all it read in big, black letters.

Needless to say, the note was rather straight-to-the-point.

“What...? I’m… I’m…”

===Five Minutes Later…===

“I’M FUCKING SPIDER-MAN!” Evan shouted, swinging from building to building, shooting thin web-like strands from his wrists. He landed on a wall, clinging to it instantly. He climbed up to the top, before running across the rooftop and jumping off, landing on another. He shot another webline, connecting it to a nearby building, and took off, flying through the air.

He swung through the streets, feeling the air flow against him. With each swing it seemed more relaxing to him even more, releasing more tension. Years of frustration and pain were seemingly gone as he lost himself in the sensations before him.

He landed on a rooftop, lightly tapping down on the hard surface.

“I must be dreaming…” he said. “No… No this is too real…” he continued, looking at his hands. He felt the surface of the buildings and he felt the air against his skin. It was real.

His childhood dream had come true.

“I’m Spider-Man…” he muttered. “This is too good to be true…” he jumped onto a wall, standing vertically on it, like one would stand normally on the ground. He walked up the side of the building, reaching the top.

“I’m going to enjoy this…” he thought. But then something clicked in his head.

“Wait… What about my family? What about my home town? My friends, and my things? If I’m here… Where is here? If I have Spider-Man’s powers… And I’m in New York… ARGH! NONE OF THIS MAKES ANY SENSE!” he shouted, holding his head.

Evan lived, or, used to live, in Ripon, Wisconsin.

“Well… I’m not gonna find any answers just standing here… I might as well roll with it.” he decided, jumping off the building and shooting another webline and swinging.

But little did he realize that despite the incredible power at his fingertips, he was in great danger. He was in for one of the most epic adventures in his life, and with this new, amazing power, he would have to make a choice.

After all, with great power comes great responsibility.

And candy. Well, hopefully candy.

===Twenty-Five Minutes Later…===

Evan landed on top of a tower, clinging on to the sides.

“Well, swinging sure is fun, but I’m still nowhere…” he said to himself.

Just then, an explosion took place at the bottom of the tower, sending the tower falling. Evan lost his balance and fell off, but shot a webline to a nearby building and saved himself. He quickly crawled to the top of it, looking around frantically.

“Oh shit… What was that?” he said aloud. He took out the mask form his pocket and slid it over his mouth and nose, covering half his face. At least it was some kind of disguise.

Just then, a loud whir was heard as something flew past Evan, stopping in the air, nearby. Evan got a good look at whatever it was, and instantly recognized it.

“GOBLIN!” he shouted. He looked like the old Green Goblin, only with green and black body armor, and he was using the New Goblin’s Sky Stick, the glider form the third Spider-Man film. He even wore the exact same mask.

“What’s up spider?” he shouted. Something seemed oddly familiar about his voice…

Before Evan could respond, the Goblin swooped up to him and grabbed him, throwing him into the air. Evan quickly recovered his wits and shot a webline towards a nearby smokestack, swinging away. The Goblin turned around in the air, heading for him again.

“WAIT!” Evan shouted, but to no avail. The Goblin pointed his fist at Evan, and two small barrels appeared at the back of his hand. He began to fire at him, the gun on his wrist acting like a machine gun. Luckily, Spider-Man isn’t an easy shot.

Evan swung from building to building, dodging the fire. He shot a webline at a flag poll sticking out from the side of a building, swung up and around, and slammed his feet into the Goblin, knocking him off his glider. The glider swooped back around instantly, catching him. Evan landed on the flagpole.

“JUST HOLD ON A SECOND!” Evan shouted.

“NO!” the Goblin shouted back. “Last time I checked, you’re my enemy!” he shouted.

“But you’re not the REAL New Goblin!” Evan shouted back, holding up his hands.

“Well I have his powers! That’s good enough for me!” he said, pulling out a Goblin-style Katana blade.

“NOW JUST SHUT UP!” Evan shouted, halting him. “I’m not the real Spider-Man! I just woke up on the top of a building and I had these powers and a slip of paper telling me I’m Spider-Man!”

The Goblin looked at him, and even though his face was covered, Evan could tell he was dumbfounded..

“Me too… I actually have no idea what’s going on…”

Evan stood up on the poll.

“Well, that doesn’t mean we have to fight.” Evan said, taking off his mask. “Name’s Evan.”

The Goblin seemed to almost jump back in surprise.

“Bullshit…” he said, taking off his own mask. Evan’s mouth widened.

“DAVID!” he shouted. David was one of his best friends back in Wisconsin, back before they had these powers. David slowly glided up to him.

“I can’t believe I didn’t recognize you a minute ago!” David said.

“Yeah, same here man. That could have ended up pretty badly.” Evan observed, thinking about what could have happened if they fought.

“Now… How did we get here?” he asked.

“You think I know?” Evan gestured to himself.

“Well, I assumed you knew something…” David said, shrugging.

“You assume wrong, just like you assumed I was an enemy when you first saw me. But forget about how we got here, what about where we live?” Evan asked. “What about our home? Our families? Our friends?”

