Marvel Re-Imagined: Thor Agents of Asgard #14

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Thor, Brunnhilda and Drirr stood in the middle of the Council chamber, before them stood Kohim, the head of the Council and Drirr’s main competitor for the throne.

"My, my Drirr, you've only been back for a month and you've already disrupted the already fragile peace in Kal-Shirok! “

"With all due respect Kohim, me and my comrades here were merely defending ourselves from the Carta thieves, I suggest you get better if you want me dead. “

The old dwarfs left eye twitched in anger, Drirr had been accusing him of dealing with the Carta ever since his return, Kohim raised his staff and delivered a quick but powerful blow to Drirr’s head, knocking him face first into the ground.

"You have disrespected me for the last time boy, as of this moment, you will be a prisoner in your own home, you are not allowed to leave it and if you do.... I will execute you! "

Drirr got back on his feet and faced down Kohim, there was a small trail of blood coming from the fresh cut above his eye clouding his vision.

"As for you Asgardians, the only reason im not sending your heads back to your king is that even I dare not slay a son of Odin, you may walk freely within the city, but should you break the law you will share Drirr’s fate.“

Thor growled and stepped forward to challenge the old man, Brunnhilda placed her hand on his shoulder and shook her head, and Thor took a deep breath before stepping back in line.

Kohim smirked at Thors annoyance, he struck the floor with his staff, and the doors of the chamber were opened by a pair of Dwarf soldiers clad in black armor.

"Escort our off world friends out of the building, then take Drirr to his home and make sure he does not leave it, if he does you may use any force you deem necessary to stop him.“

"Yes sir! “ Said the Dwarves in unison, they came behind Drirr and placed shackles on his arms, they then turned him to the exit and pushed him as sign to move forward.


The three were in Drirr’s office, the walk to his home was not a long one as all the noble families lived near the Council chamber, the office was filled to the brim with weaponry, but the Dwarf soldiers quickly stripped it of them all.

Drirr stood in front of a mirror, he was applying a white colored ointment to the cut above his left eye, Thor and Brunnhilda walked around inspecting his office.

"What a damn mess. “ He sighed and turned around to face the two Asgardians.

"That Dwarf Kohim, he seemed very eager to be rid of you, who is he? “

"He is the head of the Council, he was a close friend of mine and to my friend Sidri, but now that our kings dead he decided he wanted the throne. “

"You’re of the royal family, how could he possibly become king before you? “

"I'm not politician Thor, im a soldier and I was never intended to be king, Kohim has influence in the Council while I have none, he's also aligned himself with the Carta, pretty much guaranteeing him victory. "

Thor smiled and placed his hand on Drirrs shoulder. "Then let us attack this Carta and slay them once and for all! “

"Slaying the Carta is not an option, not yet at least, but if you want me to gain allies in the Council, I suggest you go to battle in the Arena. “

Brunnhilda leaned back in her chair and crossed her arms. "Why is the Arena so important? “

"Besides the pubs, it's the most famous place in the entire Realm, nobles, criminals, citizens, merchants, everyone goes to the Arena to see Dwarves battle for glory. "

"Should the two of you enter in the latest tournament and win in my name, then perhaps we can go about crushing the Carta and Kohim. “

Thor laughed and called Mjölnir to his hand. "This is going to be fun. “


The two crossed the bridge over the lava river and entered the Arena main hall, the place was filled to the brim with Dwarves, just as Drirr said, and as they walked they noticed stands and people with small pieces of paper placing bets.

"This place is a mad house, we have to find the one in charge! “ Thor yelled to Brunnhilda, the noise inside made it almost impossible to talk.

Then they noticed one Dwarf who wasn’t screaming his lungs out, he sat in the corner of the room and was talking to several gladiators who were already battle ready.

The pair was able to make their way through the horde of Dwarves with relative easy due to their size; Brunnhilda tapped the Dwarf on the back.

"Are you the one in charge of Arena? “

"That would be me, a pair of Asgardians? Don’t see many of you on Nidavellir, especially royalty. "

"You know who I am? “

"How could I not when every damn noble with an axe up his ass can't stop talking about you, I assume you want to partake in the tournament? That will be a 30 gold pieces. "

Thor and Brunnhilda exchanged worried glances, the Dwarf laughed like a mad man.

"No money, no entry for either of you! “ In an instant the laugh vanished and was replaced by boiling hot anger.

"How about... an exchange, you grant us entry and if we lose, you can have my hammer. “

A devilish smirk formed on Thors face as he showed the Dwarf Mjölnir, his eyes practically glowed as he scanned the weapon with his eyes.

