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Marvel Iron Age: The Wakandan Expedition # 6

Rated MA for violence (the gruesome kind)

Silver Sable & Agent Piotr Schmidt:

“That bitch has gone insane!” Leann shouted as the ground beneath her trembled and a terrible roar ripped throughout the land.

Piotr and Leann darted toward the temple. Their mission not yet complete, something was at that temple and they would find out. They were separated from the rest of their team. Master Izo and the Swordsman nowhere to be seen, the shield agents accompanying them were missing or dead. Montrinique Hale unleashed a fire storm on, Wakanda! Using her power over fire to attack the living country and burn everything around her.

“We’ve just gotta keep moving!” Piotr shouted back. A pillar of fire shot high into the night sky, heat rushed in every direction, fires erupted all over the jungle. The temple was in sight, if only they could make it there.

Swordsman & Master Izo:

Master Izo and the Swordsman were in a fight for their lives. Surrounded by black panthers, they fought their way through the jungle while in search for their team mates. “How many left?” Izo asked, knocking a panther out with a spinning kick.

“Would it matter?” The Swordsman replied as he cleaved a panther’s head in half. They were surrounded by the panther creature created by Wakanda itself. A never ending wave of the creatures swarmed them. The synthezoid glanced at the sky, a pillar of flame shot into the air and the heat around the par intensified. “We need to move now!”

The Swordsman ran to Izo and scooped him up with one arm and ran toward the temple. The panther creatures were in pursuit, the synthezoid’s head reading spiked. Balls of flame slammed into the ground around him, taking out several of the panther creatures. “What’s happening? Why is it getting so hot?” Asked the blind master Izo.

Swordsman dodged several fiery blasts before he answered, “I think the aggravating human, Halestrom has succumbed to an acute insanity. She’ll kill us if this country won’t first.”


“I’ll starking burn you all!” Montrinque Hale had surrounded herself with her spinning pillar of flame. She shot fire in every direction, using her power over fire and heat to its fullest. Spreading the flames to as much area as she could, and reveling in the fact her fires hurt the living country.

Wakanda screamed! The ground twisted and trembled under her. “I’LL TURN THIS ENTIRE COUNTRY INTO GLASS!!” A fear crazed Halstrom screamed with flame shooting up from her eyes and hands.

The ground swarmed under her feet, spikes shot from underneath and dug through her feet and into her kneecaps. The spikes expanded, taking the lower portion of her legs off. “Argh!” She fell to the ground face first, her display of power ended. She was surrounded by her own flames and alone.

“Damn this starking country.” She gasped as she rolled onto her back. She looked down to the bloody nubs of her legs. She bled profusely and gasp for air as the heat sucked away the oxygen. She looked up, the ground trembled. Her arms seeped into the jungle floor; her head and neck were restrained as well.

A single panther creature stood above her. “Go ahead!” She yelled, sneering at the panther. “I don’t even starking care! Come on!” The creature massive clawed hand slammed down like a sledgehammer. Its claws dug through her mouth, into the back over her throat and with a violent tug the panther creature jerked her head away from the body.

Master Izo & Swordsman:

The pillar of flame was gone and the firebombing had ceased. Swordsman was carrying Izo under one arm to the temple. According to his readings, Silver Sable and Piotr Scmidt were at the temple mount. He had to hurry. He ran full speed for the temple, passing burning trees in a blur. “Kinda glad I don’t have to see this.” Izo said to himself.

“Just hang—“Swordsman was interrupted by the ground shaking and a wall of earth shooting in his path. “Ah!” He fell to the ground, dragging him and Izo through the dirt. Swordsman rolled away further, Izo fell out of his arm. With sword in hand he rose to his feet and scanned the area.

“Hel—!” A voice belonging to Izo screamed before getting cut off.

A strange energy spiked around him. Black Panther creatures rose from the earth. The Swordsman prepared himself. He charged the group in front of him, decapitating several in front of him. A panther behind him jumped at him, without looking he thrust a kick that forced it through a tree. He jumped in the air several panthers followed. He stabbed on in the chest while two others tackled him back to the ground.

He elbowed one creature off while another slashed him across his lower back. A white liquid spurted from the wound. He rolled out of the way, but the panthers kept coming. He hopped to his feet and readied in an offensive stance. He charged forward, but the ground shot up and entangled one of his legs and swiftly swept the limb off. Swordsman slipped to one knee.

The panthers grouped together and melded together, forming a massive twenty foot tall panther monster. The Swordsman didn’t move, waiting for the beast’s next move. “Do your worst.”

