Marvel Re-Imagined: Thor Agents of Asgard #16

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The interrogation was swift as the assassin did not wish to test Brunnhilda’s patience, from what he told them, the Carta had established their main base of operations in slums of the City of Forsaken, home of the poor and downtrodden of Kal-Shirok.

The slums were, even before the war, filled to the brim with citizens at the very bottom of the social Castes of the Nidavellir, ranging from drunks to rapists to cast out nobles, they were always a breeding ground for the criminal and corrupt.

Now all those who fled from the Shadow Beings were taken here, left to slowly die in their own misery and desperation, the life of the Carta being the only means of escape, now lead by the ruthless Svorta.

A Dwarf who made a name for herself for with the blood of her foes, now she rules the entire criminal underworld of Nidavellir, little does she know that a son of Odin, a Valkyrie and a prince would come to her and claim her head as their trophy…..


Thor and Brunnhilda made their way to the City of Forsaken, as they grew ever closer to the lair of their foe, Kal-Shirok slowly transformed from the jewel of the Dwarves to a Gods forsaken pit of despair.

Drirr was still unable to leave his estate as Kohim, despite the urging of many Council members, refused to end his rival’s home imprisonment.

Upon reaching the entrance they were greeted by a foul stench, the pair turned their heads away in disgust in vain as the stench did not dissipate.

Thor looked in horror as he saw the origin of the stench, hundreds upon hundreds of Dwarf corpses all in a massive pile in a pit near the entrance of the City.

Brunnhilda walked up next to him.

"What’s wr…“

Her question immediately faded from her lips as she laid her eyes on the dead bodies below her, she looked at Thor and saw raw anger and hatred in his eyes, she placed her hand on his shoulder and said.

"Let’s go, you don’t have to see this. “

Thor took one last look at the site before lowering is head and whispering.

"May the All father guide you to the golden halls of Valhalla…“

He then turned around and walked away in silence, the Valkyrie following closely behind……


The City of Forsaken lived up to its reputation as the pair of Asgardians walked through its run down and rat infested streets, and the stench of fair and desperation plaguing the air.

The two looked around as they tried to make their way to a make a shift trading post near the center of the City, but it was a difficult task as the streets were crowded and their appearance attracted many beggars.

"Please help! “

"Spare a coin for an old war veteran? “

"My son is starving! “

"I beg you noblemen! “

The pair simply ignored them and continued walking to their destination, but neither could erase the cries of help from their mind, they both wondered how the Council, created to serve the people could forsake them and leave them to slowly die in a place such as this.

As they reached the trading post, they saw a similar situation here as on the surface, corrupt traders praying on the weak and desperate, even the Carta walked around freely knowing full well that this was their territory.

"Wow, a couple of Asgardian in Kal-Shirok?! And in the City of Forsaken, haven’t seen that in a while. "

The pair turned around and saw a red headed Dwarf woman sitting in a mostly demolished stone house in tattered clothes, only a small fire lay in front of her.

"You don’t seem to be surprised to see us here, unlike many others in the City. “ Said Thor.

"Considering your blonde friend over there attacked and kidnapped my nephew, no, im not surprised…. Tell me did the little idiot squeal? "

She crossed her arms and raised an eyebrow the two, they walked into what was left of her home to answer her question.

"Indeed he did, he was most helpful too use, I hope we can say the same for you. “ Said Thor.

"Perhaps I could help you, but that all depends on the request…. And my reward of course. "

A wicked smirk formed on her face upon muttering that last sentence.

"We need access to the Carta base, we know there are several entrances here in the City, but we don’t know where they are. “ Said Brunnhilda.

"I suppose he forgot to mention that you also need a special key to open the door did he? “

Brunnhilda clenched her fist and let out a small growl, she promised to herself to make him pay once her main task was done.

"Guess not, well there’s this Dark Elf merchant who sells overpriced medicine around here; inside his shop you can find an entrance to the Carta base. "

Thor smirked knowing full well of whom she spoke off, he warned the bastard what would happen should he continue on his path.

"Since he brings the Carta that much money, I imagine he will be well protected, which is good since only the high level officers get the key you need. “

"How do you know all this? “ Asked Brunnhilda suspiciously looking at the woman.

"I used to be Svortas right hand woman, but while trying to complete a contract, I lost my leg in an explosion, so the bitch kicked me out and left me to die out here, which brings us to my reward, a thousand gold pieces and the bitches head. “

"You have my word, Svorta will die by my hammer and her Carta will fall this day, as for the gold pieces… We will bring those back shortly. "

The two walked off to find the Dark Elf merchant, it was an easy task as he stood out among the Dwarves, his yelling doing little too mask him.

As they approached the Elf, they were meet with a similar situation to the one at the surface.

"My children will die you whore son! You’re prices are maddening! "

The Dark Elf simply chuckled and responded with.

"I don't see anyone else selling you what you need, either pay up or piss off. “

"You will give me the medicine or Ill-"

Her yell was cut short as the Dark Elf drew his curved blade and placed it a mere inch from her neck, a sadistic smile appeared on his face as fear overtook the Dwarf woman.

Thor decided to intervene; he quickly approached the Dark Elf who didn't notice him until he was already next to the woman.

"That is enough! “

"And who the fuck are yo-"

The Elf turned around and once again saw the angered Odinson standing before him, his eyes widened in fear and shock as he realized that his days were numbered.

"This isn’t what it looks like……. “

Thor smirked which sent shivers down the Elf’s spine; he gulped as Thor raised Mjölnir above his head and prepared to bring it down on him.

He only managed to whisper. "Mother….." Before the blow was delivered, causing him to fall to the ground unconscious.

To be continued………………..

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