Marvel Mayhem: Avengers Academy #6

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Avengers Infinite Mansion

“It looks like you have gotten yourself into some deep sh*t here, the question is, why did you bring me here?” Damion Hellstorm asked Pietro as they recovered the scattered bodies from the around the mansion.

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Quicksilver paused from moving Speedball’s dead body and looked at Damion, “I need you to revive them.”

Hellstorm laughed, “How do you expect me to do this. Firstly, I have to see if they are even in Hell, then I must perform a whole ritual for each one of them. I have a dimension to keep up with here.”

“Please, I’ll even offer my limited magical knowledge if it will help. I need this Damion.” Quicksilver pleaded.

Damion sighed, “You know enough to realize that it is damn near impossible for me to do a thing in this dimension, we will travel to hell, find them, and perform the Extraction Ritual.”

“That means revival right?” Quicksilver asked.

“Possibly, it depends on the spirit. For some it could mean full life revival, while some might come back as ghosts simply. If you are a truly evil soul, the less likely it will be that you can come back. If you have done wrong under influence or something else of the sort, the extraction should be simple.” Hellstorm told him as he summoned his golden trident in his hand. “Recover the bodies and bring them here. Bring the Academy also.”

Quicksilver uneasily replied, “The only one left is Veil.”

“Not Avengers Academy, the Academy.” Hellstorm said as he hit his trident against the ground and turned into ash.

2 Hours Later

Quicksilver and Veil walked into the Infinite Mansion with 3 others behind them, a young Asian man in a wheelchair, an overweight teenager, and a young boy in dirty mechanic style clothes with a wrench in his hand.

Quicksilver stopped as Veil was obviously angry at him, “Come on Maddie, it was before we were even aware of the things that Osborn put you through and your true stories.”

Veil turned around at him, “I don’t care if it was before or after the fact, the problem is that even after we were entered into the Academy you saved their f*cking numbers! You had people to be able to take us out before we even did anything! So before I do actually go rogue, I suggest that you stop talking to me and let me resurrect my teammates.” Veil commanded before she turned around and sat on the couch.

Quicksilver sighed and looked back at the young men, “Look, I’m sorry to bring you all here under such hectic circumstances, but times are tough and we need tough people. Now, as a first act of business, we need to resurrect some of our fallen teammates, everything will be better explained when that is done.”

Quicksilver walked up to the dead bodies, “Damion, we’re ready.”

Suddenly, the floor of the room disappeared while everyone and everything in the room fell onto a rocky warm surface. Waterfalls of lava and massive volcanoes filled the demonic place, “Welcome to Hell!” Hellstorm said as he threw his hands into the air.

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Damion looked at Quicksilver, “Look, I should have told you this before I brought you here, but despite the power I have in this realm, I can only bring back 3 of your friends.”

Pietro ferociously punched Hellstorm in the face, although he didn’t feel a thing, “Why the hell didn’t you tell us this before! F**king son of a b!tch! I’m gonna’ kill you!” As Quicksilver started to attack him again, Hellstorm waved his hand and he froze.

“Enough of that, I wasn’t aware unfortunately. A father created a pact with the Angels that if we won’t bring back more than three souls a year if they won’t try to interfere with our…work.” He waved his hand over him again and Quicksilver came out of the frozen state. “Now, which 3 would you like?”

Veil looked at Quicksilver and told him to get her immediately, he walked over to her, “So, who are we bringing back?”

Veil rubbed her head, “Well, let’s go through the options. Pym of course, he might be able to bring them back himself and a he has a sh*t ton of other responsibilities in other places to account for. Tigra, she is strong, but in crisis like this we need powerhouses, and she isn’t one. Justice, we need him, he’s the diplomat and the most powerful one on the team by far, no offense. Reptil, is the leader, but he was the cause of all this technically. Finesse is smart, but we have brains covered with Pym. Mettle died fighting Quake, but so did the Avengers. The only ones left are Hazmat or Speedball, I’m not sure who to pick, you?”

