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http://www.comicvine.com/forums/fan-fic/8/marvel-iron-age-the-thanos-sanction-part-4/690050/#2 (continued from here)

Ferrum HQ ground floor

Iron Claw slashed deeply into Cutthroat's back causing him to release Scalphunter. He dropped to the floor and shot a spike toward Iron Claw's face. He dodged and went in for the kill but was pounced on by several Creeds that had noticed the fight turning against their field leader. Cutthroat chuckled as he saw the killer go down. He then turned to see Scalphunter closing himself in the Hulk buster armor.

Scalphunter switched on the armor's booming loud speaker, "Well Morty, looks like you're sh*t outta luck."

Outside Ferrum HQ

Stryfe shook the city with his rage as he tore through the ranks of the Creeds, even his own soldiers were afraid to enter the fray for fear of their commander. As he was about to destroy the rest of the Creeds he felt his leg sink. He looked down to see something pulling him into his own shadow. This infuriated him further causing him to pull into the air dragging the shadow dwelling creature out into the open. It is a small stalker coated in black fur. Stryfe pulls it away and smashes it telekenetically.

He looks back on the terrified soldiers, "Move your asses cowards!"

Elko, Nevada

Bill killed the last of the Makluan clones as the Iron soldiers had moved on the Stalker legion that followed behind the beasts. Bill noticed Lash slumped behind a large rock. He landed to finish him off but stopped as he caught a flash of bright light out of the corner of his eye. He turns to see Slaughter swinging his metallic fist toward Bill's face.

Bill tried to dodge but was fairly battered and beginning to tire so was a second too slow. The punch sent him over the edge of the cliff. He slammed Stormbreaker into the mountain side to stop his fall. The resulting shock wave threw Slaughter off his feet as Bill pulled himself up. Slaughter charged but Bill slammed Stormbreaker into his chest with as much force as he could muster sending the steel skinned man flying into a nearby ridge. Lash shot out his remaining tendril toward Bill who easily caught it. Lash sent heavy voltage through it but it only further enraged Bill who yanked him off the ground and flung him nearly two miles away. He saw Slaughter pulling himself free from the rock and lifted his hammer and hit him with a powerful blast of lightning.


General Aaron's tireless hacking away at the Creed ranks boosted the moral of the troops at his command. The Iron army officers that Enright had forced seemed terrified of the gleeful grin on Aaron's face as the battle intensified. He looked over and saw one of Enright's officers hesitating to shoot so without a word he grabbed him by the arm and hurled him into a mass of approaching enemies. The officer began firing wildly in panic managing to take out more than a dozen Creeds as the front line pushed on. Aaron stopped by the officer, "You will not hesitate again."

Across the field the Hulk buster unit finally managed to push back the ape creatures. A man named Sargent Hank Maxwell took charge of the unit and forced them to follow the creatures to their fall back position. They attacked with a ferocity to match the monsters. All fear seemed to be replaced with a battle rage that made them ignore their own safety as they fought on. As the last of the ape creatures fell the buster unit turned their attention to the hordes of Creeds killing dozens to a chorus of cheers from the soldiers on the field. Just as it seemed victory was certain the Sentinels began falling from the sky and Thanos' fleet began firing on the people on the ground.

Hank shouted to his unit, "Hey boys, these things do fly."

The unit didn't think twice before heading off.

Back on the field the soldiers were shocked when many of the Creeds began roaring in pain. Aaron looked back to see Doom himself floating over the battle. The monarch landed in the middle of a mass of Creeds and began blasting them away and even fist fighting with the Creeds who managed to get close. He roared to the Latverian soldiers, "I will not have my country fall to these mongrels!"

A great cheer rose as Doom savagely tore through the ranks. Aaron looked Enright, "That is how a true king defends his nation."

On the other side of Doomstadt

Several Shield soldiers look on astonished by the ferocity of 7 and Molly against the other Creeds. 7 looking especially deadly with his combination of savagery and his tech. He used his wrist mounted hard light projectors to form large blades. His modified repulsers were the most powerful weapons on the field. Molly was also utilizing her telepathic abilities to disorient her enemies making them easier to kill.

Danvers had left the field to battle the fleet along with the Hulk buster unit and what was left of the Sentinel battalion leaving Holland as defacto field leader. David Hardy and Fry were pinned down behind a shattered wall when Fry yelled to Holland, "I think it might be time to show our hand."

Holland looked over his troops and despite their aggression they were being pushed back. The city was filled with civilians and Holland knew there'd be a slaughter if the Creeds made it past. He nodded to Fry who shouted, "Hey Big man its your turn."

The Abomination charged into the battle smashing Creeds as if the were soda cans. They leapt at him and tried to bring him down as he joyfully plowed through. Fry ran up to Holland, "Why didn't we just have him out here in the first place."

Holland grinned, "Can't let the monsters have all the fun. Get back to work."

Minsk, Belarus

Perun drove his ax into Damos' chest and sent him to his knees, he then raised his hammer again attempting to end the fight but Damos punched him hard in the chest completely shattering Perun's already cracked ribs. The storm god spat out blood but did not slow down. He swung the hammer again this time shattering Damos' shoulder. Damos then rolled away while kicking Perun's legs from under him sending him crashing down. Damos picked up the hammer with his good arm and swung for Perun's broken ribs but he blocked with his arm. The sound of his elbow breaking could be heard for miles.

Damos caught him by other arm and snapped his wrist and asked, "What now, little god?"

Perun saw his weapons to far away to use, he'd lost too much blood to focus his powers. He then noticed the smug look on Damos' face. With no other options Perun swung his head forward biting down on his enemies throat and tore a large hole. Damos released him, frantically trying to stop the bleeding. Perun picked up his ax and stood behind the son of Thanos, "You were a worthy foe."

With that he swung his ax removing Damos' head.

Outback Australia

The Traveler was genuinely surprised to see Thanos himself arrive, Jason turned and saw the mad Titan towering over him and made a terrible decision. He punched Thanos hard in the face surprising both the Traveler and the Titan. The Traveler acting quickly snatched the stone and Samantha telling Jason, "Time to go."

The 3 of them disappeared leaving an enraged Thanos in the dessert.

Command Centre, Doomstadt

The Traveler, Jason and Samantha appear before several shocked soldiers. He looked to the officer in charge, "Get this girl some place safe."

Samantha looked around a bit shocked, "I need to get home."

The Traveler shook his head, "That would be a bad idea at the moment considering if we went back there old Prune face would probably massacre your neighborhood."

He then turned to Jason, "You go help out, I'll be back asap. Try not to get killed."

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@joshmightbe: Very nice! Good work, I'll see what can do for part 6

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Just caught up great stuff guys! I've been busy with college and hadn't had time for Iron Age stuff. But reading this stuff... I now have to do some tie-ins if you don't mind.

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@Time_Phantom: Cool I'd love to see the tie ins you come up with.

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And a bump