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Marvel Mayhem - Jester's 11 #9 Shatterpoint

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After the disastrous conclusion at the Wakandan Embassy the Jester found his gang beginning to plan his fall. With Vapour and Klaw scheming behind his back and 8-Ball threatened to end the Jester for screwing him and his friends over. After that the body count began to rise with Speed Demon running into the mysterious 'Thunderbolt Killer' and Overrider barley escaping an attack from the mutant vampire Emplate, the effort resulting in him entering a coma from which he may never awake.


Jester - About to be deposed

Vapour - Smokescreen

Diamondback - Don't mess with Texas

Volcana - No longer Dormant

Snake Maston - Brokeback and Proud

X-Ray - See Through

Oriole - Riding the Wind

Overrider - Enthralled and Out Cold

8-Ball - Taking a Gamble

Klaw - Sound of Revolution

Hooded Haunt - Spirited

And Introducing…

Dreadknight - Greetings from Latvaria

No Caption Provided

The Jester focused on the golf ball that he had placed in front of a mass spectrometer, the pitted white surface painted yellow with a mocking smiley face as he lined up the shot and gently potted the ball past the cymbal banging monkey and into the fanged hole that was Overrider's hands. With a whoop of success the Jester threw his club up in the air before catching it as the golf ball remerged out of the hole and rolled back towards him, the paint scratched by the courses deadly fangs. "Oh come on." The Jester spat before turning to the golf bag strung across the repaired arm of Brass mounted on the wall. "Okay here's for a birdy." he muttered before smacking the ball so hard that it bounced off the wall and ricocheted towards the main lab entrance just as the door whooshed open, the tiny projectile smashing into Oriole's right eye socket as the goon entered the lab. "Oh well I guess even the pros have problems." The Jester cackled as Oriole's eye regenerated popping the ball out. "I bet even Tiger Woods couldn't make that shot."

"Uh Boss why is Overrider lying in a comatose state on the floor?" Oriole asked as he stepped inside.

"How should I know." The Jester spat, "Maybe he is a prop for an on going crossover event and then again maybe he got attacked by mutant vampires. That's what I heard from Bishop, Rabbit, Joe and the Hitman but as always the Bat, Vine Girl, Gen X Guy and the Shoe disagree. Anyway where is my Bio-Chemist?" He said before removing the head of his club to reveal a concealed spear-gun in the stick's main body.

No Caption Provided

"He's down the hall talking to Diamondback." Oriole replied, "To tell you the truth I was glad I picked him up from the bar when I did. Elongato was their giving everyone the weirdest looks. Creepy man almost as if it was someone else in his skin."

"Whatever now stand still while I try and make this pot." The Jester ordered as he placed the ball down and smacked it so hard with his club that the ball smashed open a beaker of hydrochloric acid placed next to Overrider, "Fore." he yelled as the fumes circled around the comatose mutant. As he pulled out another ball something sharp flew past and cut through the item in his hands before embedding into the wall. Turning the Jester had enough time to register Diamondback's boot heading into his face before he fell to the floor right next to Overrider's hands, the teeth gnashing in anticipation of their first meal.

"What the f~%k do you think your doing?" Diamondback hissed as she slammed her boot down onto the clown like villain's neck. "Speak or I'll let you suffocate."

"Oriole help me." The Jester croaked.

"Sorry boss but Diamondback is too tough for me. And besides I just remembered Snake wanted me to rub tanning lotion onto his back which while disturbing is twenty time better then were you are."

"Grr winged vermin." The Jester coughed, "Okay I'll tell you, Overrider and I were just playing golf to see who joins the US Ryder Cup team. I won and he got grouchy before evolving into the monstrosity you see before you. Argh," He moaned as Diamondback applied more pressure with her boot, "I found him like this and decided to use him as a joke, but I swear the creepy mouths are not anything to do with me."

