Marvel Iron Age: The Fearless Defenders #2~Hugs

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#1  Edited By YoungJustice

“I threw your sh!t into a bag and pushed it down the stairs!” Leon danced and sung as she played her favorite band, Icona Pop on the radio.

Flux walked into Leon’s room with a smile on his face, “What’s up babe.”

Leon grabbed his hand and pulled him closer to her, she grabbed two microphones and passed one to him as the song changed, “Come on, this is our song!”

Flux smiled, “All I need in this life of sin is me and my girlfriend.”

Leon started to jump up and down, “Down to ride to the happy end, is me and my boyfriend.”

Flux grinned, dropped his mic, and put his hands around her hips, “I love you.” Leon smirked and threw her mic to the ground; she kissed him as she pushed him towards the bed.

In possibly the worst timing ever, someone knocked on the door. Leon got off the bed and opened the door, “Yes?”

Blue Diamond laughed as he saw Flux on the bed with only his underwear on, but he went on with what he knocked on the door for, “Wasp needs you two in the briefing room. Can you make me some frog soup too, I tried to make some myself but it gave me…” He stopped what he was saying as he ran towards the bathroom.

Leon shook her head as she turned towards Flux, “As soon as we get done with this, we’re going to a hotel for the night.”

Briefing Room

4:00 PM

Wasp had just gotten back from picking up Black Cat and Scott Lang’s daughter, Cassandra. The day before, she had found something in the files that Flux and Leon had stolen from The Supreme Commander.

Flux and Leon walked in behind Black Cat, Blue Diamond, and Scott. They all surrounded around the hologram projector.

Wasp stood tall in front as she began talking, “Let’s get down to business. A few weeks ago I sent Flux and Leon on an infiltration mission. They went to Ferrum Corp HQ and stole some top secret files. After going over these files, I managed to find someone that’s been hiding for a long time, someone who we all care about.”

Wasp typed up a command on a dashboard and a hologram of a young black man appeared as a hologram, she explained further, “That’s right. Michael is still alive.”

Black Cat stood up in shock, “Impossible, we saw….we saw the Iron Army rip him apart.”

Wasp put her head down, “It appears that now he is The Supreme Commander made him a cyborg and hired him to be his assassin.”

Scott shook his head, “We all knew that Mikey would do anything for money, but killing…for The Supreme Commander no less.”

Wasp lifted her head up as tears flowed from her eyes, “His next target…is…is us.”

Leon ran towards Wasp and put her hands around her, “I’m so sorry. We’ll fix him up though; we’ll get your son back.”


12:00 AM

“Did you hear that?” Leon said to Wasp as the made snacks for the movie night they had planned.

Wasp replied, “No, what was it.”

“It sounded like really faint little girl screaming…sh!t Cassie!” Leon put the bag of chips in her hand down and took out her wand from her pocket; she pointed it towards her as she ran towards Cassie’s room, “Hetus!” Every light in the base turned on and the alarm started to screech.

When they reached Cassie’s room, they saw her on the ground. She was still breathing, but secured to a chair with a rope. As Leon prepared to cast a spell, a dagger shot towards her face and she was kicked in the face, making her fly to the side of the room and hit her head against a lamp, instantly breaking it.

Wasp looked around for the suspect, but there was nobody. Coming from out of nowhere, a masked figure appeared out of nowhere and pushed her against the wall; it threw her all the way down to the other side of the hallway. The intruder ran towards her, but he caught an uppercut straight in the jaw from Ant-Man, who had grown from miniature size at the exact right time.

He ran towards Cassie’s room, when he saw her tied up he instantly ripped the rope apart with his bare hands and wrapped his arms around her while tears flowed out of his eyes, “Are you okay baby? Did he hurt you?”

Cassie responded as she jumped into her father’s arms, “No.”

Suddenly, the masked man walked back into the room, laughing, and then held his hand out “Pathetic. Now give me the girl.”

