Marvel Iron Age: Hawkeye #2

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New York

Out from the rubble left of the circus came Anthony pushing scrap off of him. He looked at his surroundings seeing nothing but crows and rubble left from the blast. Once he saw no one he began looking under things like rocks and scrap but found nothing... nothing alive at least the most he found was a couple of dead bodies. Soon he gave up on looking for anyone so he went to a nearby river wash off. The water was cold and mucky at the bottom. It was very fish friendly so once Anthony got out he shot a few with arrows that had not snapped from the explosion. The circus was only a mile or two from the city, New York city. When Anthony walked in the city he saw his picture on the big screen. Anthony thought "how could I be on the screen it's my first time in the city?" After the picture was gone it said all the crimes he has committed, "I have committed no crimes whats so ever. what is this do I have a doppelganger? if not what else can it be? I know I had a twin long ago but I am pretty sure he died in the fire along with my mother." Anthony said in a slightly sobbing tone. A moment later and iron soldier looked at him " there he is!" the man in the armored suit screamed. " What that can not be me I have committed no crime!" Anthony yelled. " I will have to take you in for your execution sir.". "no!!" Anthony said as he began to sprint away. "you are resisting arrest I will have to kill you" the iron soldier said. Then he brought up his hand ready to fire his repulsor blast. Right as it was about to fire Anthony turned around shooting an arrow at the hand were the blast was going to fire making the glove explode! "haha thats gotta hold you up for awhile" Anthony said as he hid in a dark alley way. Anthony fell asleep at awoke from the sound of iron soldiers marching towards him. he awoke and climbed a building before the iron soldier could spot him. "I guess being at the circus sorta paid off "

TO BE CONTINUED.........................