Marvel Iron Age: Son of Thor Chapter 11

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(Rated M. Magni originally created and written by )

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Thrud stood in chains before Lord Balder. Her father Thor could barely look at her, his hands seemingly permanently locked into fists. Magni stood alone silently watching as her uncle Loki stood by her side.

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“My Lord Balder,” said Loki “Assembled citizenry of Asgard, as…”

“Get on with it!” roared Thor.

“Enow Thor.” cautioned Balder from the throne “This is a trying matter for all”

“Thrud did not mean to transport Magni here to Asgard, nor send Modi in his place” said Loki “Her familiarity with magic is basic, at best and thus this tragedy affects us all”

“SHE KILLED MY SON!” yelled Thor as he stormed forward, Loki warded himself and Thrud in a spell of protection.

“ENOW!” yelled Balder, his voice shaking the throne room “One more outburst from you Thor and I shall have you removed”

“Asgard has suffered a great loss” Loki continued “My brother has lost a son, Thrud has lost her brother, I have lost a nephew, Asgard has lost a warrior. In these trying and lean times, I ask for her…forgiveness”

“The punishment for killing is banishment” stated Balder “You know this Loki”

“And where shall we banish her? We are trapped like rats in our sky prison due to that menace upon Midgard!” Loki stated “We can either forgive, or like my blood thirsty brother, we can take her head”


“We Asgardians have a history of killing each other brother” smiled Loki “Odin, Bor, even you took that mallet to me remember?”

“A serpent defending a witch” spat Thor, Thrud bursting into tears at her father’s harsh words.

Balder stood “ASGARD! By show of hands, those in favour of banishment” Balder looked over the four hundred remaining Asgardians “And those for death?” Balder shook his head “Asgard has spoken. Thrud…you are to executed at dawn for the death of your brother Modi”

Thrud screamed and threw herself to the floor; Loki looked around “You make me sick! Especially you brother, you damn hypocrite!”

“These proceedings are over Loki” said Balder “Asgard has spoken”

“And I thought Asgard had a king, not a committee?” snapped Loki

“Loki…” Balder glared “Watch thy tone!”

“This is wrong!” said Magni as he stepped forward “My Lord Balder I do not accept this judgement upon my sister”

“Magni, your service to the real…”

“My lord with all due respect, killing Thrud does not replace Modi. Twas my fault if any be to blame”

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“Asgard has spoken…I HAVE SPOKEN!”

Magni held at his hand and summoned Mjolnir from his father’s side “Then maybe you should shut up!” Magni slammed Mjolnir to the floor, the chamber erupting in lightning. Magni grabbed Thrud and took to the air. Thor leapt after his son and tackled them to the ground.


“Don’t do this father!” warned Magni as he pushed Thrud towards Loki

Thor swung a punch hitting his son in the face. Magni wiped his mouth and hit back. Father and son traded blows. Balder went to interfere when Loki cast a spell encasing him a block of ice. The ice exploded.

“I have the Odinforce, Loki!” said Balder

“But compared to my mastery of magicks,” laughed Loki “You may as well be armed with a stick!” Loki cast another spell and pale green rings encircled Balder like a constricting snake.

Thor hit his son again “She killed your brother!”

Magni head butted his father “Scalphunter killed Modi, NOT THRUD! You stupid ASS!” Magni slammed Mjolnir into the side of Thor’s head “Thrud’s actions caused Modi to be there, but Scalphunter killed your son! Just like your inaction got mother killed!”

Thor stopped, mouth agape at his son’s words, tears welling in his eyes.

“I’m sorry father” Magni smashed Mjolnir up, catching him in the chin sending Thor across the room “Uncle?”

“Go!” said Loki as he and Balder engaged in a mystical duel.

Thrud looked at her brother “I’m sorry”

“We all make mistakes, now to rectify yours!” said Magni as he spun Mjolnir “Can you get us to Midgard?”

“I don’t know!”

“Thrud!” Magni grabbed his sister and shook her “I have been trapped back here in Asgard for months! You are to be executed! We are ghosts due to the Iron Army! SEND US TO MIDGARD!”

Thrud clicked her fingers, her shackles dropping off “Wings of the Valkyrie!” Magni & Thrud shuddered, tingled with shimmering blue but went nowhere as Mjolnir spun around them.

“UNCLE?” screamed Thrud. Loki glanced at his niece and nephew, dropped his barrier and funnelled the Odinblast Balder shot at him into energy that Thrud could tap and add to her spell.


Loki flew across the room as the pair vanished.

“Place Loki in chains!” roared Balder “Search the grounds for them!”

Loki laughed as he stood; wiping blood from his mouth “Searching for Magni & Thrud here is like looking for brains inside Thor’s skull!”

Thor smashed his fist into Loki’s mouth “I shall wipe that smile from your face!”

“A bit like how you hit your daughter, upon Magni’s unexpected return leaving her in a coma for a month?” asked Loki through his bleeding teeth. Thor roared in frustration and slammed his fists into the floor, shattering the ancient stone.

“Temper temper brother” laughed Loki as Thrud’s former shackles were placed upon his wrists.


Magni and Thrud exploded into the ground like meteorites. When the dust finally cleared Magni stumbled to his feet and coughed up handfuls of dirt. He looked around at the vast desolate plain. He helped his sister to her feet.

Thrud tried to speak “Magni…I…”

He pulled her close and held her “What you did was stupid, but you weren’t to know. It was an accident, a tragic accident that needs rectifying not having you executed! I am sorry for father’s actions and words these past few months. A trial…what in Odin’s name?”

“You…don’t need to apologise” she said looking at her feet “Father on the other hand…”

Magni nodded and placed his hand on her shoulder “I need to disable the Bifrost Cannon. Once that is gone, Asgard can come to the aid of Midgard”

“Will it really be that easy?” asked Thrud

“All quests are hard, otherwise they would be called errands” Magni smiled “I need you to locate the base villain known as Scalphunter so I can drag him to father”

“Greetings grandchildren of Odin”

Magni and Thrud turned, ready to attack when they saw a Native American woman standing nearby, a big smile on her face.

“Daniel spoke of you?”


“Yes” she smiled “Daniel is my nephew, I am Bethany Warhorse. Welcome to the Nation of The Plains”


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Great chapter, Asgard seems to have become a raw nerve here.

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@joshmightbe: Balder's having a time of it, Thor's a powderkeg, seems the only normal one is Loki and nobody trusts him due to his past, which he's trying to change.