Marvel Re-Imagined: X-Men #8

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Kurt sat in his room, staring at the wall, thinking of Kitty.

All of a sudden, he felt an earthquake like rumble, he went outside, and was horrified.

The Brotherhood, Jean, and the Hellfire Club were attacking the mansion.

He saw students rushing outside to see what was happening, and when they did they ran in terror.

The New X-Men had been out on a mission, and the X-Men had been sent out to get Jean, he knew that since Jean was here and wreaking havoc, that they failed.

Kurt saw Northstar come out, behind him stood Dazzler and Fantomex.

Magneto saw them, and wrapped Fantomex in metal, Dazzler shouted out to fuel herself, and created a laser that shot directly at Magneto, it knocked him back.

Kurt teleported behind Emma Frost, and whispered in her ear “We need to talk.” Kurt teleported away with her.

Northstar speed blitzed Leland, but was stopped by Scarlet Witch’s magic; she launched him into a nearby pillar.

More mutants came out.

Boom-Boom, Hellion, and Cannonball took on Pierce; Cannonball stunned him with his hard punches, while Hellion held him still, as Boom- Boom uncovered his cyborg body with her kinetic energy balls.

Colossus and Bling took on Quicksilver, Quicksilver dodged most of their attacks, but Colossus turned into his steel form and managed to punch him in the gut, and Bling used her diamond hard skin to break his back.

Magik and Pixie took on Scarlet Witch, Pixie circled around her, and used her pixie dust to confuse Scarlet, then Magik tried to teleport her to another dimension, but Scarlet was able to knock Magik back before she could, and make her teleport Pixie instead. Magik tried to slash her with her soul sword, but it didn’t work, Scarlet blasted her with a magical shock spell, and electrocuted her, not deadly, but she it made her unconscious. Even the daughter of Magneto wouldn’t just kill a child when there is a non-fatal solution.


Forge had told Xavier what was happening, and to get into the sub-level, but he wasn’t going to, he knew that he was the only person that could possibly settle Jean down.

Xavier told Forge to get Ariel and teleport the students to somewhere safe.

Forge reluctantly agreed, and sped off.

Charles went outside, and saw Jean ripping the mansion to shreds; he used his telepathy to call her.

“Jean, I need you to calm down.” Charles was worried, like he knew that whatever he was trying to do, wouldn’t work.”

The Phoenix replied instead of Jean “Charles Xavier, I have travelled many galaxies to kill you. Why don’t you make this easy on yourself and your friends, and give up. I can see the future, and you’re not in it!”

Charles was frightened, and scared to death, but he kept himself together “Why would you kill me? I have done nothing to you.”

The Phoenix snarled and it showed Charles a vision.

It showed the Xavier academy, a new more un-traditional version, marble white pillars, golden rooftops, Charles wondered where they got the money to build everything from, but the angle shifted, it showed a few of Xavier’s students, Magma, Cypher, Karma, and Warlock fought off the Phoenix, along with Cable. Xavier had heard of him from Scott, that he rescued him, but that’s it, he knew nothing else about the man.

The Phoenix shot a telepathic blast at Magma and Cypher, and knocked them out.

Warlock threw a broken pillar at it, but it threw the pillar back at him, and it put him in pain.

Karma tried to possess Jean, but the Phoenix denied her, and sent her into a coma.

Cable pointed his gigantic plasma gun at the Phoenix, but it did nothing.

At least at first, a few seconds later, the Phoenix disappeared.

Cable took a cigar from his belt, and lit it, as he smoked, he went to the back of the mansion, ten graves filled it, he went to one, entitled Wolverine.

Cable put out the cigar, and threw it on the grave, he knelt down “I did what you said Logan, I sent the b*tch into oblivion.” He stood up, walked away, and lit another cigar.

The vision ended, and Phoenix spoke.

“It’s not you, it’s your X-Men, without you, they’ll divide, and eventually, disband.”


Back at the mountain, the X-Men recovered, and looked around for Jean.

Storm walked over to Wolverine “She isn’t here; we need to get to the mansion.”

She created a wind passage, and flew the x-men to the mansion, when they got there, they were horrified.

Wolverine looked at everyone there, and he saw Jean, he ran towards her, but he was stopped by Magneto, he controlled the adamantium in Wolverine’s bones, and threw him across the mansion.

Iceman in a fit of rage, froze Magneto in place, and almost gave him frostbite.

Hank brought Angel to the infirmary, to try to stop the bleeding where his wings used to be. Hank saw Cyclops in the bed, put under anesthesia.

Storm struck down lighting on Toad, and he flew into a nearby river.

Gambit used his staff to evade Blob’s hits, but Scarlet Witch neutralized his speed, and he was hit by Blob and knocked out.

Rogue, Iceman, and Storm were easily defeated by Selene; she used her reality warping to send them to the Bermuda triangle.

The Phoenix had ended her conversation with Xavier and engaged in a telepathic battle. They flew through the Astral Plane, trying to destroy each other’s psyche.

