Marvel Mayhem: New Warriors #7

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Stark Tower, 2 Hours after last issue...

"That's it." Tony Stark said as he slammed his hands on the table. "You're no longer in charge of the New Warriors."

Goliath and Night Thrasher sat there in silence as they let Stark's words sink in.

"That last mission was a disaster. Dozens of people died. Half the team was hospitalized! If it wasn't for Nova we could have had ANOTHER Stamford incident!"

Night Thrasher gritted his teeth at those words. He stood up in anger causing Tony Stark to jump back in surprise.

"I will NOT let something like that happen!" Night Thrasher yelled. His hands were shaking as he gripped the edge of his chair.

Goliath frowned.

"Well who do you want to lead the team?" Goliath asked. "If I'm not leading the team... and you're sure as hell not going to ask Night Thrasher... are you joining the team?"

Tony wiped sweat from his forehead as he pressed the intercom button on the table.

"Pepper. You can send her in now." Tony took his finger off the button before staring straight into Goliath's eyes.

"No. I'm too busy at the moment with the Avengers. I've asked a friend of mine to "lead" you."

The door whirred open and a woman walked into the room. Goliath frowned even more. He didn't recognize her. Night Thrasher on the other hand, did.

"Gentleman. I would like to introduce you to the newest leader of the New Warriors..."

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"Mrs Miriam Sharpe."

"Hello." Sharpe said before sneering in disgust. "Night Thrasher."

"Now if you'll excuse me." Stark said as he stood up. "I have a plane crash to invest-"

Night Thrasher fainted on the floor.


The Hood's Apartment...

"I'm very disappointed in you Doll." Parker Robbins said as he stared down at the cowering figure of Mr Doll.

"Please... I... just wanted to-"

"SHUT IT!" Madame Masque yelled as she pulled one of her pistols out and placed it on Mr Doll's head.

"Anyway." Parker continued looking annoyed. "I trusted you with a very important mission. Capture Technovore... and you failed. Which means... you won't be able to join us... and we can't have you snitching on us now... can we?"

Mr Doll shivered as all the other super villains started jeering at Doll.

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"Sorry Doll. Better luck next time." The Hood said.


Hood smiled as he stood up straight. He glanced towards the other super villains in the room and smiled.

"Okay. Pack up people. We're going."


Stamford, Connecticut, May 2nd...

"What are you doing here?" Firestar asked as she sat on the park bench.

"Uh... hi... Star." Justice said awkwardly as he sat down. "Are you... feeling better?"

"No. My arms in a sling! What? Are you blind?"

"I was... trying to be nice?"

"Are you asking me or telling me?"

"...Do you want to go out tomorrow?"


"I know this great little Plaza."


Stark Tower...

"What do you want Prodigy?" Sharpe asked as she sat behind her desk.

"I was wondering if you needed anything Ma'am."

"Like what?" Sharpe asked. Her eyebrows raised in question.


"I'm not going to date you Prodigy. I'm busy enough as it is."

Prodigy sighed as he walked out the door.

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@tommythehitman: Seems a bit odd to have her as team leader, but I guess you will make that work. Love this chapter :)

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@tommythehitman: Ah man looks like both Night Thrasher & Mr Doll got screwed over in this chapter. Can't wait to see who gets brought in next issue...

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@tommythehitman: Same thing, lots of talking no idea who's doing it. Miriam Sharpe? WHO?

And just as I ask about Mr Doll, you blow his head off! :)