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(Rated M-MA. Marvel owns it all, I'm just playing in their sandpit)

Reading order Scarlet Spider Intro: http://www.comicvine.com/forums/fan-fic/8/marvel-the-iron-age-scarlet-spider-introduction/652899/

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Pt 1:http://www.comicvine.com/forums/fan-fic/8/marvel-the-iron-age-scarlet-spider-part-one/653346/

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Scarlet Spider Pt 7:http://www.comicvine.com/forums/fan-fic/8/marvel-iron-age-scarlet-spider-7/736291/#6


“We shall not suffer a spider to live!” yelled the Iron Soldier as he fired his repulsor beams at the man in grey and black leaping across the rooftops.

“Ah cram it up your starkhole!” came the reply as he flipped and trained his blaster his attacker “You guys need some new material!”

“This is Private Brubaker requesting backup!” said the soldier, barrel rolling out the way of the shot “I am under attack from a spider!”

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“Not just any spider buddy!” snapped the young man as he fired again “I’m the White-Tail Spider!” The shot hit the soldier and coated him in a ball of webbing.

“I’m hit! I’m hit!” he screamed into his radio as he careened down to the rooftop at speed.

“Dude, you’re going to be dead shortly!” laughed White-Tail as he loaded a large calibre bullet into his blaster as the soldier ploughed into the roof with a thud. White-Tail jumped over to him and placed the blaster against the Brubaker’s visor.

“Any last requests?”

“Not too be doing that?”

White-Tail whirled, gun up towards the New Latverian voice telling him what to do. Standing a few feet away was a man in a massive Hulkbuster type armour and another man in red & blue wearing a spider insignia like himself.

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“Whoa!” exclaimed White-Tail

“Don’t kill him” said the Scarlet Spider

“He was going to kill me!” shouted White-Tail

“Kid, killing him adds to the problem, doesn’t solve it”

“What would you know huh?”

Scarlet Spider pulled off his mask “Because my face is all over the holo-boards! I’m Kaine Reilley, the Iron Army killed my family!”


“Is he excited or being rude?” asked Anatoly.

“Break his armour and send him back to his Iron Hall.” suggested Kaine “Stark, kick him a few times if it makes you feel better, but killing him just brings heat down on you. Besides, do really think he could return to his hall and explain what happened?”

White-Tail looked down at the webbed up soldier and cocked his blaster “True, but they can always get another suit can’t they? This way we send a clear message!”

“How about this,” the massive repulsors whirred to life on the Crimson Dynamo armour “If you are to be killing him; I kill you!”

White-Tail turned his gun towards Anatoly “Hey!”

“Are you getting my message clear?”

Kaine stepped forward “Kid, few weeks ago I’d be killing them too. But the grunts aren’t the problem; it’s the generals and the Supreme Commander”

White-Tail holstered his weapon, sighed then slammed his foot into the head of the soldier “So who are you guys?”

“This is the Crimson Dynamo, I’m the Scarlet Spider; we’re the Minneapolis chapter of SHIELD”

“HALT IN THE NAME OF THE SUPREME COMMANDER!” The trio saw four Iron Soldiers flying in towards them. White-Tail drew his gun.

“So what about them?” he asked

“This is job for professional” sniggered Anatoly from within the armour as he took to the sky.


Weeks ago,

An old service room in the crumbling Stone Arch Bridge, Minneapolis

Augustus Holland extended his hand to Kaine “Wasn’t expecting you, but I’ll take any help I can get. I just lost a cell in Marengo…” Augustus sighed before sucking it up “Anatoly Vanko! Caught your act years ago”

“Spasibo!” Anatoly took Augustus by the hand warmly and kissed his cheeks “How can I be of service?”

Augustus walked over to a table and spread a map of Minneapolis onto it “This city is one of the shining examples of the Supreme Commander’s empire. Like St Louis, like Nuevo Laredo or Virginia Beach. It’s an example because it’s safe”

“Unless you’re a spider” added Kaine

“Or a mutant or anything that doesn’t fit inside their box. They have high rates of random executions; they also get sent a lot of prisoners & dissidents from across the country to keep their numbers up”

“Animals!” muttered Anatoly

“Which is why we’ve been trying for a while to set up a SHIELD cell in the city. So far we’ve had two failures, dismal failures. You’re our last hope. But what we need isn’t a loose cannon like that starking idiot Darius Stane…” Holland paused, bit his lip and continued “We need a hearts and minds operation. I want to turn the city against the empire”

“How you say…revsedition? This is word yes?”

“Close” Holland smiled “Either will do. Revolution or sedition but it needs to happen on the people level. We can kill all the soldiers…”

“Good!” interrupted Kaine. Holland looked at him.

