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Previous few chapters of Moon Devil are below in the spoiler box


Dr Strangelocke aka Stephanie Braddock, this dimension’s Sorceress Supreme, sat crossed legged hovering in the air, a purple butterfly nimbus of energy around her face. Slowly her eyes opened, the butterfly faded and she touched the pulsing Eye of Hoggoth that held her Cloak of Levitation to her neck.

“Hmmm,” she mused as she stood up and peered out the window, up to the stars.


No Caption Provided

“You know his name?!?” Typhoid Frost said in gleeful disbelief. “Oh this is going to be fun!”

“You know Moon Devil’s real name, address…EVERYTHING and he’s still alive?!” Baron Shoji Von Strucker cried.

“Is this not why we’ve assembled?” said Victor Kraven as he tore the chicken open on his plate like a cat. “To destroy Moon Devil by sharing resources and information, not too mock and belittle member of our…is this an assembly or a cabal?”

“I like Lethal Legion,” said Midnight’s Eye as threw a butter knife with a serviette trail tied to the handle into the pineapple on the table and reeled it over. “Even Midnight Suns.”

“We are the Sinister Syndicate,” Purple Skull’s voice echoed in everyone’s mind and as well as their ears. “We shall kill Marc Murdock, attorney at DuChamp & Murdock, the man who stole well at least that is what Wilson thinks…”

“Get out of my head!” growled Wilson as he stood up cutlery in hand ready to launch across the table.


Not wanting too but compelled to obey, Wilson sat as The Purple Skull rose up. “I shall now take control of Handra…”


Baron Shoji Von Strucker stood up. “You dare?!”

“You can leave,” Skull ordered and Shoji stood and walked out of the room against his will.

“Oh this is &^^$#!” muttered Midnight’s Eye through a mouthful of pineapple his sentiments echoed by Kraven who growled under his breath like an annoyed tiger. Typhoid Frost licked her lips as she glided over to Purple Skull.

“I like a man who takes charge,” she whispered. “What do you want me to do first.”

Purple Skull smiled a hollow unnerving smile.


“Objection your honour!” said Marc Murdock as he stood up from the defense table.

“Sustained! Ms Ramson you will lower your tone or I will find you in cont…”

“Ridiculous kangaroo court!” seethed the editor-in-chief of The Daily Bugle.

The judge glared at her as Ransom’s lawyer stepped forward to ease things over. Marc looked at his client, Jessica Walters, and smiled. “If she keeps this up, you may win by default.”

“I’d prefer if she exploded into flames,” Jessica replied.

-Stop flirting with the jade cow!-

Could you shut up? I’m at work

-You should be punishing the wicked! Crushing my enemies!-

And during the daylight you’re pretty useless, so if I could get on with my lawyering…

“Having an internal dialog?” Jessica asked bringing Marc back to the room. “I usually just talk straight to the reader; you guys can go now it’s pretty boring the next few panels.”


“Never mind,” Jessica smiled.

“We shall adjourn until tomorrow!” called the judge banging his gavel.

Marc paused as he gathered his paper, his superior senses picking up something strange beyond the courtroom windows. “EVERYONE GET DOWN!”

Suddenly the windows of the courtroom exploded as dozens of red and green clad people landed in the room brandishing weapons.


-Get off her!-

“Want to get off me?” asked Jessica as Marc had instinctively tried to protect her.

“Only if I have too,” he smiled cheekily before remembering that he was an attorney and not Moon Devil at the moment. “What’s going on?”

“Pyjama party!” Jessica said as she stood up peeling off her jacket. “Stay down, this ain’t no place for a blind guy.”


Franklin DuChamp dropped his coffee as he saw six ninjas step out of the lift followed by a dozen more coming out of the fire escape.

To be continued...

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@batkevin74: Nice. Pretty sure I have missed a few of these. I'll have to go back and check.

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@cbishop: Yeah Moon Devil's been in a holding pattern for a while so you have have missed one or three since it's been sometime between chapters

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I swear I wrote chapter 11.....hmmmm

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