The creature roared and leaped at the Swordsman. He did the same, jumping with his good leg he flew above the creature and slashed through one of its eyes. A black liquid seeped from the socket. Unhurt the panther whipped around and turned a clawed and on the synthezoid. Its fingers outstretched like whips at the Swordsman who had not landed from his attack.

“No!” The Swordsman yelled. The tendrils tore into his torso faster than he could dodge and he crashed hard onto the jungle floor. The Swordsman was unable to move, his body was tangled by the creature’s tendrils and he could not break free.

The synthezoid did however have a small bit of movement in his arms. He looked down at his sword and at the creature. Its eyes were colorless and bore its savage fangs on the sythezoid. Creeping closer to the synthetic man, the Swordsman said, “You will not kill me.” With all of his strength the Swordsman raised his blade, looking defiantly at the panther he sank his sword into his chest and tore it downward through his torso.

The Swordsman fell to his side, white liquid pooled around him. Before he lost consciousness he noticed the creature was gone and that the ground around him was enveloping him. The synthezoid closed his eyes and ceased functionality. Wakanda had taken him.

Silver Sable & Agent Piotr Schmidt:

When Silver Sable and Piotr Schmidt agent of Shield got to the temple mount they were met with overwhelming force. The panther creatures were waiting for them and fiercely charged at the par. With nowhere to run they fought. “I’m so sick of these things!” Piotr grunted kneeing one of the panthers in the stomach.

Silver Sable whose powers hadn’t worked right since they got to the country fought the creatures using feeble dark blades on her fists. “How many of these things do we have kill? Don’t they just end?”

Piotr turned to meet Leann when he saw a panther shoot from the ground to attack her from behind. “Look out!” He raced to her throwing the panther aside and tackling her to the ground. The panthers pounced on top of them. Piotr covered Leann from their attacks with his body. They clawed and tore into his back and legs, roaring savagely as they did.

Leann froze in terror. She watched as the man above her took the assault, his warm blood spilling on her. “Everything is going to be okay, Leann! Just please close your eyes! Everything is going to be alright!”

The tears fell from her eyes and her body trembled. Her voice cracked, “I love you so mu—“ The ground shook and an angry roar ripped through the sky. The wind rushed in all directions and everything went black.

Silver Sable:

Leann awoke in what felt like a dream. She was in a cave of some sort, the lighting was dim. She was surrounded by her team. Montrinque Halestrom, the Swordsman and SHIELD agents Trey Gallows, Harrison Kowalski and Amanda Griffin were all around her. Their bodies mutilated and she was covered thick in their blood. “Piotr?” She called. “Piotr?” She looked around, scanning the bodies for her beloved.

She walked around the inside of the cave walking over corpses. Hoping the Shield agent wasn’t among them. “Oh…” She heard in a weak faint voice.

“Piotr?!” She raced to where she heard the voice, turning over a body. It was Master Izo barely alive and covered in blood and bruises.

She turned around, she could feel something goading her and she obeyed. An alter appeared where there wasn’t before. At the foot of it was, Piotr. He didn’t move and he wasn’t breathing. “No.” She whispered. She ran to the body, “No no no no no…” She fell on top of him, his body was cold and when she checked for a heart beat there was none. “No!” She shrieked. Leann buried her face in Piotr’s chest, crying out and calling his name. “Piotr! Why didn’t we leave?! We should have left this place! Piotr!”

It is too late for regret child.

Silver Sable heard a voice that sounded distant, but it was clear. “Who was that? Where are you?”

We have taken the lives of your comrades. You should not have come.

Sorrow turned into rage as she screamed, “Who are you?!” She ran around the cave in a daze. Unsure if any of this was real or if all of this was a nightmare, she just wanted it to end. “Show yourself!” She ordered as she ran to the body of the Swordsman and pulled his sword from his body.

“Where are you?”

We are the epitaph of a dead people. All of us are one and Wakanda is all. Leave us and do not return.

The Triskelion:

Carol Danvers spoke on the monitor with Victor Von Doom. He found out about the Wakandan Expedition from a source inside her, Triskelion. “The mission was a complete failure. All we got back were bodies.”

“Any survivors?” Doom questioned. “Director Carter has intercepted comm chatter about two survivors wandering in a delirium on the Wakandan border to Niganda.”

“He did that all by himself?” Carol said in mock wonder. “Only two. Izo and the mercenary I hired for the mission. We picked them up and had them hospitalized for over two weeks now. Nothing was left to connect us with the mission.”

