Marvel Mayhem: New Warriors #8

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May 6th, New York City...

"So... who is this guy?" Justice asked as he looked through binoculars towards the city streets below. He was surrounded by Prodigy, Firestar and a shrunk down Goliath. They were stood on top of a rooftop and all of them were connected via headset to their "handler" Miriam Sharpe.

"His name..." Miriam muttered as she searched through her computer files. "His name is Michael Morse. His criminal name is Parkour. We have reason to believe he's somewhere in this area."

"Parkour?" Firestar asked. "As in that running sport that everyone on Youtube does?"

"Ask Prodigy. He should be able to give you a better example."

Everyone glanced at Prodigy who suddenly looked nervous.

"Prodigy?" Goliath asked. "Do you... have a youtube channel?"

"10 Million Subscribers! Only 1 video of me patrolling the city!" Prodigy said proudly.

"Whatever. Miriam do you have any suggestions on how to draw this guy out?" Firestar asked.

"From what I've read he's pretty low list. The second he sees you he should run."

"Right! Come on guys!" Justice said as he levitated in the air. "Let's go catch a super villain!"


"I don't like what you're doing Dwayne." Nova muttered as he floated in mid air. "The world isn't ready for the New Warriors to return."

"Don't you think I know that Rich?" Night Thrasher asked as he stood on the edge of a rooftop. "Do you think this was MY idea?! Hell we haven't even got a name! That's just what the media calls us!"

"Are you even a member?"

"Stark's put me on the team to keep an eye on me..."

Nova glanced around for a second before smiling.

"Well unless Sue Storm's on the team they're not doing a very good job of it!"


"What was that?" Nova asked.



"Greetings citizens!" Goliath said as he grew to his giant height. "Have no fear! Everything is fine and dandy!"

Prodigy glanced up towards his friend.

"Fine and dandy?!?"

Goliath frowned.

"Shut it! What was I supposed to say?!"

"Both of you! Keep an eye out for this guy!" Firestar snapped.

"Wait. I think I've got him!" Justice said as he hovered in the air.

Sure enough someone in a tracksuit shoved his way through the crowd before starting to sprint away.

"AFTER HIM!" Sharpe yelled from their headsets causing them all to wince in pain.

Prodigy leaped over the crowd before sprinting soon after the figure.

"What's this guy's deal anyway?" Goliath asked as he carefully stepped over a lamppost.

"Goliath! You're too big and too slow to be of any use in this! Get back in crowd control!"


"He's too fast. All you'll do is scare people. So CALM THEM DOWN!"

"Better do what she said G." Prodigy said as he jumped over a fence. "I'll be sure to bring you a sou-"

"You too Prodigy! Your jumping abilities are too unpredictable to be used in this mission!"

"Oh goddamn it!"


"Where did the gunshot come from?" Nova asked.

Night Thrasher frowned beneath his mask. They'd only just arrived at this suburban area and for whatever reason they hadn't been able to find the source of the shot.

"Somewhere nearby. Keep searching!"


Parkour chuckled as he jumped over the fence separating the main street from the alleyway. He heard shouting behind him and clicked a button on his belt.

"Boss! I've got a bunch of Capes onto me! I need extraction and I need it now!"

"No. The situation is too dangerous for me to risk pulling you out."

"WHAT?! But... you pulled Doll out!"

"Nobody would notice us because of the chaos happening. While you're in the middle of being chased. I'm sorry Morse. But you're on your own."

The belt fizzed electricity before turning black. The power had been cut off. All ties had been severed.


Parkour looked up to see Justice and Firestar at the end of the alleyway.

"Crap!" Parkour muttered before stopping dead in his tracks. He glanced around quickly before noticing a ladder on his right. He quickly turned and started to climb up it.

"No! You're not getting away from us!" Firestar yelled as she fired a blast of microwave energy at the ladder. Parkour jumped off in pain causing him to land on his leg.

"GAH!" Parkour screamed. "YOU BROKE MY LEG!!!"

"Deal with it." Firestar muttered as she stamped on it.

"Miss Sharpe." Justice said into his headset. "We've got him."

"Great job Justice! Get Goliath and Prodigy before you heard back to Stark Tower."

"Who is this guy Ma'am?"

"Parkour? He's the Hood's newest member! Which means he's going to tell us everything he knows."


Night Thrasher kicked the house's door in as Nova frowned behind him.

"Y'know you didn't need to do that." He muttered.

"For all I know one of these houses could have somebody dying inside! I think I have too!"

"You should've knocked first!"

"SHUT IT!" Night Thrasher yelled as he checked inside the house's front room. "Uh... sorry about that." He said as he noticed a teenager shivering in the corner.

"Sometimes I think you just want to be an asshole." Nova said as he floated to the next house.

"Oh my god. Will you just-!"

"Wait." Nova said as he started to sniff. "Do you smell... burning?"

Night Thrasher froze for a second before knocking on the house's door.

"Hello?! please! Open up!" He yelled.

They waited a second before Night Thrasher kicked the door in.

"You search downstairs! I'll search upstairs!"

Night Thrasher sprinted up the stairs towards where the smoke was coming from. He checked the first room on the right.


"Hello there." A voice said from behind.

Night Thrasher turned slowly to see a man holding a lighter.

"Would you like to meet my family?"

The man had a crazy look in his eyes. However he had a smile on his face. He also had a blood red apron on his stomach. Night Thrasher looked behind him to see the burnt carcass of what looked like a teenaged girl.

"Dwayne?" Nova said as he came up the stairs. "What's wr-"

Night Thrasher screamed in rage as he charged straight towards the man.

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Sorry about the late review. A good continuation of the story with a growing cast of characters.

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@tommythehitman: You forgot the bolding of Goliath's speech bubbles as in previous chapters.