No Caption Provided

"Good but not good enough." Diamondback told him before removing a trick diamond, "This crystal contains a solution of rattlesnake venom. I don't use it very often but for you I will make an exception since you really p!$s me off."

"Hold your venom." A commanding voice announced from behind causing the pair of the villains to look up and see the imposing man, his face hidden behind a winged helmet, a blade and telescopic lance mounted on his belt, the strap running between the armoured plates of his costume. "The merry fellow is not worth a lady's wrath." He added, "But if it is his destruction you seek my blade can easily do the job."

"Go ahead." The Jester croaked, "But remember if you kill me you don't get paid and besides I hired you to heal the poor sod."

"I don't believe you." Diamondback snarled, "You did this and as for hiring the Dreadknight, we all know it relates to the big plan that you have kept hidden from the people you're meant to be working with."

No Caption Provided

"You speak the truth lady, the fool hired me to create a feedback device that would cause the body to enter a reaction that terminated…" He looked down to see the Jester put his hand over his lips and whisper. "Spoilers." The Dreadknight narrowed his eyes before looking at Overrider's palms and sighing. "I have seen this before back in Latvaria over a decade ago, it spread through the mutant community like a plague resulting in a violent coup by a warrior scientist known as Victor Von Doom. I know this because I was briefly his lieutenant before seeing that the atrocities he committed were as disturbing and vile as any disease."

"Well Doc can you cure it?" The Jester asker as Diamondback got off of his neck. "Because if you can't then you have work to do."

"Such an ailment is not cured by human science but it can be lessened, remove the feral hunger and restore the subject's intelligence. Awakening his mind would be the first step so I can determine what stage of the affliction he is in. The first 'Savant' stage causes mere scaring without loss of will and intelligence. However if he is in the second or even the third the 'Feral' and 'Emplate' phases then a quick dispatching is the only thing we can do for him."

"If it comes to it either Geoff or I will do it." Diamondback said coldly, "Thank you for your help Bram."

"I understand your pain, my wife was taken by such a creature, if you need aid just ask me." The Dreadknight answered as Diamondback left the lab. Turning he saw the Jester holding the spear gun at his head.

"Now listen here Sir. Mixalot finish my feedback device first or I tell Doom where you are hiding. I can't imagine what he does to defectors but I'm guessing it's graphic." The Jester threatened, "When you have finished then you can play doctor."

"I stick to my own schedule Jester and your blackmail doesn't scare me. My time on the run from Lord Doom is numbered anyway, my oblivion would be a sweet reward compared to a life that's already over." Dreadknight told him before pushing the spear gun away. "Now excuse me I have work to do." he added as he placed Overrider on the table and removed a torch. Shrugging the Jester left muttering under his breath, "It's no fun if you don't react."


No Caption Provided

Vapour sent tendrils of gas into the safe feeling around for some sign of the hinges before wrapping fingers of pure oxygen around the latches, the metal rusting so quickly that the front didn't make a sound as it dropped off of the wall, the door fragmenting into flakes of rust as it struck the wooden boards. Withdrawing she watched as Klaw sent a pulse of sound into the vault before reaching in and picking up a notebook decorated with yellow smiley faces labelled 'Not So Evil Schemes', flicking it open to the first page and the crudely drawn pictures of New York City.

"Okay so how do we find out what he's planning?" Vapour asked, "All this shows is that the degree he has from the Rhode Island College of Design was bought off of the internet."

"Wait." Klaw ordered her as he flipped the pages through a robbery, a meeting with a man in a trench coat and then a lab where an amplifier was constructed by a cartoon French man before terminating on another picture of New York almost identical to the first except with one difference.

No Caption Provided

"You have got to be kidding me?" Vapour spat, "That's what he's planning. This whole bloody thing is a joke."

"Hmmm his scheme has potential if modified." Klaw announced, "The right level of radiation can turn his device into an earthquake generator, one strong enough to level any building over two stories tall in an area the size of the island of Manhattan. With more Vibranium we could hold the one hundred richest cities to ransom after a demonstration of course."

