Marvel Iron Age Lady Deathstrike Chapter 11 vol. 2

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Marvel Iron Age Lady Deathstrike Chapter 11 vol. 2

AN/ As promised Red Widow vs. Lady Deathstrike!


Red Widow:

Red Widow's pixies teleported the assassin out of the exploding Black Air bomber. She ended up on a strip of field choked by smoke and dust. The air was hot and burned her lungs, but the other woman she fought briefly against was nowhere to be found. Widow's pixies' have the ability to track anything, whether it's in the form of an energy signature or like in her opponents case a drop of blood from a wound.

"She's fast." Red Widow said as she cautiously crept forward. Widow had to have just missed her. The smoke obscured her vision. Using the pixies was out of the question until she could get a clear view. The encounter previously showed how dangerous this new opponent was, this new opponent knew Red Widow was there without even looking, while explosions were going off. Getting right on to her would backfire until Red Widow could get her cornered, she decided.

Her master, Scalphunter would want to know about this development. Red Widow lifted her wrist to her face as a hologram displayed the names of a number of her contacts, "V.I. call Scalphunter." She ordered.

"The god-king and Sex Dynamo Scalphunter-"

"Send this message to everyone else on contacts!" Red Widow interrupted. This was a coordinated attack. Red Widow was sure this was the beginning of a full scale attack. It could have been S.H.I.E.L.D or even Hydra. Without Scalphunter to give the order she was going to call her own show of force. "S.O.S Message. The house has burned down! Lets all enjoy the the bonfire! End Message." Red Widow closed her communicator and continued her pursuit. She could only imagine the groans going through the heads of everyone that message it went to. Days off never happened and now none of them would be getting one.

Was this another test, by Scalphunter? He seemed to know this attack was going to happen. After the details on her mission to the destroyed spider base, he seemed to calm, he seemed to no longer care that Red Widow looked into his files to learn about this group of Spiders that killed his parents and instead seemed to enjoy the concept of someone he knew intervening.

Ngumi Takada:

"Did that idiot give everyone the day off ?" Ngumi thought to herself, as she shook her head in frustration as that's the most likely reason why the EAD is derelict during an attack, meaning her plan of playing Black Air against Scalphunter was sure to fail unless she could salvage the situation.

Ngumi had made it to the base's command center. It was a large round room, broken desks used to circle the entire room and faced the huge monitor at the head of the room where Ngumi was. Now there was a hole where a portion of ceiling was, debris was everywhere and another blasted bit of wall exposed the room to the outside. Ngumi was surprised the base still stood. That was no doubt because Mysteria was determined to field troops when it would be less costly for her to just bomb the castle into dust.

"That born idiot." Ngumi said aloud as she looked at static and faded footage of of Black air teams setting a perimeter and sending teams into the castle. Ngumi clicked through different cam feeds to find which worked. Ngumi paused at one, the former Shield agent expected it and was even perhaps glad that Scalphunter was alive and picking apart a team of Black Air mercs. It meant she could fight him again.

"But not today." Ngumi growled, she had another grudge just as big to settle in New Latveria. This was to distract two of her enemies while she dealt with another.

Ngumi turned around to make her escape, when in the corner of her eye she saw the figure of a woman standing at the entrance of the command center. It was the woman from the inside of the bomber, Ngumi crashed. "Who are you?" Red Widow yelled from across the room.

"You aren't going to pop up behind me again?" Ngumi asked, annoyed that her escape just wasn't going to be quick like she wanted.

"I decided it wouldn't have worked." Red Widow said, as she walked forward. "Anybody the master bothers to even warn me about is deserving of that amount of caution. Tell me. You attacked the, Acid Spiders in Japan didn't you?"

Ngumi looked at her blankly as if her mind was elsewhere and she became very still, " Yes. I guess Gerald got the message loud and clear."

Red Widow stopped and anger flashed on her face, "Don't call him that!"

Ngumi without breaking eye contact and her face still un-emotive. Ngumi had heard of Red Widow, she was responsible for several deaths within Shield and suspected kills inside New Latveria. She even gave Hardy and Creed a difficult time, and if the both of them with Agent Beth Walker's assistance wasn't enough to stop her then that made Ngumi interested. Even against her better judgement,"Show me what, Gerald taught you."

Red Widow's psionic blades flared up and she vanished! Ngumi hunched over, guessing where the assassin would appear next just as Red Widow reappeared behind her. Red Widow swung her blade where Ngumi's head was going to be as the former Shield agent launched her fist into Widow's stomach. Ngumi pressed her attack by jumping up and connecting a knee strike to her opponents head, making Red Widow dizzy; Ngumi went into a series of punches and kicks that Widow parried to varying degrees of success.

