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Continued from: Marvel Nexus: Moon Devil Chapter 1

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Moon Devil stood in Times Square, blood trickling off his knuckles and dripping from his mouth, surrounded by members of the cult of Handra. They’d taken over the area threatening to detonate a dirty bomb. Marc was first on the scene and though he was an excellent hand to hand combatant, there were too many.


Oh great strategy. Thirty of them and you suggest I kill them. Any sensible suggestions?


Six more Handra charged in. The noise was disorientating to Marc’s senses along with the pungent smells of the city. Moon Devil blocked two attacks but the other four landed, luckily he blocked the sharp ones. Moon Devil threw his billy club catching one in mouth before grabbing another by the neck “Shut it down!”

“If you kill one, two more take his place!” they chanted in ominous unison as the circled him, their red and green robes would’ve dazzled someone but Marc being blind kept fighting.

Moon Devil stomped down on the side of his hostages knee, breaking it with a nasty snap “What if I just injure you?”


Moon Devil saw a group more of Handra fiddling with the bomb itself. The counter on it said 10.00 but was now rapidly running down. Moon Devil headed their way but the Handra blocked his way.


He took another two down but the Handra changed tactics and simply gang tackled him, pinning him with numbers.


I’m under thirty men! Care to help?





“Get off me!” yelled Moon Devil. The mass of humanity actually moved but not in the dramatic way he’d hoped. He was still at the bottom of the dogpile. The timer continued to run down.


When I get to the afterlife I’m going to kick you in the head


.12 .11 .10 .09 .08 .07 .06 .05 .04 .03 .02 .01 .00 bzzzzzzzztttttttttt

“Oh god!” The dirty bomb started to glow white hot and then exploded. Though blind, Marc could ‘see’ the piercing white light, feel the intense heat. And then nothing. His radar sense picked up the shape of a man hovering in the air.

No Caption Provided

“CAPTAIN AMERIVERSE!” shrieked the Handra collective.

The glowing man in blue and white had captured the blast in an energy field and then shot it up into space. “That’s enough of that.”

-Show off-

Are you…oh my god you’re jealous!


Captain Americverse landed “Now you can all come along quietly.”

The Handra roared in disapproval and charged at him. The cosmic hero unbuckled his shield and hurled it. With missle like guidance it flew hard and fast, bouncing and richocheting off each Handra members head before returning to his hand like a trained hawk. Times Square was littered with unconscious green & red robed zealots. Moon Devil retrived his billy club.

“Good work Moon Devil,” said the Captain extending a hand and a big grin. “Thanks for the help.”


Shut up

“I didn’t do much,” replied Marc taking his hand.

“Don’t sell yourself short,” Captain Ameriverse “Now if you can handle things here, I have to…” And with that he shot into the sky and was gone.

Moon Devil watched him go and slowly was brought back to reality when he heard the rapturous applause filling the Square. Moon Devil awkwardly waved before shooting a line up and swinging away.

To be continued

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Who is Captain Americaverse a hybrid of?

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