Quicksilver thought hard about it, “I don’t know, they are both extremely special people, but despite my friendship with Rob, Hazmat has so much potential to be the most powerful Avenger of all time, greater than Thor, Hulk, even above the likes of Strange and Sentry at her full power. Not to mention that Robbie has already redeemed himself, Hazmat still has a lot more work to do.”

Veil looked at him, “So that’s it? Hank, Justice, and Hazmat are the ones we are saving.”

Quicksilver turned around to Hellstorm, “We have chosen.”

“And that is?” Hellstorm asked.

“Hank Pym, Vance Astrovik, and Jennifer Takada.” Quicksilver replied.

Hellstorm nodded his head, suddenly the bodies of the three rose and stood up, he walked up to the body of Hank, “Alright, go and retrieve some souls.

Hank Pym’s Hell

Hank stood in a dark room completely made of metal, a desk was in front of him with his Ant Man suit on it, it appeared as it did on Hank’s physical dead body, he silently muttered to himself, “I let you down, I let you down, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I let you down, I let you down…” He stared directly at the wall in front of him, seemingly blanked out.

Veil tapped on his shoulder hesitantly, “Ha-Ha-Hank, we are here to save you. You have to come with us okay?”

Hank looked back at her, “I let you down, I let you down, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I let you down, I let yo-“ Veil covered his mouth and whispered into his ear.

“I need you Hank…I- I can’t live like this, I need you to fix me Hank. Call me selfish, but I can feel it inside of me, my body disintegrating, me becoming in less control. Please Hank, escape.”

Hank gasped as his life returned to him, “Oh my god, what the hell is happening. Where am I?!”

Veil hugged him, but it was interrupted by them all being transported somewhere else.

Justice’s Hell

Everyone looked through a window as a young Vance and his father argued, none of them could move and were forced to watch the event unfold.

Vance was crying as he yelled at his father, “It’s not my fault I’m special! It’s something in my DNA and I can’t help it, why are you mad at me in a time like this, I need support from my family, not hate!”

His father slapped Vance across the face, “Don’t you address me as a part of your family! I want nothing to do with you freak! Go live somewhere else because I’m not putting up with a weird disgusting people in my house!”

Vance prepared to go upstairs to pack his bags, but he said one last thing, “How about you do me a favor and GO TO HELL!” He shouted as a large telekinetic blast shot through the air, going straight through any furniture in the way and hitting his father in the side of his head, almost instantly killing him.

Justice ran downstairs and held his dying father, “Dad, dad I’m sorry! I’m so sorry I didn’t mean to I’m sorry! It was an accident!”

His father said a few words before taking his final breath “Get your hands off of me, mutie.”

The Academy and Avengers were now able to move and ran into the house, Quicksilver pulled Justice away from his father and looked him in the eye, “Look, this isn’t your fault. He made you do it, I’m a mutant too and I’ve seen my share of a**holes in my time, but I have to say that he…he made me sick, and that is the god honest truth. Don’t think that you could have handled it some other way because honestly, by the time he called me a freak, I would have strangled him. Now come on, let’s get out of here.” He walked Justice out of the house and just as it did with Hank, Justice breathed in deeply and became alive again, questioning where he was just as Hank did.

For one last time, the team was transported again.

Avengers Infinite Mansion

Hellstorm appeared on the couch of the mansion with the bodies next to the coffe table, “Hey, before you enter her hell, I thought you all should know that only one of you can go into her hell.”

Quicksilver raised his eyebrow, “That is because?”

Hellstorm hopped up from the couch, “Well, to put it simply it is because she is truly evil, she doesn’t even mind being here for god sake. She is awaiting you all, she is under extra protection so that she doesn’t just leave her hell and become a soul without a body. I’d suggest sending a fighter, because she is pretty mentally unstable in there.”

Quicksilver gave Hellstorm the question look again, he understood what he was asking, “Her hell is from back when Osborn was torturing her, and so she is pretty crazy and will kill everything in her way.”

Veil quickly offered to go, “She is my friend and she doesn’t know a majority of you, hates the rest.”

Hellstorm put his hand on her shoulder, “Let’s go!”

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