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Bifrost base

The team managed to free themselves as Magni and Bill attacked the Wrecking crew. Several soldiers moved to stop them but Walker, Fry and David overwhelmed them.

7 glared at the Supreme Commander and fired a repulser blast at him. He grinned as he easily deflected the blast telekinetically. He then took him by the throat with his invisible grip and tossed him away as he moved toward Magni and Bill. Quartermain attempted to put a pulse round in Stryfe's face but was rebuffed. 7 then leaped on him catching him off guard momentarily and slashing his exposed face with his claws. Stryfe roared in pain as he slammed 7 into the dirt. He then used his telekinesis to bring his helmet over. He placed it on his head and drew his sword, "Time I put you down, animal."

7 formed a hard light blade and ran at him. The blades clashed as the two men glared at each other. Suddenly intense pain filled 7's mind an Stryfe forced him to his knees, "You're the first to wound me in quite some time."

He then stepped to 7 and sliced his cheek open before kicking him over. 7 leapt to his feet ready to attack when he noticed his wound was still bleeding. He then looked to the smiling Supreme Commander who charged and made a slash across his chest. He then smashed the butt of the sword into 7's face and used his telekinesis to hurl him away. Stryfe stopped and began to chuckle as he heard a voice in his head ordering him to stop. He turned to see Molly focusing on him. He shook his head and sent a psionic scream through her.

She fell and he walked over placing the sword on the back of her neck, "You're out of your league woman."

7 again interfered taking a blade through the gut for his trouble. Quartermain and Fry arrived and moved Molly away as Stryfe pushed 7 off the sword. The Supreme Commander stood over 7 with the blood dripping from his sword, "Are you familiar with the stories of the Muramasa blade?"

7 coughed up a bit of blood before answering, "You took away my ability to heal?"

Stryfe laughed, "You are a clever cat aren't you. I was going to cut your head off but after all the trouble you've caused I'd say a slow death from a gut wound fits you better."

He then drove the blade into his stomach and twisted. 7 rolled over and began to crawl away. Stryfe stomped him into the ground, "Flee if you like, doesn't matter. You're already dead."

Stryfe then turned to see Magni and Bill and left 7 bleeding in the dirt.

Bill and Magni took the fight to the Wrecking crew, the savagery of the two was more than the Org Borgs could take so they gave the signal for the God Slayers to attack. Bill was hit with a blast that floored him but Magni interrupted the second shot with lightning. The two then joined and fired a double blast of lightning that sent the machine back a step but they were swatted away by the massive hand of a second.

Molly, Quartermain and Fry found themselves surrounded by four members of the wrecking crew. The one called Piledriver hit Fry with a piston like fist sending him flying. The one called Hammer swung his sledge like fists at Quartermain who dodged and rolled away. Rivet and Crowbar stood above Molly who was still suffering from The Supreme Commander's mental attack. Rivet looked down, "If we weren't so busy I could have a nice bit of fun with this Sheila."

Crowbar shook his head, "Since when are you a furry, mate?"

Crowbar then went to club her but she caught his weapon and flipped him off his feet. She then hurled a dirt clod in Rivet's eyes. She then drove her adamantium blade into his chest and slashed him open. Piledriver then slammed a fist into her ribs shattering them as Rivet backed off the field.

As Piledriver went for her skull black tendrils wrapped around him and yanked him away. David threw him into a line of Iron soldiers as Walker ran to Molly with her blades in hand. Hammer raised his fist behind Molly but Walker leapt over her and used her charged blades to slice his arm off at the elbow. He gave her a shocked look as David's tendril caught him and hurled him into Piledriver as he made it to his feet.

Crowbar attempted to sneak away but a stray bolt of lightning from Bill and Magni's fight disabled him. Welder arrived to the scene and shot a blue flame toward David. The suit seemed to scream as it violently reacted to the flame. It shot out a tendril dragging David away but putting him directly in the middle of a battalion of standard and Hunter class soldiers. They surrounded him and meant to kill but the suit shot out tendrils in multiple directions killing most of them and maiming several others.