“Hey!” David said, “How do we know that the others aren’t here too? Like Matt or Chris? I mean, if we’re here, wouldn’t it make sense if they were too?” he asked.

“Yeah, it would… But nothing makes sense anymore. I say we find a way to get back to Wisconsin and see if our families are looking for us.”

“Yeah, we should. Hey, how long have you been here?” he asked.

“What do you mean?” Evan replied.

“I woke up with these powers about seven hours ago.” David told him.

“I just woke up about a half-hour ago…” Evan answered.

“And that means…?” David asked, holding up his hands.

“I don’t know, but I have memory of being in school, with you, yesterday. Afterwards I went home, played some Resident Evil, and went to sleep. Next thing I know, BAM, I’m Spider-Man.”

“This makes no sense…” David said, rubbing his forehead in thought. Evan looked at David’s right arm.

“Hey David… What about your handicap?” Evan asked.

David opened the armor on his right arm, revealing a normal apendage. At a young age, David’s arm was caught in an accident and permanently altered. Now it was normal.

“Okay… This is nothing short of either a dream or a nightmare…” Evan muttered in bewilderment.

“There’s no way that someone could bring us to New York, give us powers and heal my arm in one night.” David pointed out.

“We need some answers, and I think we should start by getting back to Wisconsin.”

“Yeah, we should get on a train.” David suggested.

“Fuck that! You can fly, so I’ll just hang on underneath your glider!” Evan protested.

“I don’t know where I’m going.” David told him.

“Damn, you’re right… We should get directions, or a map.” Evan said.

“Or get on a train.” David said, slightly agitated.

“Alright fine, you win this round, let’s get on a train.” Evan sighed.

===Some Time Later…===

David and Evan stood at Grand Central Terminal, waiting to get a ticket. Evan had removed his mask and zipped up his jacket, covering the spider.

David’s armor was an amazing piece of work indeed. It had many interesting features, but one of the most useful was a hologram program that made his armor look like normal clothes, and his glider to look like a snowboard. Nobody questioned him as to why he was carrying a snowboard, but then again nobody seemed to care, really.

“We’ll soon be in Wisconsin.” Evan said.

“Yeah, but I wonder what we’ll find?” David asked.

“You won’t find anything.” a voice told them from behind. They turned around, seeing a familiar face.

“Tony!” Evan shouted. Tony was another close friend of himself and David.

Tony smirked, saying, “So… What’re your powers?” he asked. He was leaning against the wall, with his arms folded over his chest.

“I’m Spider-Man, David’s the New Goblin from Spider-Man 3.” Evan said.

“Figures you’d be Spider-Man… Anyway, you won’t find anything in Wisconsin,” he told them.

“How do you know?” David asked.

“I just got back from going there myself. The entire town is the same. But none of our friends are there, not even our families. Nobody we know is there, everyone is completely different.” he told them.

“How is that possible…?” Evan said, “Nothing is the same?”

“Not people-wise, because the houses are the same,” he said.

“What’s your power?” David asked. Tony unfolded his arms, revealing a giant white spider on the chest of his black hooded sweatshirt. Its legs met at the sides with another pair of legs coming from another white spider on his back.

“Venom.” he answered..

“Sweet!” David said, giving him a high-five.

Evan looked away, deep in thought.

“So… If we all have powers, and we’re in a world that we weren’t in before, and the three of us are friends, and our powers are from the Spider-Man comic book characters…” his train of thought ended without and answer. “This is too much of a coincidence. Hell, we’re probably not even the only three with super powers!”

The other two agreed.

“But who else could have them…?” Evan asked himself.


A man walked into the bank. He wore a brown trenchcoat with a matching brown fedora covering his black hair, along with a pair of black gloves. He wore dark shaded sunglasses, which looked like a pair of goggles because of the metal rim around them.

He walked up to the vault, before a security guard halted him.

“Please sir, I cannot let you near the vault without proper identification.” he said with a smile.

“I got your identification… Right here.” he spoke calmly as a giant, three-pronged metal arm emerged from the inside of his trenchcoat, grabbed the guard and tossed him aside like a rag doll. Three more emerged, and all four of them grabbed the vault door, ripping it off its hinges and throwing it across the room.

“No Spider-Man to stop Doc Ock this time…” he smiled, grabbing bags of money and putting them into the bags he was holding.

“No… Not Doc Ock…” he said as he laughed. He walked out on all four of his metal arms, smashing the doors on the way out. He walked out to the street, cars honking their horns and driving around him. Two cars crashed into each-other.

He picked up a vehicle and threw it into a nearby building, smashing it through the wall.

“My name… Is Doc Damon!” he shouted to himself as he began to climb up the building, impaling his arms into the concrete and reaching the top before disappearing from sight.


Thanks for reading!

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#2  Edited By Golem

Nave, this is genius. I've said it to you on other boards, but still genius.

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#3  Edited By Nave_Ninja

Yeah, thanks man.

PS: Golem, AKA Brandon, appears later in the story with the powers of Captain America.

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Any other thoughts here?