Red Widow picked up her pace and went on offence after she caught one of Ngumi's punches. She hit the former Shield agent with an uppercut to her chest that knocked the wind out of her, Red Widow pulling the arm of Ngumi's she caught yanked her forward and smashed her in the nose with an elbow strike. Red Widow pulled her close again and fired up a psi-blade and stabbed Ngumi in the side.

Red Widow backed off. There was something eerie about this woman's fighting style. When she pressed her attacks she was fast and punishing. Each blow had purpose, but when she went on the defensive she relented and took hits she didn't have to and that was what she had questions about. Why? It didn't make sense. "Do you have a healing factor?" Red Widow asked.

Ngumi pulled a syringe from he equipment belt and injected a gel into the wound on her side that closed the wound, "No," Ngumi grunted as the gel began to heal her injury with a burning sensation. "That would be convenient."

"You're fighting like, Scalphunter." Red Widow accused as both hands emitted psionic blades, "Are you... playing?"

"High praise from, Gerald's toy." Ngumi unsheathed her sword from her back and got into a striking stance, "When ever you're ready."


Scalphunter like a kid in a playground found himself enjoying every moment of this catastrophe. He picked off teams of Black Air soldiers as he came across them. Which was a surprise he just knew Ngumi was also responsible for. Ngumi was the only one who knew about the Acid Spiders connection to him. Ngumi was the only one who would bother orchestrating an attack like this on the European Assassination Division. New Latveria would be too afraid to start a war and as far as Scalphunter knew the Supreme Commander could care less about attacking him like this. It was too drastic and chaotic. Just like Ngumi was in Madripoor.

"I'm gonna kill the stark outta her!" Scalphunter said angrily and then went into a sly chuckle, "Death by a thousand hacking slashes? No! Chopsticks would probably think that would be fun. Do I have time to pick up exploding flowers? Nah! She probably hates flowers."

Scalphunter had started making his was to his command center, if it still existed at this point. His base was crumbling around him and nobody was around besides him to do anything about it. This was his base. His base that was now on fire. The larger Iron Army was out of Europe so there was no back up, besides the agents he sent off base for just this occasion. Just as Scalphunter began to think of the greater current stakes he was in his attention was redirected up ahead where a fight sounded like it was heating up.

Scalphunnter's mouth widened into a large toothy grin, he tip-toed quickly to the entrance and rolled behind the cover of a partly collapsed wall. He peaked his head above the rubble and was drawn by the action. Scalphunter's pupil, Red Widow and Ngumi Takada were going all out! Widow whipped her energy projections around her like spinning helicopter blades. Ngumi smacked them out of her path with her sword, jumped or flipped out of the way. When the Swordswoman would get close Red Widow would block and distance herself and begin again.

Scalphunter slumped down behind his hiding spot and snorted as he stifled a full blown laugh, "Bitch fight, bitch fight! Watcha gonna do? Watcha gonna do, when I kill the winner!"


Ngumi dodged swinging energy blades, the adjusted length whenever Ngumi dodged, when she could block the swipes came faster and faster. Ngumi hasn't landed a hit and neither has Red Widow. Ngumi charged after the assassin. Red Widow pointed her fist that shot forth a long psionic blade that Ngumi smacked away with her sword. Red Widow slashed away with another attack that Ngumi dropped to her knees and slid under to close the distance. Ngumi slashed at Widow's abdomen and opened a wound on her ribs.

Red Widow was caught off guard at Ngumi's sudden agility after the prolonged back and forth of their battle. Her blades morphed into sickles and she came down with a panicked attack aiming for Ngumi's head. Ngumi changed direction fast and whipped around Widow and slashed at the killer once more. Ngumi cut open Red Widow's lower back.

Red Widow sucked in air through her teeth and snapped around quickly to fire thin beam like constructs from her finger tips that formed a web of psionic energy around, Ngumi. Ngumi couldn't move. Not even enough to struggle. Ngumi was trapped, "You're still breathing because I need to know why you did this." Red Widow said; as she walked coldly toward with the hand emiting her web construct at, Ngumi without seeming to be effected by her wounds at all.

Ngumi still had a detached look on her face, even trapped. Her voice seemed just as cold, "It was fun."

Red Widow fired up a psionic blade with her free hand and slashed at Ngumi's belly, making a deep cut that bled and most of all hurt, "This is a waist of time!" Ngumi grunted.

Red Widow walked behind Ngumi and slashed her across the back, "Understand. You don't scare me." Red Widow slashed Ngumi again on her back. "You don't intimidate me!"

"You know I have to tell you, when you interrogate someone you shouldn't say those lines you just said." Ngumi said as she took another slash to her back, "Makes the subject not believe you! Gerald should have told you that!"

