Marvel Re-Imagined: Daredevil #9

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The Purple Man

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The Purple Man Part One, Part Two

Daredevil and related characters belong to Marvel Comics.

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Rating: T+ (for violence)

Part Three

Matt could remember the words of the guard as they had walked in. They echoed in his mind as he rubbed his jaw, feeling the wet redness of blood flowing from his cut lip. Don’t let him take off his face. Sure, they hadn’t done that but they’d taken his face off for him. The guard should probably have spoken more clearly and less ambiguously, telling them that Killgrave could control the people who saw him. Maybe then Matt would never have given Urich the reassurance he could handle it. Urich kicked Matt in the chest. He coughed, hearing drops of blood spray onto the tiles.

“Why don’t you open the door, Murdock? It would be easier just to open the door, da?”

Wiping his mouth of blood, Matt could feel the need to cough again. His throat felt raw and his chest ached. Maybe it would be easier to listen to Killgrave. He breathed in the air. The smell was familiar, the smell of a soft voice that he couldn’t say no to. Why did he say no? There was a shadow looming in his mind. No, there were two. There was the vague outline of clothes, horns growing from the cowl. They were familiar clothes. Matt wasn’t sure if that’s why he said no. He had to say no because he was the good guy, he was stronger than this and Killgrave had to remain in that room. The other shadow was a woman. The name came to Matt as he felt himself being pulled from the floor. Karen was its name, was the name of that smell and the name of that soft voice. Why did Killgrave suddenly remind him of Karen?

“If you won’t say yes, we’ll have to leave you here while we take this city as mine,” Killgrave whispered. Matt could imagine his smile, a thin smile. He felt fingers run over his lips roughly, coating themselves in his blood. Killgrave threw him to the ground. Matt coughed again, finding himself unable to move. The shock of falling to the ground again stole Matt’s last breath. As he struggled to breathe he could hear Killgrave and Urich walking towards the door. He could hear his failure to even just suggest that tearing the mask off Killgrave could be a very bad idea. Matt breathed in. He laughed bitterly, pushing himself to his knees. He’d punch Killgrave if he went out of control. It was the thinking of an idiot, the sort of thinking he should have been above.

Coughing, but alive, Matt rose to his feet and struggled towards the door. His legs were shaking but there were shadows in his mind. Someone who could control minds was walking free out there and, in the silence of that room, Matt could hear Karen’s voice like a whisper in his ear. Get up, Matthew. Dress in red and take him down. He needed the costume and he needed to stop Killgrave; that was all that mattered. Pushing the door open he staggered out, already running the coming conversation with Foggy through his head.

To Be Continued.

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