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Ferrum HQ, ground floor

Scalphunter kissed the foot of the Hulkbuster armour “Mwah! I have never been so happy to see one of you tinker toys in my life!”

Scalphunter began to clamber onto the unit when Cut-Throat grabbed him and spear tackled him into the ground.

“Oh no you starking don’t!” roared Cut-Throat smashing his fist into Scalphunter’s face “You ain’t going anywhere Gerald!”

Scalphunter rolled out from under Cut-Throat, and scrambled to his feet. He pulled out a small knife from his boot and began to circle his nemesis.

“You know I’ve got a list of people I’ve found hard to kill over the years” said Scalphunter, wiping blood from his mouth “Dr Essex, Golden Hulk, Doom even that starking Darius Stane, you were never on it! Why? Because you’re a joke! A whiny, evil stark who pulls wings off flies for fun, a puppy kicker! Now I enjoy a puppy kick as much as the next guy but you ENJOY it”

“Don’t you ever shut up?!” Cut-Throat slashed, ripping open part of Scalphunter’s chest.

“Not really!” winced Scalphunter as he ducked and rammed the knife into Cut-Throat’s foot, pinning him to the floor. Cut-Throat started to scream but Scalphunter slammed his fist into his throat “Don’t scream just yet artist-formerly-known-as-Bishop, I’m going to get into that suit and blow your head off!”

Mutant Camp, Outback Australia

Samantha Crowe-Toyama looked out across the Outback. She felt…stupid. She’d tried to do the right thing but in the end had merely caused dramas. Brian STILL wasn’t talking to her since the pub burnt down a month ago, her parents had grounded her, and Dusty sent her a bill for relocating his pub which meant she’d probably have to get a job in Darwin or Alice Springs.


Samantha turned to head back into camp when she spotted two men about five miles away, digging.

-What are they doing?-

Samantha looked back at the camp, then the men, and her curiosity was greater than the punishment she’d receive from her parents from breaking curfew. She ran towards the pair, quietly, gracefully.

Elko, Nevada

Beta Ray Bill slammed his hammer into the head of another clone, turning it into paste. The Iron Soldiers laid covering fire as the Korbinite warrior infused with the power of Asgard engaged the dwindling numbers of Makluan.

Lash hung in the crevasse by his remaining tendril, scowling as the fight in the sky intensified. Slowly he made his way up to rejoin the battle, muttering all the way.

Outside of Ferrun HQ

The Supreme Commander floated down to the street. He glowered at the chaos, Stalkers & Creeds running rampant. He reached out with his telekinesis and grabbed the forty or so in his field of vision and shot them straight up into the sky like marionettes jerked off by their controllers.

“THIS IS MY CITY! MY WORLD!” he roared as he uprooted a telegraph pole with his mind and swung it about like a baseball bat batting Stalkers and Creeds into paste


The joint force of SHIELD and Iron Army soldiers fired bullets, lasers and grenades into the seemingly endless sea of Creeds. And if the creatures weren’t completely exploded or atomised, like zombies they’d get back up and rejoin the fight.

“By my father’s beard” muttered General Aaron as he unsheathed an axe.

“Does it fire lasers?” asked General Mandy Enright derisively as she lobbed a volley of grenades into the Creeds.

“No” said General Aaron as he moved towards the front “It kills things” He leapt about ten feet into the air and landed on the frontline, his axe slicing four Creeds in half as he landed. He split another from crown to crotch, raised his axe and roared, the troops inspired by the impressive display.

General Enright smiled inside her suit and flew after him “Move up!” she roared to her troops

Minsk, Belarus

Perun shakily tried to get up. His body quivered, his own axe embedded in his back, blood seeping from nearly every pore. He made a fist and called down a bolt of lightning, hitting Damos.

“I…did not…give YOU…p-p-permission to leave the battle…boy” croaked Perun as he got to his knees and pulled his weapon out.

Damos turned, barely phased by the electricity and stormed towards the Slavic storm god “JUST DIE ALREADY!!”

