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Rated M-MA. Continued from:http://www.comicvine.com/forums/fan-fic/8/marvel-iron-age-jessica-mongoose-decisions-part-1/742424/#14

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Jessica Mongoose ran through New York several Iron Soldiers and Hunters in hot pursuit of her. She ducked and weaved making it harder for them to train a clear shot on her, but the longer the chase went, the more likely she’d get tagged and then it’d be over. Jess could normally take on dozens of soldiers, but weapon-less and on the back foot, the odds were not in her favour.

-Never thought I’d go out like this! Running like a New Latverian. Stark! Think Jess, think!-

She skidded around a corner to a dead end, a giant Spider-Man wanted poster on the wall. Jess ran hard and jumped into the corner and tried to scale the wall by kicking her way up between the two walls. It would’ve worked too, but a close shot blew out the brickwork under her foot and she fell/tumbled back into the alley, landing like a cat on all fours. Jessica Mongoose snarled as the four soldiers landed.

“This is Private Frenz. We have Jessica Mongoose cornered in an alley off west 133…”

“Do you now?” Jessica ran at them. The soldiers opened fire; Jessica ducked, dodged and was up upon them like a wild beast. She grabbed one soldier and used his repulsors against the others before spinning it back into his face and firing, blowing his own head off.

“We are under attack!” screamed Frenz as he hastily fired off shots, scared at the ferocity and lethality of her attacks.

“No…” growled Jessica as her foot shattered his visor “You’re dead!” Jessica grabbed him by the sides of the helmet and forcefully kissed him, he drank in her pheromones deeply. The familiar goofy look came over his face.

“When the other soldiers arrive, kill them!” she whispered

“Yes my love” he sighed


Master Sergeant Natalee Toomes looked at the chaos in the alley. Six dead soldiers, one critically injured Hunter, no Jessica Mongoose.

“Jessica and her starking pheromones!” cried Natalee “All units! Keep your visors closed when dealing with Mongoose!” She looked at the dead “Did Frenz say anything before he was killed?”

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“Just yes my love, ma’am” replied a Hunter slightly awkwardly at having to repeat the phrase.

“Any luck on tracking?”

“No ma’am, not at the moment!”

“STARK!” yelled Toomes kicking a corpse to vent her frustration “FIND HER!”

Brooklyn, New York

Jessica stood on top of an apartment tower looking down on the city. Her escape led her to rooftop run across the city ending up here. She stepped to the edge and looked down.

-This is starked! Totally starked! My choices are get killed by the Iron Army or join the Avengers AND get killed by the Iron Army! Or if the Supreme Commander concentrates really hard he could kill me now! So death; death or death! Or I can fall off here...which is also death. Not a lot of options Jess! Maybe I should go find Ngumi and have her chop my head off like she did for Dragonfly when she was bitten by that starking thing in…-

“Don’t jump lady!”

Jessica flinched at the blurted out statement as she turned and lost her balance. A silvery strand flew out and hit her on the belt.

“I said don’t!”

Jessica glared at the young man dressed up like a spider as she regained her footing “You sneak up on a girl and yell don’t jump, are you an idiot?”

“No…I’m Spider-Man” he struck a heroic pose.

A chill ran down her spine as her hand stuck to the webbing that was all across her waist as well.

-Spider-starking-man! Thou shall not suffer a spider to live! Just kill him! Kill him and all will be forgiven. You can go back. You just have to kill…is he a teenager?-

“Sorry about the mess” gushed Spider-Man “You’re my first suicide prevention, so I may have webbed too early”

“I bet you say that to all the girls!” Though he wore a full faced mask Jessica could tell he was blushing “So you’re Spiderman?”

“Well there’s that Scarlet Spider guy and some other guy in black, but who cares about them”

Jessica looked down at the webbing “And what are we going to do about your mess?”

“Ahh well it’ll evaporate in about an hour”

“So you’ll be ready again in an hour?”

“No I’m ready now!”

Jessica smiled at how the conversation had diverted to slightly south of the equator “Thank you”

“Why do you look familiar?” asked Spider-Man “Are you a model?”

Jessica laughed “No, I’m Jessica M…Drew”

“Nice to meet you Jessica M’Drew” Spider-Man extended his hand “I’m your friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man”

-Take the arm, snap his elbow, head butt across bridge of the nose, twist his mask, palm strike to the sternum…-

Jessica gingerly took his hand and burst into tears.

“Hey!” Spider-Man didn’t quite know what to do “Oh hey!” He wrapped an arm around her “Its okay Jessica”

No, no it’s not” she pushed Spider-Man away “My name is Jessica Mongoose. I am one of the Supreme Commander’s elite assassins and if I bring him your head, I can resume my position instead of hiding underground with a robot, a man with a death wish, a circus clown, a Greek godling and a former Iron Soldier whilst the Iron Army tries to kill me”

“I preferred it when you were Jessica M’Drew” said Spider-Man “Like about thirty seconds ago. Can we go back to then? Look you think your life is hard. Try mine! I’m Spider-Man! The whole world hates spiders and I dress up as a Spider! Seriously being the Supreme Commander’s bitch ain’t got nothing on my dramas!” Spider-Man sat down on the ledge “I got the Ferrum boys sending cyborgs and robots after me every second day, plus every soldier on every corner, wants to be the one who kills a spider so I have a large target on me! Add to the fact my overprotective dad clashes with my inflated sense of responsibility and that’s the tip of my iceberg!” He stood up “So if you wanna try and take my head…seriously he wants my literal head?”