“You had better hope so, Director Danvers. I will be watching you more closely now.” With that Dr. Doom cut the feed.

9 Months later:

Leann made a full recovery. She was being held in the Triskelions’ medical bay, when her blood report yielded interesting results. She was pregnant with twins. She stayed until they were born and after that she was still in the Shield facility. She wasn’t alone however, everyday she was there she had a visitor.”Oh, god what the hell do I do with her! She won’t stop crying!”

Leann still bedridden cradled a newborn in her arms. She looked over to another woman in the room. She had purple streaks in her hair, wore all black and had a sheathed sword tied onto her belt loop. “Ngumi you suck with kids.” She chided. “Bring her over.”

“Please take this shit machine away.” She sighed as the baby kicked and wailed in her arms. “When they're older they’ll be fine. Just at this point in time they shit and cry and demand to be feed every three seconds.” Ngumi handed the baby over to her mother.

Leann held the babies in both arms and cooed the distressed baby and rocked her gently. “You’re telling me? I’ve gotta do all this myself.”

Ngumi stood on both knees on the floor at the foot of Leann’s bed. She smiled and stared at the silver haired woman and her children for awhile. “Uh, Ngumi?” Leann asked shifting a little as she watched the other woman watch her. “You’re staring.”

Ngumi shook out of her day dream and said, “Why don’t you stay with me, Silver? You remember that house in Cuba you liked so much? All yours.”

Leann’s mouth hung open and her eyes grew wide. “Oh, really? Well thanks but you don’t have to. I mean you’ve been here every day and you’ve got all that work to do in the pack. You’ve done so much for me the last couple months. You don’t need—“

“Hey.” Ngumi interrupted, walking over to her side. “O’course I do. You’re my sister in sin, and the angel on my shoulder. You don’t need to ask for anything,” Ngumi reach out and caressed the silver haired woman’s face. Her gaze was soft and her touch was tender. “I’m here for you. Silver and when I’m around you’ll never be alone.”

Leann cracked a smile and looked at her babies. “Thank you. I just—” Tears welled up in her eyes as she looked at her children. “I miss him so much. He saved me you know and— and they are all I have left of him.”

“I know Silver.” Ngumi bent forward and kissed Leann’s forehead. “I know. “ She said softly. Ngumi untied her sword and crawled into the hospital bed with, Leann. She wrapped her arm around her and took one of the babies off her hands and into her arms.

“I’m going to help you with this, Silver. When you fall I’ll always pick you back up and dust you off. When you need a baby sitter then call, I’ll drop whatever I happen to be doing.” Ngumi said sounding confident.

Leann laughed, “Oh please! You don’t know the first thing about changing a diaper.”

Ngumi scoffed, “Like you do?”

“When kids my age were playing with dolls, you were teaching me and Jess how to snap a man’s neck!” Leann retorted.

Ngumi rolled her eyes, “Well it has come in handy hasn’t it?”

The babies in both women’s arms both began to stir and both shrieked and fought with all the capacity they could muster. “Damn!” Leann huffed.

“Double damn.” Ngumi said under her breath.

Leann rocked her baby and tried calming her with no success. “This is going to take a lot of practice.”


Special thanks to my partner in this Batkevin74. He's been nothing but patient with me and always encouraging. Also thank you Joshmightbe for creating this world called the Iron Age for us to play in and thank all of YOU for reading.

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Great finish

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@joshmightbe: Death, mayhem, fire, panthers, Doom, babies...just needed a kitchen sink :)

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@batkevin74: I'm thinking these panther creatures may come in handy in a later story. The good guys are gonna need some help fighting the army of Creeds and other stalkers that were recently liberated from Sinister's control

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@joshmightbe:Well they'd have to appeal to Wakanda herself...maybe they might send one and you can have a new Black Panther for the Iron Age, a construct

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@batkevin74: We don't have to use it, just an option. I do a lot of spit balling with concepts some sticks some doesn't

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@joshmightbe: I like the idea of it though, maybe us three should work it out, write it up and...maybe I should finish Fantastic Force first. Nearly there, its a big chapter, massive fight, might have to make it into 2 chapters to break it up

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@batkevin74: Pace yourself. Time Phantom does not write short chapters

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@wildvine: Also you may want to edit the name of this in the reading order, you put an extra N in Wakandan which turns it from a fictional country to something funny/rude

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@wildvine: Anything less than 2000 words I feel like I didn't try hard enough especially since apparently it takes forever for me to update.