Ferrum HQ, ground floor

Cut-Throat snarled and pulled the knife from his foot and fired a cable, wrapping around Scalphunter’s ankle and hauling him back away from the Hulkbuster armour.

“No fair!” cried Scalphunter in mock tantrum, pounding the ground. He spun and pulled his gun and fired at Cut-Throat, who raised his shields to protect himself. Cut-Throat pulsed a surge of electricity down the cable causing Scalphunter to writhe and convulse.

“Hurt’s doesn’t it Gerald” laughed Cut-Throat, dragging Scalphunter towards him “Have another one!”

Scalphunter screamed and flipped about like a caught animal, Cut-Throat hit him again before picking him up by the throat and squeezing.

“Any last words Gerald?”

Scalphunter clutched at the uru-infused fingers, desperately trying to get free “I have…a q-question?”

“What?” Cut-Throat squeezed tighter

“What’s…tall…Chechyen…mean as s-stark” wheezed Scalphunter “And standing…behind you?”

Cut-Throat glanced over his shoulder to see Iron Claw, the Supreme Commander’s personal killing machine.

“Oh stark me!” gulped Cut-Throat

Other side of Doomstadt

Agent Fry, 7, David, Molly and Carol Danvers along with a SHIELD force, hold back a force of Creeds. Sam Guthrie blasts across the skies and dive bombs the horde, cutting channels through their ranks.

“This is like a dream I once had” snarled 7 ripping into a Creed with his claws.

“How did it end?” asked David Hardy as he reloaded his pistols and pumped shots into his opponent. 7 shot him a glance “Oh”

“Enough chatter!” barked Carol as energy exploded from her hands, incinerating several Creeds

Command Centre, Doomstadt

Dr Doom sat before a bank of monitors, watching the battle from an array of battle cameras. He made a fist and silently shook with rage inside his armour. Once again his country was being used as a war ground. He’d been used by Sinister in a ploy to disable Stryfe’s empire but at the possible cost of his own. He stood and headed outside.

Doom flew into the air and spied the battle from the air. He looked at the thousands of Creeds running rampant across his capital.


Doom motioned his left hand, summoning a spell. With his right he conjured another. Green flame built in the left, deep purple energy pulsed from the other. Sweat trickled down the inside of his faceplate as he began to cast two spells simultaneously.


The spell flames of the faltine merged with the fungol thopa and flowed out of Doom like sprinkler. Creeds began catching fire with green flame while simultaneous a foul fungus drained life from their pores. The air filled with screams of terror.

Outback Australia

Jason dug in the dirt as Traveller floated in the air.

“Why aren’t you digging?” asked Jason

“I’m the Traveller” he smiled “Not the Digger. Besides I’m about to greet our special mystery guest” Traveller turned and opened his arms wide “You can come out Samantha, we won’t bite!”

Samantha slowly stood up from the limited cover of the Spinifex grass, her claws unsheathed, eyes ready to explode green energy.

“Do I know you?” she asked

“Nope!” Traveller smiled “And technically I don’t know you Hellcat, but being able to traverse time and space I meet you officially…” He noticed Samantha was looking at him strangely “Anyways, you need to stand back there on the left and not come out until the time is right?”

“Look mister…”

“I’ve found something!” said Jason as he tapped his shovel against something metallic.

“Seriously Samantha, just go hide” said the Traveller sternly “You’ll know when…please”

Samantha stepped to the left and hid behind a patch of Spinifex, grumbling.

Jason slammed the shovel down and the area was bathed in purple light. A small gem floated up into the air. Jason stared at it in awe.

“What is that?” he asked getting out of the hole.


The Outback was rocked as figure landed, red dust flying into the air. As it cleared, Thanos smiled and held his hand out, beckoning the purple Space gem to him.

“That…is mine!”

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@batkevin74: Already working on part 5, you've given me a lot to work with great job.

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@joshmightbe: Cool and it does get Hellcat into the mix, I like her. Sure I invented her but I am looking forward to her and David Hardy meeting due to their mutual ancestor Felicia :)

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@batkevin74: Well your end here will lead to her having to get deeply involved a lot quicker than she'll probably be comfortable with.

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