Jessica wiped tears from her eyes, she didn’t know whether to laugh or cry “How old are you?”

“Old enough to know that all this stark, shouldn’t happen to someone my age!”

Jessica sat down on the ledge and patted the spot next to her “Sit”

“Are you gonna try and push me off?” asked Spider-Man “Coz I’ll warn you now I’m nimble”

“Nope, I just want to sit here and watch the world go by with someone”

Spider-Man looked up to the sky “Dear Thor, please don’t let my girlfriend find out about this please. She’ll blow a fuse! Yours sincerely Spider-Man” He sat down beside Jessica, who leant over and put her head on his shoulder and watched the world go by in silence.

Central Park

Jessica wandered through the park, a smile on her face. She’d spent a strange but lovely afternoon with Spider-Man just sitting; she hadn’t done that in years. As she headed towards the secret entrance she spotted a familiar figure wandering through the park obviously coming off duty.

“If you scream, I’ll break your neck!” whispered Jessica as she sidled up behind the woman, arm across her throat.

“Mongoose!” seethed Natalee as her hand went to her service revolver.

Jessica put her hand on Natalee’s and firmly held it tight on the handle of the gun “It’s been a long day Nat, would you like some coffee?”

“You are an enemy of the empire!” growled Natalee “Under orders from the Supreme Commander you are sentenced to immediate execution!”

“Is that a no?” Jessica tightened her grip

“Everyone deserves a last request”

Al-Mar Coffee Shop

Jessica Mongoose and Natalee Toomes sat a table in the quiet shop. Asides from them there was the bored waitress and a pair of off duty Iron Soldiers.

“See that is the problem with the Iron Army,” said Jessica as she sipped her coffee “Public enemy number one is within arm’s reach and they’re not paying attention”

“You want them on twenty four hours a day, seven days a week” scoffed Natalee “You sound like the Supreme Commander. And when we suggest robots…”

“Ultron” whispered Jessica

The ladies sat silently for a while, the horror stories of that mechanical menace had been drilled into both of them.

“I could get executed for this.” said Natalee pushing away her cup of horrid black liquid.

“I’ll send flowers” Jessica smiled.

“So how does it feel to be a traitor?”

Jessica looked down at the table “Honestly, it sucks!”

“Good! You should feel bad” said Natalee

Jessica looked back up “But seeing how we treat people; seeing how ridiculously incompetent the Iron Army is, present company excluded, and living in the shadow of well, a telepathic madman, I’d rather be a traitor”

“So that’s your decision?”

“Helped along by the fact Scalphunter killed Leann in front of her kids,” Jessica pushed her coffee away “He’s going to pay for that!”

“You hated her!”

“True, but nobody deserves to be exploded in front of their kids! And I hated her because she was so much better, prettier, smarter than me and that Ngumi liked her more than she liked me, and the list goes on how much I hated her and why I hated her! But she was my friend; once upon a time…that’s probably why her getting killed really sucks because we don’t get to dance anymore. She won’t be popping up halfway through me doing a mission…” Jessica stood up “Thanks for the drink”

“You can’t just leave!” said Natalee bluntly as she placed her revolver on the table.

“Natalee, you don’t want to do this”

“I don’t, but I have to!” replied Natalee “Unlike you, I’m not a traitor! I know my duty and…” Jessica’s foot finished Natalee’s sentence, smashing into her face sending her back into the wall and then back into the table knocking her out cold. Jessica picked up the revolver and unloaded it into the two confused off duty soldiers.

“See you round Nat”

Below Central Park

Jessica walked up to Vision in the conference room “We’re the Avengers right?”

“Yes Jessica, we are Avengers.” Vision smiled “You seem in a much better disposition that yesterday”

“I’ve made a decision Vision and I’m sticking to it.” she smiled “Now, call up the gang, we’ve got some avenging to do!”


(Jessica's tale will continue in the Avengers, possibly Lady Deathstrike, maybe another short one-shot)

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@batkevin74: That's a busy day, She's not a completely changed person yet but you can tell she genuinely wants to be now.

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@joshmightbe: Was going to try and have her meet Daredevil too (by ) but couldn't work out how. Yeah Jessica will always be bad, but sorta like Black Widow now. She had a shady criminal past, did some dodgy, nasty things and then got around to being a pretty decent hero; Jess will probably follow suit. She can and will kill but like Widow, only when really nessesary.

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@batkevin74: Gotta have a couple Avengers willing to do the dirty work

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@joshmightbe: This is true! Bit hard to avenge things that way

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I like how when she considers suicide one of the methods is Ngumi chopping her head off. (which I think in the state she's in at the moment would be hardish... not impossible) Read Lady Deathstrike # 13 to see what I mean. Great read!

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@Time_Phantom: Cool! I am on way there...now!

Also I've been adding members to the Wild Pack like Dragonfly (who has no other details that she was bitten by something that warranted Ngumi chopping her head off, Domino, Nora (Mockingbird by PrinceIMC). One day we'll write their adventures...no rush, sometimes making up the past as you go along is fun :)

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