Marvel Re-Imagined: Thor: Agents of Asgard #4

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On Nidavellir.....

The dinning hall was once again in ruins, as Sif and the Kingslayers battle continued, theyre attacks cut through walls and pillars, theyre blades clash sending a shock wave that further damages the crumbling structure.

"Who are you? Why are you doing this? "

The Kingslayer gave no response which further angered Sif, she pushed her foe away with a roundhouse kick to the gut, he was sent flying into a pillar, Sif then used a small button to extended to blades at the bottom of her shield, she threw it at the Kingslayer which pinned him to the wall.

"Now you DIE! "

She charged at her helpless foe who was desperately trying pull the shield away, he failed as Sif swung her blade cutting his head off along with the pillar, his head and body fell to the floor.

The goddess of war took a deep long sigh of relief as she pulled her shield out of the pillar, as she began walking away from the corpse a sword stabbed her through the stomach.

Blood began to come out of her mouth, she turned around to see that the Kingslayers body was still alive despite being beheaded, her eye widened in shock as he took his own head and it reattached to his body.

"That wasnt very nice! "

She pulled the sword out of her body and spun back for another attack, the Kingslayer crouched at her sword swing and cut her on the left thigh, he then took his other sword and gave her a large cut over her entire back.

She again took the blades out of her shield to try to stab her enemy, he blocked it with his bare hand.

"Nows my turn! "

He threw the shield away from its user, head butted Sif and cut both her legs with one quick strike, she fell to her knees, her head dizzy from the blood loss, he grabbed her pony tail and hit her in the head with his knees, her nose was broken instantly and caused further blood loss.

"I gotta say little girl, you did better than most, but play time is over! "

He walked slowly away from Sif, about 10 meters away from her he turned around ran at her with his swords drawn, he ran up a wall and jumped into the air, he was going to behead her just as she did to him.

She was too dizzy and tired to lift her sword, she lowered her head and accepted her fate.

On Earth......

As Thor and Volstagg fell dozens of stories, Thor started spinning Mjölnir in his hand which allowed him to fly, he grabbed his comrade and returned to the landing pad.

Thats when a large explosion came from the office, as the smoke cleared the two Asgardians saw Tony in his armor fighting Skurge hand to hand, his armor had a black/golden color scheme with red lights coming from his eyes, triangle shaped arc reactor and repulsors at his feet and hands.


"Yes sir. "

Tony tried to use everything from his repulsors to his missiles to hurt Skurge who was barely slowing down, he grabbed Tony by the head and hurled him at Volstagg who almost fell off the building again.

Skurge and Thors eyes meet as the Executioner took his giant Uru axe of his back and jumped into the air, Thor again spun his hammer and their weapons clashed, they were caught in a deadlock which was interrupted when turrets appeared behind Skurge.

"Thor! We have to get off the tower! "

Iron Man grabbed Volstagg and flew him away from the building Thor nodded to his friend and uppercuted Skurge which gave Thor enough time to get away, Skurge snarled as he ran back to face his enemies, he was interrupted when four consecutive repulsor blasts sent him flying off the building, crashing through the streets below and into the NY subway.

"Well that was easier than I thought it would be. " "Come, we shall take him to Asgard and find out who he is working for. "

They landed next to the hole and cleared the smoke, Skurge had disappeared.....

"Um.... Thor? Where is he? "

"I do not know Stark. "

He crouched and found a piece of his armor on the ground, he had seen the insignia on it before.

"But I assure you, I will find out. "

On Nidavellir.....

The Kingslayers blades approached Sifs neck, it seemed as if she was doomed when an energy blast hit the killer, sending him flying across the room and into a wall. Sif turned around to see Loki and two Dwarven soldiers standing next to him.

"Get her out of here, he is mine. " The Dwarves ran to Sif and just as quickly ran out of the room, Loki then turned his attention to the Kingslayer.

"Heh, if you're girlfriend couldn't beat me, what makes you think you can? "

Loki only smiled at the killer, his face then turned stone cold and his eyes narrowed at him, he stabbed the bottom of his staff into the ground, this sent a stream a fire from the ground at the Kingslayer, as it reached him he jumped away from his old position but was too late as it blew up behind him.

"Aaaaarggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhh!!! "

He screamed in pain as his leg was on fire, he rolled on the floor to stop it from spreading, this would be his undoing as Loki took away his swords.

"Time to end this. "

Loki whispered to himself. he grabbed the bottom of his staff and hit the Kingslayer in the head similar to a baseball bat, he then grabbed him be the throat and summoned two knives in his hand and pinned the Kingslayer to the floor by running them through his feet.

"Oh no.... "

Kingslayers white eyes widened in terror as Loki created dozens clones of himself, he used one to escape from the slayers first attack and get Brokk some medical attention.

The clones completely overwhelmed the Kingslayer, he couldn't even defend himself as they stabbed, cut and punched him all over his body, after 5 minutes of endless punishment Loki rid himself of his clones and fired another energy blast from his staff, the Kingslayer fell on the floor with a smoking wound on his torso.

Loki then fired one last blast at a nearby pillar which fell on the Kingslayer, leaving only his head revealed, now he was truly finished.

The trickster looked at his defeated foe, he had seen this man some where before but couldn't quite remember where, he was interrupted when Thor and Volstagg ran into the room.

"Loki! What has happened?! "

Loki simply pointed with his staff and said. "Him. "

"What happened to you two? Did your friend Stark tell you anything of importance. "

"Yes, he gave us this device to track his weapons, we were attacked by Skurge the Executioner but we managed to defeat him but he had disappeared when we finally reached him. "

"Well then.... lets take a look and see who this bastard is. "

Loki placed his staff on the floor and removed the Kingslayers hood, he had another mask hiding his face, it was red but black round the eyes while his eyes themselves were white.

The Kingslayer was regaining consciousness and whispered something to Loki, the trickster slowly placed his head near the killer and tried to make out what he said.


To be continued.....

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To be continued.....

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