Marvel Re-Imagined: New X-Men #1

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“Sunspot, get us some cover.” Daken shouted over to Sunspot, they were outside a facility, plasma bullets shed through the air. The elements were much fiercer than usual.

Xavier sent them on a mission to steal a mutant ability amplifier from the MRD.

It had already been used to amplify one of the MRD’s captives, and the end result was the death more than 100 people.

Sunspot created a wave of light energy at the opposing side.

Behind Daken, his support squadron came in, they poured down from the helicopter.

There were 5 of them. Banshee, he could create sonic screams. Husk, who could change her skin into different forms of metal, Domino, she was an expert marksman and probability manipulation, Chamber, he can emit cosmic rays from his chest and manipulate them, and lastly, Box, who could manipulate all forms of plastic, metal, and glass.

Husk changed into her steel form, so that most of the attacks from their opponents wouldn’t faze her.

Domino set up in a nearby tree, with her sniper rifle at her side.

Box manipulated the cars to make a shield.

Banshee screamed, and the MRD’s agents on the opponent’s side screamed out in pain.

Chamber sent out large blasts of cosmic energy at the other side.

Daken yelled out to his team “Charge!”

They did just that and rammed at the facility, and inside found a large amount of MRD agents waiting.

One of the agents yelled out “Stand down X-Men!”

Daken laughed “We aren’t the X-men; we’re the New X-Men!”

Quickly, Box manipulated the metal around him, and made a wave of metal launch at one side of the agents.

Chamber and Sunspot both threw large balls of energy at them, while Domino shot them all with extremely accurate accuracy.

Husk turned into her gold form and rammed 6 of the guards.

Daken used his pheromones to make the last 2 guards suicidal, and they killed themselves.

Box yelled out “Boss, the amplifier, up here.”

Daken leaped up to the second floor, and saw a collar, it was the amplifying device.

Box manipulated the glass to make a hole where they could take the device.

Daken took it, and put it in his back pocket.


2 months ago

Charles Xavier and The New X-Men stood in the library.

Xavier led the conversation “You all have finally graduated, congratulations, now, I usually don’t send my graduates out so early on a mission, but desperate times call for desperate measures.”

Daken gestured his head sideways “What’s wrong.”

Xavier hesitated to answer the question, but he did “A man named Mister Sinister has been following my X-Men, not him all the time, sometimes his servants, most notably Scalphunter, I scanned his mind, and it looks like he is a technomorph. I want Daken, Thunderbird, Box, and Banshee to interrogate him. Ask him where Sinister is.”

Box stepped in to the conversation “Just wondering, why can’t the X-men do this?”

Charles almost put his head down, in shame “Only you all can handle the missions I will give you.”

Banshee smirked “Okay, but…how are we going to get there, none of us can fly the Blackbird.”

Charles put up a smile “See Forge.”


“ARGH!” Thunderbird went flying across the street.

Scalphunter fought off the X-men, it seemed that he didn’t like the idea of being interrogated.

Daken tried to sneak up behind him, but Scalphunter’s armor could detect heat signatures, and Daken was knocked out by an extremely hard hit.

Box made the metal in the poles turn metallic, and turned them into spear like objects. Scalphunter dodged one, but was hit by another in the shoulder, but all he did was pull it out of his skin.

Banshee whispered to his team via com-links “Hold your ears.”

Banshee shot down from the sky, and set off a sonic scream, Scalphunter was dazed, so Thunderbird took the opportunity to ram him, and disoriented him.

Box, Banshee, and Thunderbird stood around him.

Scalphunter spoke in a loud voice “What do you want from me.”

Thunderbird held his dagger to Scalphunter’s neck “Where’s Sinister.”

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