Marvel Iron age: Lady Deathstrike vol. 2 #5

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Marvel Iron age: Lady Deathstrike vol. 2 #5

AN/ So... this chapter is the start of a new arc for our hero. (abandoning the last one I started in #4. Between basic training and being stationed in South Korea I lost inspiration.) But now I'm back.

Ngumi Takada:

It was late at night in Doomstadt. Ngumi Takada had returned to Doomstadt after the undercover mission she had been forced into by Carol. Officially she was once again on house arrest in another apartment given to her by Carol. Every night it was an order she violated. She patrolled the city in Shield gear with sword tied to her back. The violent urges that warred for attention inside her she let loose on an unsuspecting criminal element. Having spent centuries fighting the Iron army it was the next best thing.

Many people were displaced because of the invasions. People that were left homeless due to lack of resources and couldn’t find work were victimized by those that made promises or prosperity after the invasions’ end. Ngumi had tracked a gang of human traffickers to one of their hideouts. It was a rundown building on the outskirts of the city. The scars from the Thanos Invasion and the Battle of Doomstadt still lingered. Craters from explosions marked the streets, husks of building barely stood and crumbled.

Ngumi hovered over the site on a glider she acquired from a Shield weapons cache. Along with high tech body armor that enhanced her reflexes and physical ability and some essential weapons. The gang was loading men, women and children onto a hover truck. Those that moved slowly from injury were assaulted and tossed into the truck’s trailer.

The former Shield agent stepped off the glider and plummeted toward the roof of the hideout. The bottoms of her boots glowed several feet before hitting the ground which slowed her fall before she landed safely. Ngumi ran to a section of the roof that had caved in and leapt through it. She pressed a button on her collar that turned her invisible.

New Latveria,

Queen Danvers study:

It was six months after the attack on Castle Doom lead by New Latverian Shield agents. Ngumi’s undercover assignment brought the rest of the traitors out into the open and the country was relatively quiet. Diplomatic talks between New Asgard and the new government Ares established during his conquest of the Chechen DMZ were rocky, but going well.

New Latveria itself was still in recovery from the two invasions it had suffered in the last two years. Carol Danvers had S.H.I.E.L.D monitoring the border with the New Latverian military and since the end of Commander Holland’s rebellion. New Latveria was now in a constant state of readiness. Checkpoints were established in every major city. The military presence had grown even more since the invasions.

“My Queen!” A shield agent exclaimed as he barged into the queen’s study and saluted before her desk.

Carol looked up from a pile of data pads wearily and awaited the agent’s news. “ There’s a situation, in Doomstadt. One of your assets is engaged in a fire fight down town on the flyway.” The agent said.

“Why are you telling me?” Carol now instantly annoyed said. “Intervene.”

The agent simply bowed his head as his face turned red, “The asset in question is one you personally ordered `not to be interfered with and use extreme caution when monitoring’, my Queen.”

Carol dropped the data pad in her hand and stood, “Where is Ngumi?”

The Flyway:

Ngumi was in pursuit of two hover trucks on her glider after infiltrating the gang’s hideout. A shootout ensued. Her glider danced around pulse rifle fire as she etched closer to one of the trucks. A misstep would mean plummeting down to the streets below, so dodging air traffic was also essential. “Pull over!” She yelled as she sped toward the side of the driver’s side of the vehicle.

The driver drew a pistol, shot at Ngumi as she lowered her glider and flew under the truck. Horns cried out as civilians swerved their hover cars away from the shooting and the speeding trucks. Ngumi drew her sword and stabbed through the trucks power conduit, which caused the truck to lose altitude. Ngumi ducked low to avoid the falling metal hulk as her glider shot back and whirled around the truck’s trailer.

Ngumi leaped off her glider and onto the back end of the trailer, kept stable by the magnets in her boots. She yanked the latches keeping the trailer shut and sheathed her sword. Instead of panicked civilians stuck in a crashing vehicle she found an empty trailer. A decoy while the real trailer got away, “F#@%!” She swore.

Before she could call her glider back in the time it took her to blink she was spontaneously ground level without explanation. She looked around quickly bystanders screamed, pointed and the wind rushed from above her. She looked up; the hover truck was less than a dozen feet from above her. Ngumi evaded quickly by jumping to the side and rolling away. The truck smashed into the ground. Glass shattered and twisting metal shrieked in the air. Something else blended with the crash, an unwelcome sound.

Ngumi pushed herself from the ground as a repulsor blast tore into the concrete. Ngumi scrambled to her feet and got behind the wreckage of the truck for cover. She grabbed a pistol holstered to her side and peeked around the corner. Nothing. She pulled her weapon and checked the other side. Nothing. “Okay,” Ngumi whispered. “Who is shooting at me?”

“Nobody!” A metallic voice sounded off if front of her. Ngumi raised her pistol forward, but a strong hand forced her arms up and pinned them behind her head. In front of her was a man clad in black power armor like a soldier in the Iron Army.

Ngumi knew her attacker. “Mr. Nobody?” She growled. Two years ago she worked with an alley of Shield to bring down his criminal network. After Nobody and his mercenaries attacked an Iron Hall, he was arrested due to Ngumi’s intervention. “San Francisco is a long way from here.”

“You have something mine!” He yelled as he slammed her back onto the wreckage. “I want the plans to the Ultimate Nullifier! You have them!”

