Marvel Iron Age: S.H.I.E.L.D Holland's Gambit part 4

Takes place before the time skip in everyone else's stories. Enjoy!

Denver Iron Hall:

Augustus Holland listened to the reports of his panicked agents. A surprise had decapitated the command structure of the militia, General Alberti lead an unauthorized incursion into a nearby state with an entire battalion and in the confusion desertion was growing common. Holland was losing ground and his subordinates were losing their faith.

His advisers argued amongst themselves as a new strategy was being crafted. The most likely scenario involved fortifying the city's defenses for a last stand.

"Idiot." Holland said as he watched the satellite feed of the rogue General's formation, still hoping for a strategic angle he could exploit. The truth was, a hard one he couldn't grasp. Holland's plans had been perfect. Everyone had reacted exactly how he envisioned.

In frustration Holland took long swipe of his desk and tossed everything off the desk. He rubbed his temples and closed his eyes, "You've killed us." No speech he could give, no promises and no backup plan could escape reality crashing at his feet.

General Alberti:

The General soared skyward out of Colorado with his battalion at his back. Men and women loyal to his words as if they were the Supreme Commander's. His opponent was General Ahern. A known drunk and the leader of the forces against Commander Holland.

General Alberti admired Augustus Holland. He did since boyhood. But his scope was small. The empire needed it's eyes opened. The rebellion needed to spread. Not stagnate and forgotten.

(Incomming enemy fire!)

His helmet flashed. The General ignored it as the air burst around him and rattled his suit. As he looked to the horizon, he thought of the future and his place in it. To be like the heroes he had heard so much of as a child.

The skies over head looked peaceful. Serene. Unlike the smoke clogged Denver. His helmet still flashed:


He began to remove his helmet to see his brave New world with his own eyes. And contemplate his place in history.

{Enemy fleet engaged! Casualties climbing!!)

It was as if the channel of a holo-screen had been changed and the volume turned up. The sky had been darkened by the Iron Army. His battalion was being decimated around him. Troops dropped from the air as helicarriers and Iron soldiers fired on his troops. His place in history tarnished by his pride. He was no hero.

Just a fool out of time as he remembered Agent Brooks' when speaking about the control he had over his troops.

(as if the Supreme Commander was giving the order himself)

Denver Iron Hall,

Holland's office:

Agent Peck who was suspicious of the operation to begin with stood in a conference with Holland. She looked at him with disgust. By now everyone has heard about the militia being crushed and General Alberti's suicide run.

Six months was waisted during this rebellion. The system of S.H.I.E.L.D cells in North America was dismantled. Everything went into this. The organizations presence was surely gone at this point.

Agent Peck listened to the man responsible for this situation... this betrayal of Shield. "We make our final stand here." Holland said, sure of himself that these weren't going to be the last moments of this rebellion.

Agent Peck thought of the ancient battle of the Alamo. What those men must have felt. Agent Peck decided that it must have been rage induced by hopelessness. It's what she felt.

"Sir." She said gruff as if clearing her throat, but really trying not to scream.

Holland stopped speaking. He waited for Agent Peck to speak. "I'm a generational S.H.I.E.L.D agent. I grew up listening to stories about old timers like you and Agent Takada."

"We have a small chance. I have specialists here from New Latveria." Holland said as his subordinate walked around him and stood behind him.

"We have to by them time." Holland said.

Agent Peck crossed her arms, as if to prevent herself from lashing out on Holland.

She opened her mouth, but the words that came out were wrong. Like they were being pulled from her mind and brought into the world, "You're a fanatic!"

Agent Peck drew her pistol. She knew what she was doing. But the movement wasn't hers. It felt forced. Her head felt like it was splitting. When she struggled more so. It started turning into a fog. Like elsewhere something was in control of her body.

Holland whispered unemotively with his back still turned, "Maybe I am.

Shots rang out in the off in the office. S.H.I.E.L.D Agents and fellow rebels rushed the office. Blood pooled beneath the desk. Agent Peck had her pistol. Still firing even though the battery in her weapon overheated and burned her.

"what did I do?" She shrieked as agents returned fire. She collapsed onto the wall and slid slowly into a pool of blood.

Agents ran behind the desk. Trying to resuscitate the corpse of who had been Shield Commander Augustus Holland. Her vision fadded with anguished cries and desperate calls for help. Despair flooded her mind, the agent wasn't sure if it was hers or someone else.

In a moment of clarity she said, "Commander... Holl..." She coughed as blood flooded her lungs and filled her throat. "No."

Her vision fades away with Commander Holland. Uncertain and uncontrolled as the future.

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