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Wasp 2.0 sat in a chair, tied up with those despicable power deducting ropes. She knelt her head as she cried, “I’m a failure. I killed Kendra under my lead. Devil Slayer too. Matthew is most likely going through hell if he’s alive. Everyone who comes near me dies.”

Wasp heard the door open behind her, sunlight lit the room up.

Kate walked up to her, “Everything is going to be fine. Take this.” She threw her a mini laser.

Wasp looked at Kate, “What the hell are you talking about.”

Kate looked around her, “Kendra has mentally incapacitated Arick, but it will only last a few more minuets, we need to escape. Now. I’m going to get Scott, after that, we should be in the clear too-” An dark energy arrow flew through Kate’s head, luckily, she regenerated.

Alfred emerged from the darkness, “Double agent for The Black Cat, huh? Never suspected her to be that clever. I guess I was mistaken.”

Wasp gasped, “A..a double agent. Well I’ll be damned.”

Kate tilted her head towards Wasp, “Uhh, the ropes.”

Wasp quickly cut her ropes open. Alfred tried to stop her, but Kate kept him on his toes.

Alfred created an army of spikes, but before he could throw them at him, a dagger flew past his head.

Ventress ran towards him, using her sword to slash at him until his cane was destroyed, his powers were useless without it, as it was the only thing keeping his powers under control.

Kate introduced Wasp to Ventress, “Wasp, this is Ventress. Our deep undercover operative that was infiltrating the 5 Greats and Stryfe.”

Wasp nodded her head towards Ventress.

They all went along the various dungeon cells until they found Scott.

Scott directed them to where Black Cat said she’d be guarding their armor.

When they got there, Black Cat handed them their suits and gear, as she tele-communicated with Kendra, “Kendra, have you secured Matthew?”

Kendra’s voice was very faded and you could hear her fending off Sara, Antony, and Cynthia. “Not yet, they’re ganging up on me.”

Wasp’s eyes shot towards Black Cat, “Matthew. He’s alive?”

Black Cat started to walk towards the elevator, “For now, but we have to go.”

Wasp stopped Black Cat before she could press the button, “That’ll take us too long.”

Black Cat stopped, “Any better ideas?”

Wasp grinned, “I’ve been working on this technique for years, focusing on using the part of me inside the exosuit to my advantage.” She pressed a button and her exosuit disappeared, she became a dark energy like state that was hard to even see.

Wasp span herself around, engulfing the others in her energy, and she phased upward, straight through the floors and roofs that stood in the way until she saw the Kendra and the others battling. She reversed her original spin and everyone stood in there original placement.

Everyone in the room stopped, looking towards her.

Sara looked at her, “Unbelievable.”

Wasp slowly walked towards her, “You haven’t seen the half of it.”

Wasp kicked across the face. Cynthia tried to attack her from behind, but was put down by Kate.

Antony surrendered, but looked at Kate, “Babe…”

Kate gave him an air kiss.

Wasp stood over Matthew, “What’s wrong with him, is he dead?”

Ventress walked over to him and pulled out a tazer, she turned the voltage down to it’s lowest level, “Nope.” She shocked him.

Wasp created energy in her hands, “WHAT THE HELL!”

Ventress laughed, “Look.”

Matthew started to lift up in his seat, “Wa-wasp?”

Wasp started to cry, “MATTY!” She tried to hug him, but she phased right through him. “Dammit, my exosuit is still downstairs.”

Wasp started to go back, but Matthew offered to instead.

Wasp smiled, “14th floor.” Expecting him to be joking.

Matthew stood up and purple rings surrounded him, he jumped and all floors that stood in his way crumbled until he was downstairs

He picked up her exosuit, electricity sprung from his hand, making him levitate up.

When he arrived back upstairs, everyone looked at him in awe.

Matthew handed wasp her exosuit, as she put it on she asked him how, in which he replied with, “Lets talk about it on the way home.”

Black Cat stepped up, “Regarding home, here.” She handed them each a card.

Matthew looked excited, “We’re Defenders! Awesome.”

