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The Son of Thor Chapter 2

<This links in with Marvel Iron Age: A Push In The East Part 2 and Marvel-The Iron Age: Son of Thor-Chapter One>

Magni rode the Bifrost down to Midgard which was like riding a bolt of greased lightning. With a thunderous explosion Magni landed on the ground and mumbled a quick prayer to his grandfather and nearly shed a tear as he gripped the dirt...he was solid! For over a century the Asgardians had been ghosts, worse than ghosts, to their sworn charges.

The smoke and ionised particles slowly dissipated and Magni stood tall. Mjolnir humming with power in his right hand, his blue cape rippling in the breeze, his customised armour designed by his uncle Balder shining like a beacon. Magni looked upon the landscape and was shocked. The sky was brown, blackened trees littered the terrain. Midgard was...ugly, nothing like the stories his father told him.

Approaching him was a man...no bigger than a man. Magni raised his hand to his eyes to see a metal giant heading towards him

“Frost Giant” Magni growled, the memories of the attack on his kin came flooding back. Magni gripped his weapon. Following the metal giant were about two hundred smaller metal soldiers, behind them Magni spotted a fading glamour like Loki was capable of.

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“Have at thee!” Mjolnir flew from Magni’s hand and rocketed towards the giant.


Mjolnir smashed into the metal giant’s stomach and out its back. Mjolnir flew back to his hand as the giant skidded to a halt. Its holo-face was full of fear and anger

“You dare attack me!” roared the giant. It levelled its left arm, a massive howitzer, at Magni and fired. Magni spun Mjolnir in his hands like a baseball bat and smashed the two thousand pound shell back at its target. The metal giants arm exploded and toppled backwards!

“Don’t just stand there you cretins!” roared the giant “KILL HIM”

The smaller soldiers advanced, Magni looked to the heavens

“Father I call upon you!” He slammed Mjolnir into the ground and lightning rained down from Asgard, striking the men shorting their mechanics. The flying contingent in different armour withstood the heavenly strike. Magni slammed Mjolnir down again to make sure taking out the other metal giants and tanks, but the flyers held strong

“I am impressed little tin men” said Magni “But let us see how you handle this”

Magni whirled Mjolnir and created a massive hurricane force windstorm. The flying soldiers had no chance and were scattered across the sky like leaves. Magni leapt into the air and landed on the damaged metal giant. Scampering from the giant’s head was a man

“So you dare fire on the son of Thor?” yelled Magni as he hauled the man to his feet and held him at eye level by his collar “Who dares?”

“G-General Wang Van Borne. Iron Army. WB 273...”

Magni shook him “What are you prattling about?”

The General tried to repeat himself when Magni shook him again “Who is your king?”

“I-I have no king”

Magni looked at him, confused by the answer but then rephrased the question “Who is in charge?”

“I serve at the will of The Supreme Commander of The Iron Army” replied Wang

“And where would I find this base villain?”

“General Wang Van Borne. Iron Army. WB 273-098-K27”

“You test my patience little man” growled Magni “But I understand ones devotion to a cause. For that you are to be commended. But if you do not answer my questions I will break you”

“General Wahhhhhhhhhhh” Magni snapped the General’s arm as he started his speech

“I did warn you” chided Magni “I shall ask an easier question General. What country is this?”

“C-C-Cheyen DMZ”

“What were you running from?”


“What is an Ultron?”

The General looked at Magni like he was simple “Are you an idiot?”

Magni shook the General again like a ragdoll “Tis true I have only just arrived upon Midgard but I am not an idiot General”

“I am Gen...”

Magni threw the General to the ground with a bone crunching thump “If we ever meet again General Wang Van Borne, it will be your last day on Midgard. Think on that”

Magni thrust Mjolnir into the air and called down another sheet of lightning that turned the damaged metal giant into molten slag before taking to the air


Loki looked into the pool of mists, Thor and Balder beside him scrying upon the young Asgardian

“He fights like you” laughed Balder placing his hand proudly upon his brother’s shoulder

“He is a fine warrior” replied Thor

“Let us not begin feasting and complimenting each other just yet” snapped Loki “We are still trapped by those peasants!”

“Is it wrong for a father to be proud of his son?” asked Thor

“Now you sound like Odin you pompous ass” snapped Loki “Does Modi appreciate the favouritism you show to Magni?”

“Every word you say is dipped in lies” yelled Thor stepping to his half-brother

“ENOUGH!” roared Balder “You two are like children! Magni has done well, Loki you have also done well to get the Bifrost open but we are not stupid. You have something up your sleeve or some plot as yet undiscovered”

“My lord Balder, you offend me” Loki bowed

“And you offend me” growled Thor "And my sons”

“Remembering you have two” smirked Loki “Well, may I applaud you on your outstanding parenting”

Thor moved faster and smashed his fist into Loki’s jaw

Balder stepped between them “I order both of you to stop! Now! Thor go check on the armoury”

Thor began to backchat then paused “Yes my lord” and left

Loki rubbed his face and watched his “brother” leave

“Why?” said Balder “Why must you cause trouble?”

“Because immortality is quite boring” said Loki bluntly “Without me you’d all be statues”

“Contact Magni and direct him to destroy the cannon” said Balder “I am trusting you to do this without agenda or ulterior motive. For once, please brother, do the right thing”

Balder looked upon Loki, hoping he’d gotten to him either as his king or his kin. He turned and left

Loki shook his head in disgust and gazed back into the mist, his eyes flickered as he created a spell to speak to his nephew


The young god heard his uncle’s voice in his head


“You have fought well, but the war isn’t here...it lies across the seas in America. Head west”

“Thank you uncle”

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Ha ha ha "Well, may I applaud you on your outstanding parenting" Good job!

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YOU HAVE MADE ME PROUD! Great takeoff from where I went! Looking forward to your next chapters. (I'm sure they'll be better than what I had in mind. :P )

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Ah, you continue to impress batkevin. I'm liking where this is going. And of course Loki has some scheme, what else would a god of chaos do?

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Awesome! Looking forward to more!

Are you writing SOT permanently?

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@TheWholeDamnShow: I think it's temporary.

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Well I'm gonna write him until primepower53 wants him back. Til then...

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This is great, seriously. It is like real novel quality.

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@Epicbeast3000 said:

This is great, seriously. It is like real novel quality.