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Continued from http://www.comicvine.com/forums/fan-fic/8/marvel-iron-age-son-of-thor-chapter-8/656070/

The sky roared as the ancient Uru mallet flew down from the sky to the outstretched godling’s hand

“Nice mallet mate” complimented Hammer “I look forward to taking it from you”

“Many have tried, all have failed” replied Magni as he swung the hammer slowly in a circle, building up speed

“I reckon you’re having a laugh mate” said Hammer with a broad smile

“Do you see me laughing?” roared Magni as he swung Mjolnir down attempting to drive Hammer into the ground, but he easily stepped aside and punched Magni square in the nose causing it to bleed. Magni wiped the blood from his face

“You got no finesse mate” commented Hammer as he cracked his neck

Magni swung Mjolnir again but Hammer stepped back and then stepped in uppercutting Magni

“You’re like a bull in a china shop!”

Magni slammed Mjolnir onto the ground and lightning flew down and hit Hammer squarely in the back. Hammer chuckled “Mate I’m insulated against electricity. Kinda have to be when you’re an org-borg” Hammer rammed his fist into Magni’s stomach “Man you look like you’ve already gone through the wringer”

Magni looked at his hands and the wounds from his battle with Mongoose had begun to reopen “I shall not fail” swore Magni as he clipped Hammer across the forehead with his hammer “You have trapped my people for too long!”

“You’re breaking my heart” laughed Hammer as slammed his fist into Magni’s face again “You oughta stop blocking my punches with your face!”

Magni was rocked by the blow. But a combination of pride, stubbornness and duty kept him on his feet. Magni faked with Mjolnir and slapped Hammer across the face

“You fight like a sheila!” yelped Hammer as he took to the air above Magni

“Stop prattling and fight me!” roared Magni as he flew up after him

“Mate at the rate you’re going I’ll be done in time for dinner” said Hammer as he flew around Magni “I’m just making you tired, angry and waiting for my crew to revive and the North Dakota Iron Hall to get here”

Magni looked towards the satellite dish building and saw hundreds of Iron Soldiers, Hunters and Sentinels heading his way. The other members of the Wrecking Crew were getting up from the earlier beating. Tears welled in his eyes as he looked at the electronic device he now held in his ripped up hands.

“Are you cryin?” laughed Hammer

“I am saddened that I am unable to complete my task” stated Magni as he pushed the button on the device “So like a rock troll I am running to come back again with greater numbers”

“Oh you’re not leaving” scowled Crowbar who’d gotten to his feet and partially straightened his arm “Unless it’s in a box!”

Magni hurled Mjolnir at Crowbar hitting him right in the chest and sending him flying backwards, the hammer returning to his hand

A hole of black appeared beside Magni and Silver Sable stepped out from it “Ready already?”

“I have failed”

Sable looked at the approaching army and the hostiles near her entrance “Next time let’s try not getting me to pop into a hot zone okay” She grabbed Magni and they both jumped into the Darkforce vanishing!

“What the flaming heck was that?” yelled Hammer

The Darkforce, nowhere/everywhere?

“Leave me here” said Magni “I have failed my father, my king and my realm”

“Hey there” said Sable from the dark “From what I saw you were taking on the ENTIRE Iron Army…that’s nothing to be ashamed of”

“My people remain trapped”

“Then maybe it’s time you met Carol”

Asgard, Loki’s Quarters

“Why?” yelled Thrud

“Because you are a child!” retorted Loki as he ushered her towards the door “And these tomes are not for you?”

“You promised you’d teach me more magic” she replied

“Though I do admire your drive” growled Loki “You test my patience”

“And you mine!” She stared right into her uncle’s eyes “You’re a liar!”

Loki waved his hand and Thrud’s scarf wrapped itself around her mouth, gagging & choking her “I have been called worse! Here is your lesson, work your way out of that without weapons, tools or hands and I’ll teach you some more. Until then go bother your father!” Loki slammed the door to his quarters in her face. Her eyes lit up as she had palmed the key to his room, right from under his nose! Now to be rid of this scarf…

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Great chapter, I love this new/nicer Loki!

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@Time_Phantom: Well as Loki get's nicer, a younger Asgardian female gets closer to possibly being the new goddess of mischief! :)

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You should do something with Modi, He is the Norse god of anger that's got to have some story potential

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@joshmightbe: I've got an idea for Modi coming up with the other magical hammer in Asgard, maybe the magical axe. The cycle in Asgard is about to change

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Any more?