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The tac-sphere came down at me, guns blazing. I shifted and the bullets passed straight through me, never done that before! The tac-sphere stopped and hovered, the mechanical gears and A.I robotics calculating what to do. I focused on my knife and was about to throw it when an old window washer rigging swung in from the left and attempted to squash the tac-sphere. The angry ball opened fire on it but in doing so turned its back on me

I threw both of my knives that easily penetrated the sphere’s armour causing it to spark. The tac-sphere turned its attention back to me when a red club flew over and jammed into its side jet thruster. If it was a person it probably would’ve yelled in disbelief! I cupped my hands and decided to end this. In my palms I summoned up some thunder like my sister Lori did, just not as big and hurled it at the sphere. It exploded in a bright shower of circuitry and sound

I turned to my “helper” to see a man dressed, well dressed like a red devil in leather & spandex, hanging from the fifth floor. He gave a wave and leapt off into the night. He seemed...cute. I retrieved my ancestor’s weapons. Best make myself scarce. I’ve done a good deed, broken one of the Iron Army’s toys and seemingly made an acquaintance, not bad for a boy fresh off the reservation.

I ducked down an alleyway to be confronted with a horrid scene. Two men dead in the alley. One had been stabbed in the spine, his jaw possibly broken. The other hanging from a fire escape, his throat slashed like he was an animal carcass. I heard New York was a rough place but this was... This was wrong! I could feel an energy, I didn’t understand. My hands went hot and as I rubbed them together a purple smoke flowed from my hands and formed the face of a Devil! My helper had killed them!?!

What kind of person can help a stranger but gut two people? What kind of person was I who found this killer cute? I wanted to hunt him down and...and what? Turn him in to the authorities...I felt powerless but this situation needed addressing. I could hear more sirens. If I hung around I’d probably have a situation beyond what I could do which was becoming more. Phasing, thunder, purple hand smoke. What else could I do?


I awoke as the sun hit my hide on top of Bloomberg Tower. I tucked into some rations and looked down on the city with its intricate criss-crossing of bridges and causeways. At 5am this ugly city looked kinda nice.

My dreams had been weird: A sea of fruit with the ring floating in the middle, surrounded by a wall of invisible iron...see weird, invisible iron. Then I sat in a boat with four men who I didn’t know but we were friends. One was a black man with a large stick who wore a helmet of bones. The other, a white man with a question mark for a face, a moustache and a cape. The other was a boy, lanky and had black multisectional eyes like a fly and hairy legs. The last guy was blue and continual shot himself in the head saying “It’s okay”

I scanned the horizon looking for...well an obvious clue or sign. I had no real idea what I was doing or where to look. I packed up my gear and headed into the city

Can’t believe that guy was cute, yuck!

(This is the reason there's dead guys in the alley: http://www.comicvine.com/forums/fan-fic/8/marvel-iron-age-daredevil/650613/#10

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Awesome job!

What exactly can Warstar do? Like what are his powers? Like a mystical spirit thing? Reminds me of Nightwolf from MK. Great job!

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Warstar is well, a bit of a secret at the moment :)

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Well done!