“No, not good. You kill one, they send four more. Kill those four they send a battalion. Kill the battalion and they mobilise for war! They will always have more than us. They’re better equipped and they’ve got that mad bastard in charge who if they don’t follow orders, they get killed. So you need to change your tactics Kaine. I know what happened to your parents, but the grunts out here in Minneapolis weren’t involved!”

“So you just want me to forget it?”

“No! Stark no! I want you to be creative. Killing them solves very little in the long run”

“So, no killing?” asked Anatoly scratching his beard.

Holland exhaled in frustration “It’s not always kill or be killed! We need to be BETTER than the starks in charge! Why would people want to side with us if all we offer is EXACTLY the same as what they’ve got? If you’re going to die, then do what you have to but killing just because you can…”

“I…don’t know” said Kaine

“It’s just an experiment” said Holland “It’s just one city. But I do ask you to try. Now I have to go, being in charge of a country wide terrorist organisation means there’s always a problem somewhere. Kaine, we’re better than them! Remember that”

Holland grabbed his battle pack and hefted it onto his shoulder “I’ll check in when I can, dasvidaniya!”


Scarlet Spider stood over the four naked soldiers webbed together. White-Tail passed parts of their armour to Crimson Dynamo who was welding them into a modern artistic piece.

“I call this ‘Tribute to Doom’” he announced “What do you think?”

Scarlet Spider chuckled “It’s hideous!”

“Bah! Everyone is critic!”

No Caption Provided

White-Tail cocked his gun and placed it to the forehead of a soldier “We shall not suffer a soldier to live!”

Scarlet Spider grabbed White-Tail and shoved him away “What do you think you’re doing?”

“Seeing how they like it!” snapped White-Tail



“I hate them just about as much, if not more than you do okay! If it’ll make you feel better, kill them! Kill them all”

“What about him?” White-Tail pointed to Crimson Dynamo who was adding finishing touches to his masterpiece.

“I think his offer still stands. But killing them only makes you a murderer, especially since they’re tied up and defenceless”

“Stark you’re annoying!” yelled White-Tail as he holstered his weapon and stomped off.

“He reminds me of small child” laughed Crimson Dynamo as he stepped back to look at his work “Hmmm you are right, it is hideous!” And with that he batted the piece off the roof and watched it slam into the ground.

Scarlet Spider turned to the four webbed up soldiers “My name is the Scarlet Spider. I have all your I-Dent cards so I know where you live and what you look like! I see any of you in a tin suit, in an Iron Army uniform or anywhere near an Iron Hall,” His hand crackled with bio-energy “I’ll blow your starking head off! Dynamo!”


“Send them to the next world!”

Crimson Dynamo thumped forward, his repulsors roaring to life. The soldiers screamed and struggled to no avail when he opened up on them, with tazers. The soldiers convulsed and throttled about until they were unconscious. White-Tail stood there, mouth open. Scarlet Spider smiled under his mask and shot a webline, swinging off across the city.


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I love Dynamo's speech.


Great job!

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@YoungJustice: Thanks :)

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Great chapter, we need to get Spiderman going again, 3 Spidermen and the one with the mantle is out in the cold

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@joshmightbe: I'd like too, I am kinda swamped!

Maybe if we ask really really nicely, he'll come back to writing his creation!

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Your turn!

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@batkevin74: that would be nice

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@batkevin74: Just so much has gone on since I wrote any Iron Age stuff, and even then I couldn't keep up with everything. Plus every time I open up

a file to write something new.....just nothing comes out.

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@PrinceIMC: Well it was worth asking. Your creation of Desmond Fisk has gone onto a wider role as all round a$$ while the Sinister Six inspired creations (Vulture, Rhino & Chameleon) have been put under the wing of a Ferrum scientist who created a Scorpion type suit (which started in Scarlet Spider but she's moved into another all round a$$ role)

Spider-Man has been inactive since I did the two-part Blood Drive a while ago; while Molotov & Hamster have vanished completely. I'll keep @'ing you(unless you want out) to keep you abreast of stuff, who knows maybe something will click and BOOM you explode back with a magnum opus about Iron Age Mysterio! :)

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@batkevin74: Heh, I don't mind the occasional @'s to keep me informed of everything.

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@DickGrayson said:

@batkevin74: I think Matthew Drake with is Symbiote in Full control should have at Kaine Reilly! Not right now though if you don't want to, but I think a crossover would be cool.

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If he's ever in Minneapolis, bring it on!

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@batkevin74: Sounds like a plan!

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Bumped @time_phantom Holland & Scarlet Spider and the Minneapolis plan

Also @cbishop could you add this to the library at you leisure

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The Crimson Dynamo, and the Scarlet Spider, and you didn't give them a red theme team name?? Missed opportunity.

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@wildvine: Better Red Than Dead :) Didn't even think of it

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Again, a random chapter from a long running Marvel series with over 2000 views.