Scott put Cassie down behind him and balled up his fists, “Why would you want her, Michael.”

The intruder laughed then took its mask off, “Nostalgic isn’t it?” A stunningly beautiful woman appeared under the mask; she ripped a voice mask off of her throat and threw it to the ground, “Nice meeting you again.”

Ant-Man looked extremely confused, as he had never seen this woman before, “Who the hell are you?”

The woman smirked, “Jessica, the girl that saved you’re a$$ from Stryfe.”

No Caption Provided

100 Years Ago

“No time for discussion, we have to move.” Scott Lang shouted to his daughter and Janet Van Dyne, or as most called her, The Wasp, ran out of a factory building. Only to be surrounded by tens of Hunters, there was no way in hell they were making it out of this alive.

Scott closed his eyes then turned towards his daughter and knelt to the floor so that their eyes could meet, “When we start to attack, I’m going to need you to run. Okay?”

Cassandra cried as she answered him, “Okay daddy, I love you.”

Scott smiled, “Love you too.” He lifted up from the ground and looked at Janet, “Let’s make Hank proud.”

Janet grinned, “I’ve come a long way from fighting Loki.” She then shrunk down microscopic size and started to sting the Hunters with her bio-electric blasts, but before she could do anything substantial, a hunter grabbed her and crushed her like a bug.

Scott pulverized Hunters by shrinking them and crushing them or shrinking himself then sneaking up on them. As Hunters started to overwhelm him, a little girl came running towards him, she waved her hand and pushed it towards him, making Scott and all the surrounding robots fly backwards, the little girl did a movement and made the rock around him launch towards her.

No Caption Provided

She dragged him back into the factory and laid him on the ground, “We don’t have much time. My father is Michael, tell him who you are. From there he will explain, good luck Scott.” The little one swirled her hands on top of him and then he just disappeared.

The little girl called out, “Cassandra, if you want to go with your father I’d get over here.”

Cassandra poked her head out of the corner and walked towards the spot where her father disappeared, the girl did the same motion that she did with Scott and Cassandra disappeared as well.

Present Day

“Holy sh!t, it is you.” Scott had always remembered the day, the girl who saved him, but he knew nothing about her. Although, he still wondered something, “Why in the hell did you attack us?

“I need to train Cassandra.” Jessica had her knife at her side just in case the discussion went south.

Scott’s tone got a little more serious, “For what?”

Jessica sighed, “Cassandra, it’s okay, you can show him.”

Cassandra walked towards her father and opened up her hand, “I wanted to hide it, but it seems that I can no longer hide.” A white flame emerged from her hand, and then everyone in the base was put into a vision.

It was flashes of her life. Past, present, and future, it showed Cassandra first discovering her abilities, her meeting Jessica in her dreams, and The Supreme Commander defeating an older Cassandra and Jessica.

Scott and the rest of the Defenders were shocked, Jessica spoke, “She has a very rare combination of abilities. Telepathy, telekinesis, precognition, and cyberpathy. In the brief vision Cassandra just showed, it was me and her almost defeating Stryfe, or as you may call him, The Supreme Commander. With training, me and Cassandra could take down him ourselves, but again, this is with training. Cassandra has very powerful abilities, but is not trained. I couldn't train her well enough before we had to defeat Stryfe...but if given more time I can make her immensely powerful.”

Scott put his head down as he thought, “Well, if she goes with her, she might defeat Stryfe. Yet, what if she dies in the progress, wait, I think I just found a loophole.” He blurted out loud to Jessica, “I have to come along if you are going to train her.”

Jessica grinned, “You're making the right choice Scott. Cassandra, you ready?”

Cassandra smiled, “I’ve been waiting since the first time I met you.”


Oh yeah, titles are back, but this time they will always be making fun of the chapter, should be something cool to add.

I'll shout out tomorrow, it is 3:25 and I took my nasal pill that makes me extremely sleepy, lol.

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