Marvel Mashed Up Origins: Hydro Man

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Attuma bobbed on the waves as he watched the humans on the deck of the warship.

-U.S.S Bulldog- Attuma read but it meant nothing to him as a large metal device was lowered off the side and into the water. It looked similar to a salt purifier his people used on the ocean floor. He sank beneath the water and swam silently towards it.

"Easy!" yelled Dr Kirchner, the head of the Wave Prototype Power Generator Project. It didn't have a fancy meaningful acronym, but he didn't mind. This generator he'd designed could potentially the navy's reliance on fossil and nuclear fuels. "Keep it level!"

"My men do this for a living, doctor." Admiral Whitmore said. "Standard unload into deep water."

"It's not a depth charge, Admiral," Kirchner replied. "It..."

"In know what it is! We're footing the bill for your little experiment." Whitmore retorted. Suddenly there was a metallic twang-snap and a cable lashed the deck caused the generator to dangle dangerously. A klaxon sounded and sailors scrambled.

"For a living," Kirchner seethed as his life's work swung like a pendulum; electrical cords writhing across the deck amongst the chaos. Another cable snapped and the generator plunged into the water. A flash-zap as the live electrical hit the waves near blinded everyone and soon it was silent save for the bubbles of the generator as it sank to the ocean floor.


Attuma stood before Lady Dorma, ruler of Atlantis, a smirk on his lips.

"I grant you an audience, Attuma, speak your mind," she said knowing she wouldn't heed nor listen to anything the traitorous warlord had to say.

"I have come for your unconditional surrender, your hand in marriage and the throne" Attuma said.

"For every knot we graciously give you, you take a fathom!" Dorma snapped. "GUARDS! Seize him!"

"You can't seize the ocean!" Attuma said as he vanished before their eyes.

"Sorcery!" Dorma gasped.

"Perhaps," Attuma snarled as he appeared behind her, hands around her throat. "But I am now the ocean and the ocean is me!" He thrust his hand out and a jet of high pressure threw the advancing guards off heir feet. "You will surrender or you shall die, Dorma. And with my new powers we shall conquer the surface world!"

(Notes: Attuma + Hydro Man. Could tie into the Namor/Winter Soldier previously written)

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@batkevin74: An interesting idea. Attuma would be a real pain in the arse with water powers. :)