Ngumi choked a scream down when Red Widow shoved her blade into the back of her shoulder, her vision began to get shaky, she felt warm blood soak in her combat suit and she had no chance of escaping. "You can't call him that! You can't!" Red Widow screamed, for the first time showing any outward emotion.

Ngumi bit her lip and smiled, "You're such a book. "

Red Widow circled back around to face Ngumi. "You're in pain. Talk and then I will kill you. "

Ngumi only smiled back, "Tell me how you felt when you saw all those dismembered bodies? All those dead Spiders? Do you think Madame Web saw the whole thing? That's a fun thought. Imagine how horrifying that was for her."

Red Widow answered by slashing across Ngumi's chest, "Shut up!"

Ngumi hissed at the feeling of the blow. It was a glancing hit that broke through the armor and grazed her skin. Was that on purpose? Her strikes were precise and surgical earlier. Ngumi decided to continue to press, "I bet David was scared, right Melody? That's your name right?"

Red Widow's face betrayed her and displayed the rage she felt as she lunged at the former Shield assassin. Red Widow's web construct dropped and Ngumi was freed and caught the assassin's wrist just as a psionic blade was about to rip through her chest. Ngumi violently twisted Red Widow's wrist the wrong way and whipped her forward to jab an elbow over her right eye that opened a cut that bled profusely. With her sword still in her hand Ngumi continued by slamming her sword through Red Widow's foot and flooring her with a roundhouse kick to the side of her head.

Ngumi stumbled forward and used her sword to hold herself up. Her breathing was heavy and she felt light headed. Her head was pounding and every time she moved she felt the blood inside her suit pool more and her wounds shift. Ngumi had no idea how deep she was cut or how bad. The former shield agent was sure at least more of her blood was on the floor than inside her. Even then Ngumi couldn't help but feel that this was just right, like this fight was just starting and maybe Red Widow could lead her to the embrace of the Shinigami.

Red Widow sat up and covered the cut that spilled blood into her eye and waited on her opponents next move. Red Widow scolded herself for allowing this woman to get under her skin. To exploit her missteps, this was not what she learned from Scalphunter. This was a shameful display. "Kill me."

"Giving up?" Ngumi questioned

"No." Red Widow said, she looked at Ngumi with defiance still in her eyes. Her body boiled over with rage that this woman had her cornered. "Scalphunter will never allow a failure such as this. I'd rather die than live to admit this failure to him. I will not."

Ngumi rolled her eyes at Red Widow's conviction, "Do you even care Scalphunter?" Ngumi looked off to a pile of rubble where she stopped a pair of beady eyes peaking at the fight intermittently. She assumed it was Scalphunter acting like a kid playing a game of hid n' seek.

"Nope!" Scalphunter said, revealing half his face from behind the rubble, "Gonna kill the one who wins anyway! Seriously kinda hope it's you though chopsticks!"

Ngumi readied her sword, "Up! I won't kill a fighter like you on their back, Red Widow."

"You're insane." Red Widow grunted and she struggled to balance herself on her uninjured foot. The woman she fought was a capable fighter. Her will was off putting, even wounded in several places and fighting like the damage she took didn't matter she seemed to be excited by the battle. Gleeful? Red Widow wasn't sure. She had much in common with, Scalphunter and was almost as dangerous.

To be continued

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like how its working out so far

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@joshmightbe: I'm glad you like it. I hope I'm getting Widow down right to your liking.

It's kinda weird seeing chapters days apart, but I really just want to finish this arc

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@time_phantom: Thinking about doing some new chapters myself. Its been a while tho.

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@joshmightbe: That would be fun. We gotta get the world moving again.

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@time_phantom: Im about half done with a new Hardy and Creed thats kind of a prologue to Kang's arrival. Im introducing some characters that will be like his heralds for lack of a better word. I was gonna finish writing Fry and Molly's wedding first but I got nothing there.

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@time_phantom: Im using Ngumi in a flashback, basically elaborating on the whole Agent Walker's past as Sparkplug. I can change it if you aren't ok with it tho. Its pretty much training stuff.

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@joshmightbe: Oh man it's more than ok. After all I'm using one of yours after all (and you gave me permission like a year ago to use Red Widow. I don't really remember.)

But feel free. Have fun.

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@time_phantom: "Gonna kill the one who wins anyway! Seriously kinda hope it's you though chopsticks!" Awww he wants a third rematch

Another solid chapter

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@batkevin74: glad you liked it. I always kinda worry I'm not writing Scalphunter right.

Ever since a comment in the comment section of another chapter, I've wanted a Red Widow and Deathstrike fight. I'm really happy with how it turned out

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@time_phantom: What happened to #12? It's coming up 404 Not Found.