"Wait he won't let that happen." Vapour said sadly, "And despite his behaviour he is a strong and canny fighter."

"Ah but we have a building full of people who hate him." Klaw announced, "And in a few seconds they will have all the motivation they need to kill the clown and hand control of his goons to us."


No Caption Provided

Whistling the latest Katie Perry song the Jester was happy in the knowledge that his plan was close to fruition. He was so happy that he didn't notice that he had wondered into the mess hall and that everyone inside immediately locked onto him, their eyes filled with anger and hate.

"You hired us to do a job." 8-Ball said breaking the silence, "A professional job you said, not a prank that would turn New York into a giant whoopee cushion with the ability to cause explosive flatulence in people."

The Jester gulped before turning to lock eyes on 8-Ball before realising that his whole crew save Overrider and the Dreadknight were in the room. "Who told you?" he said before pointing a finger at the speaker.

No Caption Provided

"I did your plan is a child's folly." Klaw hissed, "But one that I have fixed for a more lucrative business. Now we come to the matter of what to do with you?"

"I say let him go and maybe go to get a burger and laugh at the giant man frog that has been spotted in the city recently." The Jester suggested.

"I have a better idea." Vapour purred, "Start running Jordy you have five minutes to get a head start." The Jester looked at her for twenty seconds before realising she was serious and scarpering off. Vapour smiled to the group, "An extra two million to whoever kills him from the ransom." Her proposal was met with excited murmurs and whoops of approval before 8-Ball got to his feet, "Lady if you had asked we would have done it for free."

"Good to know." Vapour replied as the villains gathered up their assorted weapons. "Now happy hunting."

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Really good story! I take it Jester is out of his mind? Makes sense since he seems to know me.

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@tommythehitman: The forum bit is a thank you to everyone who reads my stuff. So Thank You. :-)

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That is a nice tip of the hat

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@richgenx: Hat? But Emplate doesn't wear a hat. :-)

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So I can officially say that I'm a character? Lol, pretty cool. :)

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@cbishop: Yeah I just wanted to say thank you for the reviews. Sadly Jester's 11 is coming to an end. Hopefully people have enjoyed reading as much as I have writing it. Plus how often do any of the villains used get to be the big stars of a fan-fiction let alone an actual comic?

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@cbishop: Badly for some, worse for others. Originally it was only going to roll for six issues but that much madness can't be contained hence the eleven part series.

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@cbishop: I know. I just fear for their safety after I finish. They will be Scourge targets by the end of the week once issue 11 is finished. :'(

That said my favourites are in Avengers #2 and 3 (when it comes out) So hopefully they are safe.

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@impurestcheese: Oh! That was something else I liked, btw: the referece to Frog-Man and jatoe48er's CCC 13 entry. :)

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@cbishop: It's also a Scourge reference. Man it's got so many 'not so hidden meanings'. :-)

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@impurestcheese: Yep, caught that too. I had to figure out that it was Scourge, when I first read it.

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@cbishop: Do you think I should tell jatoe48er to check it out?

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@impurestcheese: awesome job man. Sorry it has taken so long to get to it. Loved the Frog man refs , and the nod to the MM writers, very cool. Only 3 more to go but at least I'll have your Avengers to read once done. Excelsior !!

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@jatoe48er: Thunderbolts as well. At current I'm passively waging war on the West Coast Avengers. Sooner or later Tommy the Hitman will notice. Seattle ain't big enough for both teams and soon both the WCA and T-Bolts will realize that.

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LOL!!! Thanks for referencing me in your story!!! So, it looks like the hunt is one for Jester! I wonder how this will turn out!

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@rabbitearsblog: Well cool.

Oh and everyone go and check out Avengers #3. Yes it feels like I'm being pushy but it also seems like if I just leave it with links on the library, group page etc that everyone ignores it.

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