The Supreme Commander quickly turned his attention to David as the suit turned from black to blood red as it attacked. He shouted to no one in particular, "The damned Lunatic told me he killed it."

David screamed inside the suit begging it to calm down but thoughts streamed through his head of nearly two centuries of pent up rage and pain from its attempted lobotomy. Suddenly something hit David as the suits thoughts and memories flooded his mind and he shouted, "Holy Stark I'm wearing Carnage."

As a God Slayer went to blast Bill, Magni slammed into its face and ripped the plate off before driving lightning through it bringing it down. The two then went to work on another.

Meanwhile 7 continued to crawl toward the cannon as the fight raged on. Morton stumbled upon him as he evaded soldiers. He helped 7 to sit up behind the God Slayer Bill had brought down on his arrival. Morton looked 7 over, "Aren't you supposed to have a healing power?"

7 nodded, "Its been disabled."

7 then began digging through his bag but he could no longer grip anything so he asked Morton to search it for him, "Can you recognize Kree letters?"

Morton shook his head as 7 sighed, "You'll find an inoculation gun in there, if you see writing you can't read that's the one."

Morton fumbled around in the bag until he found it and handed it off to 7, who dropped it, "You're going to have to help me."

Morton picked it up and injected something into him, "What's this do?"

7 lost consciousness and Morton went pale, "Oh stark me, don't die on me."

He then noticed several soldiers approaching, "Damn it."

He had to run. After the soldiers had passed 7's eyes popped open and he took a deep breath as Kree nanites sealed his wounds. They weren't as effective as his healing factor so he was still weak from blood loss but he could now stand. He limped his way over to the door to the cannon's enclosure and shot off the lock.

He didn't hesitate to kill the two soldiers inside then he climbed to the power core where he found Sam hanging with a blank stare. He looked him over, "One problem at a time."

He blasted away a power coupling and freed Sam and destroying the back up power supply.


Heimdale sat in a chair in his post near the Bifrost, it had been a long time since anyone could use the pathway but every day he came and watched as he always had.

As he tried to keep himself from nodding off he noticed the bridge brightening. He jumped to him feet, "Odin's Beard."

Balder's throne

Balder stood before Loki contemplating his punishment for aiding Thrud's escape while Thor scowled behind him. They were interrupted by the sound of Heimdale's horn.

Loki chuckled, "That was a bit quicker than I would have thought."

Thor, Balder and Loki quickly came to the bridge as Heimdale looked down on the battle near the cannon. He turned to Thor, "Perhaps now would be a good time for your return."

Bifrost base

As the battle raged the soldiers stopped as something ripped free from the ground. The fight stopped as Abbadon pulled itself out of the hole and charged toward Magni.

(To be continued)

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@joshmightbe: Cool! Supreme Commander has to learn to do this

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with things that have healing factors! Coz otherwise they get up...hasn't he ever read a comic book! :)

Action's all going down, minor thing its Heimdall not Heimdale :)

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@batkevin74: He has a classic case of Super villain over confidence

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Just read! Stryfe is finally getting actively involved eh? Well he kind of has to now I suppose. Can't wait for the "Siege"! Are we all writing that? Or is it just you and batkev? Anyways that'll come later. (For those of us who lurk the comments LOOK OUT!) Great chapter, David's got a lot to handle with the carnage symbiote.

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@Time_Phantom: I think I'm just playing set up for the arc here but next chapter will end right before the arc begins I'll have to discuss the specifics with not sure if he wants to do the whole thing or tag off but if you want in that's cool with me

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@joshmightbe said:

not sure if he wants to do the whole thing or tag off but if you want in that's cool with me

Uh... yeah! If I could toss my hat into that ring I'd very much enjoy it.

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@Time_Phantom: cool, I'll get working on the next chapter of this tonight then we'll be all set up.

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