Marvel Re-imagined: Origins of Galactus

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So this is my very first fan-fic. All characters are owned by Marvel Comics. Galactus was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. For more of Marvel Re-Imagined go to Marvel Re-Imagined.

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Galan. The last son of Taa.
Galan. The last son of Taa.

Taa, a planet with one of the greatest technological advancements in the universe, will soon come to an end. For today however we shall look at one of its inhabitants, a man by the name of Galan. An alarm clock went off as Galan turned over to see the time.

“6:45! I’m going to be late!”

He jumped out of bed taking a shower, brushing his teeth and getting his clothes on. He ran to his flying car and rides of too the Research lab in outer orbit of Taa. They worked on different kinds of energy and matter technology. He ran into the building trying to avoid his boss.

“GALAN ! You are late by 45 minutes!”

“Sorry sir…. My alarm clock broke and did not wake me up…”

“This is your only warning Galan. They need you in Lab 7C, Head there stat!”

He runs off into the lab getting into his hazmat suit and entering the lab. They were experimenting on Anti-Matter energy that could potentially be tamed into being an almost unlimited amount of fuel for star ships. The material had to be kept in a vacuum so it would not destroy itself when it comes into contact with normal matter. The slightest mistake could end up in them all being disintegrated. The anti-matter was held up within a zero gravity chamber and being experimented on with basic forms of wavelengths and energy to see what it would take to make the anti-matter turn into pure energy.

“Galen, make sure that the radiation levels are safe enough for us to enter,” his partner said.

“On it.” He went into the chamber with a gravity control suit so he could walk with gravity unlike the anti-matter. He takes out the Geiger meter and checks the levels.

“All levels are stable and we can proceed with the experiment. “ He says walking out of the chamber to the control panel.

“Begin the energy flow.” His partner said. Galan turned on the energy flow. As it hit the piece of anti-matter the chamber started to shake like normal.

“Increase the flow of energy.” His partner said believing that it would result in the anti-matter going into energy faster. Galan increased it so the chamber and some equipment around it started to shake.

“Again, increase the flow.”

“I think it is a little risky to give it such high levels.”

“If we want results to keep our paychecks coming we need to get the energy. Increase the flow.” Galan did just that. The whole room started to shake yet there was still no results.

“Add in the dark energy.”

“We don’t have the orders to use that yet…”

He gets shoved out of the way as his partner adds in the dark energy as well as putting it at max energy flow. Galan quickly tackles him to the ground. The entire facility is shaking and the dark anti-matter is turning into an egg like shape.

“What’s the matter with you?!? This could destroy the whole facility.” He got up and went to the controls trying to reverse it but could not.

“Not the facility…. The entire universe!” his partner said

“Are you mad?” he screamed at his partner.

His partner took out a handgun and put it to his head.

“Not mad. I’m the happiest man alive.” He shot himself falling over. A small sun with a triangle and square in it fell out of his pocket. It indicated to Galan that he was a was apart of the Mors Clutu, a group of people who believed that death was the only way to gain freedom. He must have been extremely devout to end all life in creation.

“Crap…. This could end the entire universe!” He pulls the alarm and the whole facility evacuates but him.

“Even if they get out they will still die in the long run…. I have no choice.”

Galan gathers all of the willpower and courage that he has and runs at the dark anti-matter egg and jumps into it. He thinks to himself.

“If anti-matter and matter meet then they simply disappear… my life can save an entire universe.”

As he is starting to disappear he hears the sound of a bird and looks around to see himself in a bright yellow star like area. He feels like he is at peace.

“Is this what it is like to be dead?”

“No… death is the end this is a brand new beginning…”

A mysterious voice comes from all around him says. He looks around to see who said that and sees a man who is made out of pure light gold energy.

“Who are you?”

“I have many names Galan but you can call me the sentience of the universe.”

“The what, Why am I still here… I jumped into the anti-matter…”

He is interrupted by the being starting to fuse with him. It was the most painful experience he has ever felt. Each muscle was being ripped, his organs collapsing, his skeleton breaking, and blood boiling. By the end of it he felt like each atom in his body was being split and he turned into a yellow being of pure energy. He looked around and saw nothing but blackness stretching for what looked like an infinite distance.

“So this is the lone survivor of the universe? The sentience must have been desperate to not die out.” A voice said in his mind.

“Who’s there?” Galan said into the blackness of the void. He felt himself being warped around the void and he fell on what felt like smooth stone. He looked up and saw a shadowy figure with long black nails and a purple hood.

“Who are you?” Galan said as he looked up at the being.

“I am Oblivion, I am what reality will eventually become, I am the nothingness that space becomes in the end, but only for a short while.”

“What am I doing here, why am I here, where is my planet, my friends, my people!” he screamed at Oblivion who simply changed his heads movement making Galan fall to his knees in pain.

“You are weak in my realm and are still a puny mortal Galan, but there are great things planed for you that are beyond even my control.” Oblivion opens his hand and the dark anti-matter egg is shown.

“But that’s impossible… I sacrificed myself to save the universe, the matter should have destroyed the anti-matter!”

“The Dark Energy made it change into a cosmic egg, your universe is gone, part of the remains inside this egg and inside you.”

“Me? How… I’m just a mortal…”

“The sentience of the previous universe fused with you making you a being that will go onto the next cycle of creation.”

“Next cycle? What in the name of god does that mean?”

“Experience it Galan.” The cosmic egg explodes into a big bang with Galan being there absorbing some of the energies.

“You are the conduit from the previous universe to the current one and will bring both destruction and creation to the universe, you are no longer Galan, you are now Galactus, the balance between Eternity and Death.” Oblivion said fading away.

“We will meet again Galactus.” Oblivion said before disappearing.

Galactus looked around still being in a energy form but much weaker. The blast had given him new power but made him tired. He saw entire galaxies form along with the stars that are inside them. He was floating in empty space as creation was moving onward around him. He was called to have a higher purposes but that is not for today. Today the mighty Galactus shall sleep only to awaken when the time is right. With all of the past events finally sinking into his mind Galactus shuts his eyes and hibernates for as long as need be.

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Nice job. Although, I was hoping you would expand more on his word. Still good, though. I'll make sure to read the next one.

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This was very very nice, Good work!

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Very interesting story. pay attention to your tenses though.I got tripped up a few times whie reading.

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#5  Edited By deadpoolrules


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Very nice origin. Some minor grammatical errors, but overall everything was pretty cool.