Marvel Mayhem: Astonishing X-Force #4

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All characters are property of Marvel including Dr Kirby Martell.

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This is a bit of a throw back. This takes place at the end of the first Howard story arc "A time paraducks" and obviously picks up where Joygirl left off AXF. It also takes place before the events of Tales from the Raft. There is a reason it starts where it does. You'll see why in a few issues.

S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier, New York:

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Dr. Kirby Martell sighed as she heard her name being called. Of all the robotic technicians on the flying brick that was the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier, she was the one that got called most. "What is it now?" she asked Agent Coulson, who had fallen into step beside her. "Another Iron Man villain suit gone rogue?"

"Not since the last incident. We remove anything that looks like a power core now." Coulson replied with a wry smile. "This one is strange, even for us.It was called in by a former A.R.M.O.R. operative. Truth be told, this could technically fall under their jurisdiction of operation."

"So why aren't they handling it?" She asked as they passed through the holding area. Before he replied something in one of the holding rooms slammed into the reinforced door of its cell, causing a huge dent. mark.

"Damaging government property will add to your sentence Mr Rhino." Coulson called calmly through the door to the raging monster. Kirby didn't think she would ever get used to working for S.H.I.E.L.D. Coulson on the other hand seemed bred for this job.

'Or grown' The thought made her smile till she remembered it wasn't exactly an impossibility.

"A.R.M.O.R. is dealing with more pressing matters. They asked Director Hill to handle this as a favor."

"And Director Hill wanted me..."

"Mud flows downhill Dr. Martell." Coulson replied as they entered the level three holding area. "Here's your entertainment for the night." he pulled a cover sheet off the half crushed body of Dr. Bong. "According to our witness, this is a case of a chronological anomaly."

"Why's he wearing a bell for a helmet?" She asked. She had seen some absurd costumes, but this one took the cake.

"Its designed to imitate in action and appearance a lessor known villain called Doctor Bong."

"Never heard of him." Kirby replied.

"You wouldn't have. He's considered a Delta level threat. So he serves at Rykers Island when he's caught. But if he someday gets time travel technology..." He let it hang in the air.

"Right. I'll get right on him, er, it." She replied.

* * *

The Nightengale, heading towards Portland, OR.

"Almost there team." Domino said over the intercom. "Might hit a little turbulence." She added as an after thought. Venom's claws gripped his hand rests a little harder, the only sign of anxiety he would allow themself.

"I want to make a Rocket Man joke, but I'm afraid Emo Spider-Man there will snap and eat my face." Deadpool grumbled.

Not if he got a good look at it first. Yellow Box interjected

Oh snap!

"I resent that. Emo's give vampires a bad name." Jubilee called back from the seat in front of Venom.

"Dude, we've been over this back in issue 2. You're my straight man. I do the jokes." Deadpool replied. "Know who was a great straight man?" he continued without waiting for a reply, content with the sound of his own voice. "Old Frankie. I don't think he's cracked a smile like, ever."

Talk about emo.

Thank goodness this is a filler issue, cause the jokes are kinda weak.

"Do not compare us to Spider-Man and his antics." Venom hissed. "Our methods are better then his. We remove crime, rather then giving it to the police to babysit."

The Dark Beast listened to the conversation quietly, making mental notes based off their interactions. Wade could be directed, if not controlled. Jubilee was accustomed to a team environment, and Domino was a soldier. If any of them was going to endanger the mission, it would be Brock. Domino had her private orders, in the event of the unfortunate.

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@wildvine: He he so great to see this back. The X-Force are like squabbling children it's endearing 'in a oh my god they'll likely kill me' kind of way. And we know that it goes bad I can imagine we'll find out how bad very soon

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Nice comparison. Also had to clear up the Bong thing before you sent him to the list of the unliving, from which there is no return. : P

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@wildvine: Unless your Kraven or Steeplejack :-) LOL. So the real Bong is still out there intresting

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I can't wait to see how you handle Jubilee's departure.

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@wildvine: I haven't read the other issues but I still enjoyed this. XD

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Awesome chapter! Glad to see the X-Force back!!!