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This is linked to this: http://www.comicvine.com/forums/fan-fic/8/marvel-iron-age-tales-from-the-empire-part-13/666449/

and continues from: http://www.comicvine.com/forums/fan-fic/8/marvel-iron-age-the-thunderbolts-3/694313/http://www.comicvine.com/forums/fan-fic/8/marvel-iron-age-the-thunderbolts-2/693556/http://www.comicvine.com/forums/fan-fic/8/marvel-iron-age-the-thunderbolts-1/693034/

The Vault, Colorado

Captain Randall Davis looked at the three cyborgs accompanying Dr Imck Prince at the gate to the enterance of The Vault, his eyes scanning them from head to toe, shaking his head.

“I’m sorry Captain, but…” Dr Prince started but Captain Davis held up his hand.

“Stop talking!” ordered the Captain as he adjusted his belt higher, a belt laden with tazers, cuffs, sprays and gadgets “I got the memo from Chicago. I even got a follow up message from General Helfitta, signed off by the Supreme Commander”

“So what’s the problem?” asked Dr Prince rubbing the back of his neck in frustration

“Them!” he pointed at the cyborgs “They can’t come in!”


“I run a delicate ecosystem in my prison Dr Prince” said Captain Davis “These three, heavy machines could upset the balance. You want to come in, fine! But the goon squad stays here!”

Dr Prince thought about it and then relented “Yes Captain Davis! I am only here for fact finding and research, initially”

“Why can’t you eggheads ever leave things alone!” ranted the Captain as he spun on his heels and walked into the facility.

Hall of Pain, The Vault, Colorado

Corporal Seth Caulkin walked the catwalk and did his final checks before turning to Dr Prince who patiently followed behind him.

“Sorry doc, but we do the checks every two hours. Don’t matter if the Supreme Commander’s here; or The Chairman, stark even during a break out, the checks get done!” said Corporal Caulkin as he put the data-pad onto his belt “So what can I help you with?”

“I’m looking for potential recruits” said Dr Prince “The Chairman has allowed me access to possibly using some of those in your care”

“How many?” asked the corporal

“At least one, ideally I’m hoping for seven, to make a ten strong squad” said Dr Prince.

“Shame you weren’t here a few months ago. You could’ve had Du Paris”


“Nasty piece of work. Mutant, red face, was locked up for at least eighty-five years. He broke out, killed a few good men, turned Corporal Harker into a dribbling mess” Caulkin’s hand slid unconsciously to his gun “He was up on celebrity wing”

“Celebrity wing?”

“It’s a nickname doc” Caulkin smiled “Some famous, some not so famous, but they’re all in there under personal orders of either the Supreme Commander or the Chairman. It’s mostly quiet, but make no mistake, it’s starking dangerous!”

“May I see it?”

Next day, Project Thunder

Dr Prince walked down the gangplank of the transport, a smile from ear to ear. Thunder, Behemoth and Scarlet escorted twelve white-clad technicians who carried three tubes.

“You look pleased Dr Prince” said Noahus Tucker, his junior on the project

“I have three new recruits” said Dr Prince

“Excellent sir” Noahus looked at the three images on his data-pad “May have a problem though, configuring Atlantean DNA”

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“We have eight weeks to implement and have them up and running” said Dr Prince “Thunder, Behemoth and Scarlet are heading back to Chicago to be used by Iron Claw, hunting for Dr Essex. Now stop talking and get to work!


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I'd love to see what Iron Attuma will turn out like

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@joshmightbe: The new recruits are going to be, well interesting