In the sky, a helicopter pulled in, out came Box, Daken, Domino, Sunspot, Banshee, Husk, and Chamber.

No one asked questions, they went straight in and started to fight off there enemies.

Daken quickly took care of Scarlet Witch, he had fought her before, and she was nothing to play with, he came up behind her, and kicked her in the back, then released his pheromones, putting her to sleep.

Chamber defeated Blob with one hit from his rays.

Sunspot tried to defeat the Phoenix, but he couldn’t, it easily put him into a mental frenzy, and he attacked his teammates.

Banshee quickly let out a direct scream at Sunspot, to stop him.

Selene quickly punched Banshee into a wall; she threw him at Box, knocking him back.

She grabbed Domino, and flew into the air, she dropped her, before she could land, Husk caught her, but Selene kicked Husk in the gut, sending her flying backwards into the mansion with Domino.

Daken tried to use his pheromones, but they didn’t work, Selene grabbed him, and was about to break his neck, but Chamber sent a ray at her, striking her back, she yelled in pain.

Daken reached into his back pocket, and grabbed the mutant amplifier, he threw it to Chamber, he put it on his neck, and felt much more powerful.

He channeled his cosmic rays into his hands, and sent them flying at Selene, she didn’t notice them fast enough to dodge them, they hit her, and made her pass out.

Chamber took off the device, and gave it back to Daken.

Daken looked at the battlefield; he still saw Scarlet Witch, Donald Pierce, and Sebastian Shaw beating on students. “We can’t defeat them.”

Chamber grinned “I know someone who can.”

He grabbed the device from Daken’s hand, put it on, and flew off.


999,999,999 miles away from The Mansion

Chamber was tired when he got there, but he knew that they needed him.

He went looking for Legion, Xavier’s son; he was an immensely powerful mutant, he had hundreds of abilities.

When he went to Legion’s house, it was trash, broken into and in pieces.

Chamber saw police tape around the house.

He went into the house, and didn’t see anyone, just broken furniture, and destroyed house ware.

As he was about to leave, he was stopped by someone behind him.

He saw it was Legion, in shock, Chamber started to talk “What happened?”

Legion looked confused, even though with his insane (literally) look, you’d think that he always looks that way.

“Some people attacked me, they said it was nothing personal, just business, you could say that we both put up quite a fight, I finally just put an illusion in there head, thinking that I was dead.”

“I see, sorry about that.”

Legion smiled “It’s okay, anyway, what are you here for.”

Chamber had almost forgotten about his goal “Oh yeah, we need your help at the mansion, it’s under attack!”

Legion’s smile faded “You should have said that.”

Legion teleported them away.


When they arrived, Legion was shocked to find out that the people that attacked him was there, along with Daken who was surprised to see that he brought Legion.

Legion rushed at Shaw, he knew his face, he was the one that came closest to killing him.

He used his telekinesis to lift him off the ground, and his telepathy to send him into a brainless state.

Chamber almost yelled at him to stop, but he thought he deserved to be killed, all of them did.

Legion saw Pierce; he used his pyrokenesis to melt him from the core of his cyborg to the outside.

Xavier and Phoenix still fought, Xavier’s psyche was worn out, but he couldn’t give up, then, all of a sudden, Xavier felt a burst of power.

Daken had put the mutant amplifier on him.

Xavier forced himself into Jean’s mind, he found it broken, and confused.

Memories changed, some just gone, he put it back together piece by piece.

Finally, when he was done, Jean let out a loud scream; it removed itself from Jean’s body.

The Phoenix looked around for hosts; it put its eyes on Legion.

It merged itself with Legion, unlike Jean, he didn’t glow or change, he just stood where he was.

Then, he turned towards Xavier.

Chamber looked at Legion, he was staring into space.

Legion let out a loud laugh “HahahahahahhahahahahaAHAHAHAHAAHHAHAHA.”

Chamber stepped back, but before he could all the way, Legion teleported away.

Xavier kept looking at where Legion stood “David, david, noooooo!’

Jean unsteadily recovered from the Phoenix incident.

She looked around, but before she could even finish, she passed out.

Chamber and Daken started to take everyone into the infirmary, while Ariel teleported the Brotherhood and Hellfire Club to the MRD.

At the front of the mansion, Kurt teleported, he was shocked at the battle damage.

From behind him, Charles grabbed Kurt’s arm “Kurt, what happened, where’s Emma?”

Kurt grinned “Let’s just say, diamond doesn’t stand a chance against magma.”

Charles was disappointed “I understood why you did it, but I thought you better than that, revenge is pointless.”

A tear dropped from Kurt’s ear “I’m sorry Professor but I wouldn’t have been able to sleep at night if I let her live another day.”

Xavier patted Kurt on the back, and rolled his wheelchair away.


Senator Kelly spoke at a press conference.

“Citizens of New York, these mutants have vandalized and destroyed this city for the last time, so I and Councilman Newman present The Sentinal Program!"

End Of Chapter 1

Chapter 2: Deadly Affairs

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#2  Edited By TheCannon

Holy f*ck what an awesome way to end Chapter 1.