"Mjölnir! I have only heard legends of it..... YOU HAVE A DEAL!!! In fact, you go first! "

The two walked away from Dwarf and approached the gate to the Arena battle ground.

"Would you actually give him Mjo-?"

"I would sooner battle all of the Nine Realms than let anyone wield Mjölnir. “

The gate opened and the two walked forward, as they entered the battlefield the gate immediately shut behind them, they examined the arena and saw tens of thousands of Dwarves all cheering.

Just above them, the old Dwarf from before appeared, he stood on the very edge of the wall; he slowly raised his hand which instantly silence every living soul in the crowd.

"! Today is a special day, for we have a pair of unexpected guests, royalty from Asgard itself! I give you Thor Odin son! "

The crowd booed and threw food at him, Brunnhilda giggled at this while Thor scowled and growled in anger.

"And with him today, is his concubine! “

Brunnhilda’s eyes widened in shock, her face red and her arms shaking in uncontrollable anger.

"WHAT?! “ She yelled but it could not be heard from the thousands of laughing and booing dwarves, Thors anger instantly disappeared as he tried to his best not to burst out laughing.

She punched him in the shoulder; he placed his hand on it to ease the pain but continued to laugh. "As my friend Stark would say, it was worth it. “

Brunnhilda was about to send a second punch to his face, she stopped just as the crowd fell silent once more.

"And they shall be challenged, by a squad of some of our finest gladiators! THE BLOOD SEEKERS!!!! "

The crowd exploded in applause as the 12 Dwarf team emerged from the second gate, they had spiky red colored heavy armor with the lack of any helmets.

Their leader was a Dwarf with axe shaped tattoos on his face; his comrades were primitives to say the least as they sent sexist remarks at Brunnhilda.

"Why don't you come here for a real man? “

"Il show ya a good time! “

"What’s a little girl like you doing here? “

The Valkyrie could barely keep herself from pouncing on them like a savage animal and ripping them apart with her bare hands, even Thor was no longer amused.

"Let us silence these fools. “ He spun Mjölnir in his hand and made a couple of steps forward before Brunnhilda place her broadsword to his neck.

"They. Are. Mine! "

Thor gulped in fear and without another word stepped back, Brunnhilda drew her second broadsword, the leader of the Blood Seekers grinned at this.

"You know princess! A real man wouldn't send his whore to fight his battles for him. "

A moment later Brunnhilda threw one of her broadswords at him, it spun like a flying buzz saw slicing through four Blood Seekers, cutting them all in half.

The crowd gasped in horror and shock, it only intensified as Brunnhilda jumped into the air, and she came back to the ground at the speed of a rocket, the ground crumbled beneath her feet.

She immediately spun around and with one swing sliced four Dwarves from the belly up, the leader couldn't believe that he and his team were being butchered by a woman.

Thor was grew uneasy upon seeing how the battle went thus far, he never knew Brunnhilda was this troubled by the jokes about her gender, he felt like shit now for all the times he did that to her personally.

Two Blood Seekers came from behind her, placed their axes above their heads and tried to strike her down; she performed a back flip and slitting their throats while doing so.

She slowly walked to their leader who was scared out of his mind, her gaze was on him, her face was expressionless as she cut down two more of his men, and the last of his comrades actually dropped his axe and tried to run away.

Brunnhilda threw her broadswords like a dagger at the Dwarf, the giant blade went through his head and blew off most of it in the process, she then ran up to the leader, broke both of his arms and dislocated his right leg.

He fell to his knees, tears were streaming down his face and he even pissed himself in fear. "I YIELD!!!! PLEASE!!! I GIVE UP!!! "

The crowds mind had quickly changed as they cheered at the Asgardians victory; Brunnhilda ignored it as she grabbed him by the throat and sent a series of punches to his face.


The punches intensified in both speed and force, the Dwarfs face was turning into a mangled mess of flesh, the crowd’s cheers were replaced by gasps of terror, the Blood Seeker leader was on the verge of death and she raised her fist to deliver the killing blow when Thor caught it.

"That is enough! “ He whispered to her, she tried to free her hand from his.

"Brunnhilda! THAT IS ENOUGH!!! „Her hand stopped struggling; she released the Blood Seeker leader and let him drop to the ground.

"I-I-" Tears were forming in her eyes as she turned her gaze to Thor, at that moment she whipped them away with her hand and ran out of the Arena through the now open gate.

Thor sighed and began to pick up her broadswords that remained on the battlefield. "Father help us...... “

To be continued........

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@ekrolo: That was awesome! I love the detail, especially in the fight scene.The interactions between Thor and Valkyrie are great.