Scott grinned in his helmet, “Welcome Agent Wasp, Agent Marquez.”

Wasp walked towards Kendra, who was oddly silent, “What’s wrong.”

Kendra looked up, her face alone expressed her fear, “Arick has the rings, we have to stop him.”

“Rings?” Wasp was extremely confused.

Black Cat stepped in, “We’ll talk about it when we go back to HQ.” She pressed a button on her wrist watch and turned the time to 6:00. Each of them were gone in an instant.

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I've seen this and would love to give you feedback but I haven't read the previous stories and I didn't understand it. Can you send me what to read before this please?

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@Mediumflyer7 said:

I've seen this and would love to give you feedback but I haven't read the previous stories and I didn't understand it. Can you send me what to read before this please?

I for some reason couldn't find them all, but here is a little recap of everything.

Hundreds of years ago, shortly after Stryfe killed/defeated the heroes of earth (And pretty much encolsed it from the rest of the galaxy), Hank Pym created a Wasp clone to potentially bring his wife, Wasp, back in a new body.

Unfortunately, it was a failed attempt, as the clone did not keep Janet's memories, personality, etc. Minuets after she is successfully created, their base (Black Goliath is also apart of the project, and there when she is created) Hank and Bill's hideout is overrun with Iron Soldiers, Hank is killed by Stryfe and Bill is overrun by Iron Soldiers.

In order to escape Stryfe, she went into a box and stayed in there for hundreds of years, luckily, Stryfe takes the box, allowing Wasp to gains years worth intel. She eventually escapes this box.

In our current timeline, Stryfe still rains Supreme, and Wasp has settled down with a the powerless and caring Matthew, he evens goes far enough to give her the name Ariel Marquez to make her feel human.

One day a mysterious young woman who can manipulate plants attacked them, and they decide to leave their current hideout.

While Wasp is searching in the sky for new places, a man named Arick confronts her and tells her that the woman who attacked there home was his sister, Sue.

He provokes Wasp into going this timelines Defenders, she moves in with them and meets the rest of the Defenders.

  • Alfred - Aricks right hand man, he is a womanizer and tries to hit on Wasp at first glance. He is able to control darkness, which is revealed to be controlled by his cane.
  • Cynthia - She is able to control her density and regenerate.
  • Kate - The ex-girlfriend of Anthony. She is able to regenerate.
  • Anthony - Boyfriend of Kate.

Wasp later finds out that Arick is secretly working with Stryfe to kill her, when she goes to find Matthew, he is gone, and she is suddenly blinded with darkness.

When she regains her vision, she is on The Victorian, The Defender's hovering ship.

Since this is getting up to current events, I'll just state the most important events.

  • Kendra arrives from the future, she claims to be Wasp's grandaughter, even though Wasp cannot reproduce. She has most of Wasp's abilities so far, with telekenisis and telepathy as an add on.
  • The real Defenders (Black Cat, Scott Lang, and Devil Slayer) arrive, they inform Wasp that Arick and his friends are ex Defenders, and formed there own group called The Offenders.
  • The Offenders defeat the Defenders in combat, Kendra is shot in the head and presumably killed by Arick. Black Cat makes it out to go look for who she calls "The greatest warrior" named Ventress.
  • Ventress is introduced, she is meeting with Stryfe, who gives her a mission to defeat her master aka The Five Greats.
  • Anastasia - Master of Weaponry
  • Kirk - Master of Strength (Killed by Ventress)
  • Marco - Master of Speed and Agility
  • John - Master of Stealth
  • Arick - Master of Deception
  • Matthew is revealed to be alive and tested on by Sue, he is barely breathing. Later in the story, he revealed to be given superpowers by Arick.
  • Arick is mentally incapacitated by Kendra in the last issue.

And that is where this issue continues.

That took a while..

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@YoungJustice: Its been 200 years since Stryfe took control, just so you know. Also good chapter

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@joshmightbe said:

@YoungJustice: Its been 200 years since Stryfe took control, just so you know. Also good chapter

I see, edited post.