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Maryland Medical Institute & Asylum, Annapolis

Dr Imck Prince stood in the observatory bay, looking down on the team of doctors operating on Cassiopeia. He flipped the panic alarm for the Thunderbolts through his fingers, a device that would have them come crashing through to his rescue if something went wrong. Dr Prince flipped on the mic and spoke into the room.

“You need to be precise, Dr Warren”

Dr Maxwell Warren looked up at Dr Prince with a cold stare. He held the gaze for several long, tense moments before he pulled his surgical mask down “Would you like to do the operation Dr Prince?”

“I was…”

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“Micromanaging! Watch and be quiet! Idiot!” Dr Warren put his mask back on and went back to work.

Dr Prince kicked the chair over in frustration before resuming watching the long procedure.


“Well?” asked Dr Prince as he barged into the medical washroom as Dr Warren cleaned himself up.

“She’s stable” stated Dr Warren drying his hands “Your device I inserted into her corpus callosum, came from Fisk didn’t it?”

“Yes?” Dr Prince eyed him suspiciously

“He stole the idea off me!”

“Which you stole from Dr Essex!” countered Dr Prince

“Which he stole off someone named Apocalypse!” retorted Dr Warren “Nothing new under the sun eh”

“How long?”

“She’s just undergone major brain surgery,” replied Dr Warren “A few hours. Do you want her dipped in anything? I found that Dr Essex has a stockpile of the most unusual chemicals and compounds. Give her a shot or two of Zap maybe?”

“No, no thank you” said Dr Prince “I prefer my science grounded in reason, not quackery based on trial and error”

“Which is why you are in your corner at Project Thunder, and I’ve got this ENTIRE facility!” laughed Dr Warren “Is there anything else before I have you thrown out?”

“I’ll be taking Shaw off your hands as well”


“Jason Shaw” replied Dr Prince “The boy responsible for the flying fortress to crash near England nearly jeopardising Project Thunder”

Dr Warren nodded “Oh Malcolm’s boy. Is he here? I never watch those stupid Ferrum updates”

“The Chairman had Dr Essex rip that poor boy to pieces, put him back together and ripped apart again. Once a week,” Dr Warren said as he gathered up his things “Malcolm got shipped over to England as part of the punishment”

“So why do you want Jason?” asked Dr Warren

“He’s my god son”

“Oh be my guest,” said Dr Warren as he walked off “I’m not fussed. You’ll have an hour to get off my property Prince, before I make a call”


Dr Warren watched on the cameras as Dr Prince and Noahus helped Jason from his steel cage. Jason Shaw was a patchwork man; every part of his body had been sewn back on. His skin was a bruise, face swollen. He had a wing grafted to his back, a tentacle in his chest; it seemed that Dr Essex had just started experiments on the boy and never finished them. Dr Warren clicked on the Ferrum update file on his datapad; he had 217 holo-vids titled ‘Shaw’ waiting there for him. Dr Warren put his feet up and began watching the first one.

Thunderbolt Transport over West Virginia

Jason Shaw sat trembling in the cargo bay, wrapped in a thermoblanket. Dr Imck Prince shook his head in disgust at what had happened to Jason.

“Did it work?” Prince asked Noahus

“All systems are operational. The tracking device Dr Warren implanted into the implant is beaming strongly, just like you predicted” replied Noahus

“Good!” Dr Prince looked at Noahus “We have my god son out of harm’s way and we now have a bargaining chip if we need it”


“The device allows me to make Cassiopeia into a weapon, a bomb to be precise. She will absorb energy, like she always has but now she’ll retain it, like a dam. And when the time is right, I’ll detonate her! Fisk built the device, Warren implanted it, so any blame will fall on those two starks!”

Noahus Tucker looked on at his superior, a little concerned for his safety and this act of potential sedition he was now involved in.


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Ferrum scientists play dirtier than the Iron soldiers do

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@joshmightbe: Yeah, they have to. Otherwise they won't get funding for all their crazy schemes! Bunch of backstabbing bastards :)

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bumpitty bump

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@batkevin74 said:

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