Ngumi shot both legs in front of her out into Nobody’s chest, his grip broke and he vanished. “Right,” Ngumi said as she mused on a personally annoying detail about her opponent. “He teleports.”

Ngumi rolled forward, evading a punch to the side of her face and ran forward. Ngumi jumped and launched a hard kick to her front, “Jackass!” She yelled as Nobody teleported in front of her as her boot crashed into his face.

Nobody reeled back as Ngumi got low and swept his legs from under him. Ngumi continued to jump and unsheathe her sword. The point of her blade buried itself deep in the mutants’ chest. Nobody let out a pained grunt as he squirmed at the point of Ngumi’s sword. Ngumi unlatched the face plate of Mr. Nobody and removed his helmet. She stared, stone faced and deadly, “You’re dying anyway aren’t you.

Mr. Nobody’s face was scarred almost beyond recognition; an eye was missing, along with his nose and several teeth. Patches of brittle hair remained. Without the armor, Mr. Nobody’s voice was weak and still. He spoke with so much hatred, “Da…nm you! They don’t just arrest us in America. Not mutants… No.”

“You picked the perfect day to decide upon assisted suicide.” Ngumi said as she twisted the blade and yanked it from Nobody’s chest cavity.

“ Nnnoott…ooveer!” Mr. Nobody wheezed with all the strength he could muster. The fallen crime lord looked on with boiling fury as Ngumi raised her boot over his head.

“But it really is.” Ngumi said as she brought her foot crashing down, bone snapped under her heel as bits of flesh oozed from the bottom. The kill was cold. Simple. The end. But still in the back of her mind, Ngumi wondered and even as cliché as it may have been,

“What did he mean by, `not over’?”

I was never good enough to find

I was never bad enough to mind

In the middle I will do my best

Take me in your arms and leave the rest

I will give you anything to

Say you want to stay, you want me to

Say you'll never die, you'll always haunt me

I want to know I belong to you

Say you'll haunt me

Together, together we'll be together, together forever…

Ngumi was living in a new apartment after mission with Scalphunter and the last shield assignment she was a part of. It was bigger. It had three bedrooms, two bathrooms and was meagerly decorated with just the essentials. It was kept simple. Ngumi liked it that way. Ngumi sang in the living room while she played guitar for her two wards, Kylie and Kikone. The twin daughters of Leanne Schmidt; this age of irons, Silver Sable. Ngumi finished with the two girl humming the chorus, “When’d you learn that?” Kikone asked.

“I learned two hundred years ago.” Ngumi said as she played a chord for no reason at all other than being amused by the awe of her children. “Your mom and Jess liked those old songs.”

“Jess?” They both asked.

Ngumi looked puzzled, “Mongoose?”

The look on both girls’ faces was like a dark empty house had all the lights turned on simultaneously, “Mommies frenemy from the picture?” Kikone asked as she pointed to an old holo-pic on the counter. It was a picture of Ngumi surrounded by several armed individuals, with a teenager with silver hair next to Ngumi on one side and a girl with brown hair to the other side.

“The Wild Pack!” Ngumi said while she stretched her arms out for emphasis. “Yep that was us! A long time ago! We were…”

“Miss Takada!” A voice shouted from the behind the door on the other side of the room.

Ngumi frowned as she glared she took a deep breath as she prepared to yell, <What now!> The twins yelled in perfect Japanese instead.

“The queen demands your presence!”

Valeria Base,

High Security Wing:

Ngumi was transported to one of the biggest bases in New Latveria. The High Security with was a holding area for the enemies of the country before being shipped to Siberia to carry out their prison terms. The Queen wanted to see her. After the chewing out Carol gave Ngumi because of the shoot out the other day, Ngumi expected their next meeting to be further apart. “Thanks for joining gracing us with your presence.” Carol Danvers, the Queen of New Latveria said.

“I am but a servant.” Ngumi grumbled as a team of armed Shield agents escorted her through the base. <Bitch queen.>

Carol glared and said also in Japanese, <I’m getting tired of you calling me that.>

“I didn’t know you knew Japanese.” An impressed Ngumi said as both women walked down a steel corridor. “So why am I here? And don’t even think about asking me to do another mission for you. Not after that shit you pulled six months ago?”

“The situation evolved. We had to pull you out.” Carol said dismissively. “Your work saved millions of people and the rouge Shield agents were all tried.”

Ngumi put her hands behind her head and walked casually, “You mean gathered and shot?”

Carol didn’t answer. She sneered, “You are no longer privileged to know such classified information.”

“So you bring me here?” Ngumi said as she looked around the high security Shield base.

“Because someone attempted to cross the border with China yesterday and asked for you by name.” Carol said as they turned a corner to a window. Carol gestured forward, “She asked for Deathstrike.”

Ngumi looked through the window and looked at the person below. It was a woman. Pale skin. Blue hair and a facial tattoo that covered her right eye, yes Ngumi did know her. “I’ll talk to her.”

The woman sat at a glass table. When she tried to cross the border, Shield captured her and brought her to this base. They covered her face and had her shackled. “Domino.” She heard Ngumi’s voice say in an exhausted tone.

“Lady Deathstrike.” Domino said back as a hologram of Ngumi materialized from nothing. They both said nothing and just looked. It had been ten years since the last time both women talked. It had not ended well,

“You’re going to die, by the end of the month.”

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@time_phantom: Ngumi is always a pleasure to read, even when there is a long gap between chapters. Nicely mini recap and starting her on a new adventure