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Continued from:

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Moon Devil walked cautiously across the rooftop, his keen senses reading the area feeding his brain a total 3D picture that was almost better than sight.

-You will toss him off his own building then bring the building down on top of him!-

Can you say overkill?

-This building is an offense! You will remove it from my sight!-

Interesting choice of words.

-On your left!-

Moon Devil stepped to the side and snatched the spear that sailed to where his head would’ve been, spinning the weapon round his body before jamming it into the ground. His senses picked up a big shape.

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“Fisk!” he seethed.

The big man smiled as he tapped the oversized machete in his palm “You seek out the lion in his home, brave little moon child.”


Moon Devil shook his head to ignore the raging voice in his temples “No, you’re not a lion Fisk. You’re a rabid hyena that needs putting down.”

“I will eat your heart little moon child, instead of just chasing you into a cave!” Fisk scowled as he closed the gap between them with remarkable speed of a large man, swinging the machete wildly. Moon Devil flipped away from the threshing, drew two crescent throwing stars and hurled them. Fisk parried them away like annoying flies.

“You were in the Sudan?”

“Oh yes little moon child,” Fisk slammed the machete through a table narrowly missing the hero. “I was in the Sudan. You weren’t the only mercenary in the game…Marc.”

Moon Devil stopped in shock only to receive a punch to the side of the head which sent him flying. Fisk chuckled as he stalked forward.

“I’ve known who you were for some time moon child. You have the stink of death about you that your illustrious law career can’t erase.”

Moon Devil rolled away from the potential killing blow and drew his billy club, “Unlike you I’m making amends for my past.”


Fisk swung hard as Moon Devil parried the blow, his billy club nearly shearing in half from the force. Marc jammed his fingers into Fisk’s eyes and grabbed the skull tight using it to pull himself up and smash both knees into the big man’s face. Fisk roared as his nose splattered across his cheeks.

-DEAD, not bruised!-

“Shut up!” Moon Devil said aloud as he jump kicked Fisk in the sternum. Wilson stumbled backwards as the avatar of vengeance charged in. Fisk raised his arms in defence as Moon Devil lay down an array of punches and strikes.

“How does it feel to be the prey and not the predator?” yelled Moon Devil.

Fisk’s big hand lashed out and caught him around the neck. Moon Devil gagged and struggled as Fisk got to his feet holding him loft. His massive hands slowly choked the breath from his body.

“I am nobodies prey! I am the Bushman! This is my jungle. Everything you see is mine!”

Marc gasped for air, kicking him repeatedly in the stomach to no avail.

“When my men chased you into that cave in the Sudan, it should’ve been me, ME, who became the avatar of Khonshu not you!” Fisk looked deep into Marc’s eyes “Can you hear me Khonshu?”


Any help greatly appreciated

“I ruled the Sudan just as I now rule New York! I will kill you like I killed your brother!”

Adrenaline rushed through Marc’s body at the mention of his brother. He lashed out and both feet connected with Wilson’s chin shattering it like a dropped vase. Fisk dropped his captive and staggered backwards.

“You talk too much.” croaked Moon Devil as he crash tackled the crime lord and took them both off the edge of the building.


The pair tumbled through the air heading for the pavement. Moon Devil looked at the fear in his opponents eyes and smiled.

“You don’t get off this easy,” He pulled out his other billy club and fired it into a passing ledge lashing the other to Fisk’s leg.

-NO! NO!-

The rope went taunt and they swung into and through a window before hitting the floor roughly.


Moon Devil got to his feet “No. He needs to pay for his crimes on Earth.” Marc retracted the billy club cord with a snap.


Moon Devil banged his forehead with his billy club “Ow, enough! Now let me deal with this animal my way.”


Frenchy burst into the office, arms flailing like he was having a fit. “Did you see? Have you seen? Oh my god!”

Marc turned from the window to his partner “What?”

“Jeez, what happened to you?” he asked noticing the lump on Marc’s forehead, the fact he was wearing a high necked skivvy and his reply was barely audible.

“Laryngitis plus I slipped in the shower,” croaked Marc. “What’s got you in a flap?”

“THIS!” He thrust his Ipad at Marc.

Marc took the device and shrugged “Is it a book?”

“I forget you’re blind sometimes,” Frenchy took it back “Wilson Fisk was found last night on the roof of the Sudanese embassy. Broken jaw, broken hands and unconscious.”

“And this is good because?”

“They want to extradite him back to the Sudan to answer some questions and are refusing to hand him over for medical attention until the US assures they’ll cooperate!” Frenchy said excitedly “This is like getting Capone for tax evasion, it ain’t murder but it’ll take him out of the picture for a while.”

“Well, that’s pretty good, I suppose.” Marc smiled and returned to looking out the window. Frenchy stood beside him continuing to rant but Marc was miles away.

-You owe me a life!-

You’ve got mine

To be continued….

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@impurestcheese: Yeah its a nice universe that shouldnt fade away just yet :)

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@wildvine: Hopefully a team-up crossover, maybe a stand alone chapter, not sure

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I know, I know. Sorry. I'm either working, in a funk, too tired, or working on other things. Will try and write the next S-R soon. Thanks for carrying the universe in the mean time though.

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@wildvine: No blame cast, I've got things hanging in the wind that I should get back and either finish or continue (Virtetum Dei, Elseworlds: Batman, Mashed Up Origins crossover etc etc) so don't worry. Marvel-Nexus will be here when you get back from funky town :)

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