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Nine Worlds, Nidavellir

"The Dwarves, the blacksmiths of the Nine Realms, feared and respected with their skill and use of Uru metal, long have they been allies to the Asgardians, today..... that ends. " Said a female voice that looked on at the celebration from the shadows.

The Dwarves had not celebrated like this since the old days of the war against the Frost Giants, king Sindri had just returned from a successful campaign from the mountains, battling the Stone Giants that threatened his people for years, now they were but a bad memory. Now the king was preparing his royal feast, a pity it would not end well.

"Sindri! You look like hammered shit! " Said Brokk, loyal servant of king Sindri and his best friend. He was not happy to see him back.

"At least I wasn't sitting on my ass like you! " Said Sidri pointing his index finger at his friend. The both of them looked angry for a moment and the started laughing like madmen at each other, they hugged and welcomed each other properly.

"Its good to see you old friend, I hope the Giants kept you in shape, you're going to need it when thesebureaucracy kiss asses start swooping down like vultures. "

"Ah dont worry about me Brokk. " He took a large flask of bear and drank it all at once, then he smashed it against the floor and they both started laughing again, they were already drunk.

They walked up to the throne, Sidri took another flask, while Brokk sat down on the large table, it was completely covered by more flasks and all sorts of food from the Nine Realms, the Dwarves were not the only ones who were happy to see Sidri back, he was a very wise and respected man but a true soldier and a close fried of Odin himself. Sindri stood up and raised his hand, the entire dinner hall had become quiet.

"Friends! The path to victory was very hard and lost much, but now that the war is over, I know some of you here may have lost a son, a brother or a husband, but I promise you they're sacrifices were not in vain, and we shall honor them as the true heroes they are! And one day we shall fest with them in VALHALLA! " The dinner hall exploded, everyone started making even more noise than before and Sidri wouldn't want it any other way.

The party was interrupted when a large explosion occurred over the dinner hell, stone was falling on the dwarves, killing many of them, then a robbed man jump down on the table Sidri and his allies were diningon. The mans face was obscured, he wore armor from all the Nine Realms but his eyes were yellow and glowing, the assailant found himself quickly surrounded by 7 dwarves.

Brokk stood right in front of him, his two handed axe ready. "Do you think you can come in here and attack the king?! GUARDS KILL HIM! " Brokk charged at cloaked figure, he grabbed Brokk's axe with hes hand, spun him around, hitting all the dwarves sending them flying across the entire hall. His speed was incredible as he literally appeared behind Sidri, the king only took one last look at the figure as drew his dual swords, the kings head flew across the hall and landed right in the middle of it, his now cut neck was spewing blood likegeyser, the dwarves could only look in shock as their king died right in front of them.

"SIDRI! YOU BASTARD YOU WILL PAY FOR THIS I SWEA-" Brokk was interrupted once more explosionsoccurred all over the hall, the entire palace was crumbling, he had a choice pursue the figure or save the people, he bit his lower lip.

"Everyone follow me! We have to get out of here. " He looked back to the figure who was now gone, like a ghost he had vanished into thin air.....

Nine Realms, Asgard

A man in a green robe and black armor was walking down a hall, his hair was raven black and his eyes were ocean blue, he was deep in his thoughts when a female voice interrupted him, he turned around too see a female in Asgardian armor running up to him.

"Loki! Pant, pant, is it true? Is king Sidri really dead? " She was a close friend of Loki's, women were not typically allowed to join the army, but Sif had proven herself many times, and with the support of Thor and Loki she even became a part of Odin's elite guard, that didn't stop her from pestering them about an assignment, she still thought she had to prove herself to everyone.

"Hello to you too Sif, and I dont know, not yet anyway, if the rumors are I true I suspect the assassin was magic user. "

"What makes you say that? "

"From what father and the Dwarven emissary told me, he used several teleportation spells to get behind Sidri, cut his head off and to escape like a ghost. "

"A ghost? " Sif chuckled. "Dwarves cant be that superstitious? "

"Heh, you'd be surprised at how they fear magic and now this happens and they come to magician to help them, oh the irony. " Loki's sarcasm made Sif chuckle again, they reached the door at the end of the hall, there was a large golden table with empty plates and flasks, and on it slept Volstagg and Loki's brother Thor, snoring as loud as ever.

Loki sighed heavily, this wasn't the first time Thor had gotten drunk and if he was with Volstagg then it was much, much worse. "Come on Thor! Get up, you can do it! " Loki got his brother pack up, he then shook him with a little electricity to wake him up.

"Aaaaargh! " Thor screamed in pain, Loki never got tired of doing that to him and there was a satisfied smirk on his face. "Lllloookkiiii!!!! Brother of mine, why dont you join us, we were just celebrating the return of king Sidri! " Thor pated an unconscious Volstagg on the back, Sif was trying to wake him up when he jumped on the table.

Volstagg took the flask that was in his hand, drank the remaining beer in it. "This I like...... ANOTHER! " He smashed it against the table, it was a very common practice for drunks particularly in Asgard and Nidavellir.

"Volstagg, the parties over, just calm down and try to clear your head. " Sif talked slowly, Volstagg was always in a foul mood if some one interrupted him while he was napping.

"So Loki...... What news do you bring, you're in your armor so I assume something important has come up. "

"Yes, king Sidri is dead, he was assassinated last night. " Thor and Volstagg both snapped out of their hangover, they looked at Loki in shock and disbelief.

"A-a-another king dead? "

"Yes, it was the same cloaked man as before, the same on who killed the king of the Dark Elves, same tactic, same escape plan and not a shred of evidence as to how he did it. "

Thor stood on his feet and he walked around still trying to shake off the headache he was having. "What if he comes after father Loki? Can we stop him? "

Loki walked up to the window in the room, he looked out at the golden city of Asgard with fear in his eyes that soon all of it could be undone. "I dont know Thor, but our mission is clear, we must stop the Kingslayer, at any price. "

To be continued.....

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AWESOME! This beats the old Thor stories.

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This. Is. Awesome. It puts every other Thor fan fiction to shame.

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I'm liking this. I found some issues here and there, but I like the tone I'm getting from this. Not sure if it's the way I read it, but it feels a little LOTR/GOT-ish (I'm getting a medieval fantasy-ish vibe from this; maybe I'm just reading it wrong though). You do have some sentences that go on for a bit which might be improved by cutting them into two or three (Loki's intro sentence comes to mind).

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@darth_brendroid: Well Thor is norse mythology so I did want a little bit of that in there, but its a little more like the movies where its a magic/tech hybrid, people just act a little like medieval people by getting drunk and into fights all the time and such.

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@ekrolo: Kingslayer...have you been watching Game of Thrones? It's pretty good. Few minor typo & grammatical errors and you may want to edit $#!+ to that instead of $h!t just in case, because swearing ain't allowed (personally I don't care) Good work

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@ekrolo: A casual Mr Bump! I see 11 chapters so far, well done :)

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@batkevin74 said:

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@ekrolo: A casual Mr Bump! I see 11 chapters so far, well done :)

Chapter 11 is up!?!? I'll have to go see that.