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Word had spread quickly through the Dwarven city of Kal-Shirok of the blood bath that occurred in the Arena, the Asgardian warrior Brunnhilda had slaughtered twelve of the finest gladiators in the entire realm in the less than five minutes.

Drirr 's influence and power grew considerably as his pair of Asgardian champions carved their way through Kohim 's gladiator teams one by one, in a matter of days, he had no one left to send to battle his adversaries warriors.

Meanwhile the shadow invasion intensified as more and more covert reports were sent to the high ranking members of the noble families and the Council, the Dwarven armies continued to be decimated and the threat would soon arrive to the capital itself.

Drirr could wait no longer, it was time to break Kohim’s hold over the Council and take back his realm from the homicidal monsters that now ravaged it…..


Thor walked through the hallways of Drirrs home, he had been summoned to his office by a guard insisting that it was urgent, for days he thought of Brunnhilda and her battle with the Blood Seekers.

True he was a warrior and the sight of blood and battle was nothing shocking to him, but what truly frightened him was how she fought, like a feral beast with the sole purpose of murder and destruction.

He sighed and tried to erase it from his mind as he reached Drirr 's office only to be greeted by a large glass jug flung at his head, he narrowly dodged it as it shattered upon hitting a wall mere inches from his face.

"What is the meaning of this?! “ He raised his hammer, preparing himself for another attack, only to find an excited Drirr standing before him.

"Thor my friend! I have excellent news! Thanks to your victories in the arena in my name, the Council is finally considering the rallying our standing army and take back our land. "

Thor sighed and lowered his hammer.

"So does this mean no more Arena battles? “

"There probably would be, if you two left any of Kohim's warriors left standing that is. “

"So what is there left for us to do then? Simply wait for the Council to turn a blind eye to the war again? „ He crossed his arms and raised an eyebrow.

"Heh, of course not, the time has come for us to break Kohim’s hold over the underworld…. By destroying the Carta once and for all, once they are dealt with, support for our cause will grow a thousand fold. "

Thor smiled at the idea of finally ending this political squabble and going back to the battlefield to do what he did best.

"And I know how to find the Carta head quarters. “

Thor turned around to see Brunnhilda standing behind him with blood smears on her armored gloves and an unconscious Carta assassin in her left hand.

"I see you’ve been busy. “

"One of us had to be since all you do anymore outside the arena is drink whine and sleep. “

He scowled at her and gave her an annoyed grunt, she simply ignored him and dropped the unconscious Dwarf on the floor, and she looked at him for a moment before bringing her foot down on his stomach like a hammer.


The Dwarf woke up instantly choking and clenching his stomach in pain; he raised his head just enough to see Drirr standing over him, he merely chuckled at the Dwarf.

"Y-you fool, if you think I-Id tell you anything, you must be just a stupid as Kohim says you are! You ain’t shit! And you can’t scare me so how’s about you spare us both this crap and let me go?! "

A wicked smile formed on Drirrs face as he took a few steps back and told the assassin.

"Im not the one you should be afraid of, it’s her.

He pointed his index finger; the assassins looked behind him and saw an annoyed Brunnhilda towering over him, ready to stomp his face into the dirt.

"Wait, wait, wait, and wait! Im sure we can make a deal, just please for the loves of our Ancestors don’t let her have her way with me! "

He crawled to Drirr and clenched the nobles cloak in desperation and fear.

"If you want to leave this room alive, then you will tell us where the location of your head quarters is. “

The assassin froze as he knew that Branka would hang his corpse on her wall and use him for target practice, but Branka was not there, Brunnhilda was and he still had the images of the Blood Seeker slaughter fresh in his mind.

"Very well, I will tell you everything, just please…. Don’t cut me in half! I BEG YOU!!! "

Brunnhilda smirked as she grabbed the Dwarf by the collar and whispered into his ear.

"Now, let’s start from the beginning shall we? “

To be continued……

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@ekrolo: Haha, Valkyrie is scary. Great job, I look forward to more!

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@Selinaky: Thank you very much! Il try to get a new issue out tomorrow or this Thursday.