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Chicago Iron Hall

7 slides his gauntlets on and sets them to their most destructive level, "Call your magic user and get him up here fast. Maybe his book has a containment spell or something to force it back into the crate, the rest of us will just have to distract it till he gets here."

David looks confused, "Okay, what's plan B? I mean if we have to kill it?"

7 shakes his head, "That's not really possible."

Agent Walker hit her comm, "We have a major problem up here, Bring Jenkins and hurry, its full on code Omega."

Quartermain responded, "What the hell did you do? This is supposed to be a rescue, how the hell did it upgrade to apocalyptic situation?"

She picked up her holo-phone and sent Quartermain an image. He then replied, "What in God's name is that?"

7 leaned over, "Its a very bad thing now get the Stark up here."

Fry looked out the door, "It seems to be about done eating those guys in the hall, I'd say if we're gonna do something now's the time."

7 then jumps into the hall and fires at the creature with both gauntlets and draws it's attention.

The Chairman's office

Stryfe watched intently as 7 blasted the beast but turned at the sound of a grunt from Sinister. As the second beam hit the creature in the chest Sinister grabbed his in pain. An evil smile stretched across the Chairman's face as Sinister disappeared and the lights came back on. Stryfe hit his comm, "I want every Iron Soldier in Chicago back in the Iron Hall now."

He loaded an image into the system and order, "Fire everything you have at this, bring the damned building down if you have to I want that thing dead and make it suffer if you can."

Iron Hall

Fry ran to punch the creature but was swatted through a wall, Molly attempted to attack its mind but found nothing there but hunger and rage. Agent Walker charged the wall beside the beast and fired off what she assumed would be enough energy to knock it out but the beast was unfazed. David wrapped a tendril around it but it yanked him forward and slammed him through the floor. It then started running down the hall toward 7 and the rest but stopped just a few inches short and was held at bay by a mystical force field.

They looked past the creature and saw Jenkins knelt down with his hand on a symbol, Quartermain and Morton pulled their guns and unloaded them into the monster. He charged toward them but Jenkins shifted his hand and blocked it off completely. It looked back and forth in the direction of the fields and opened its mouth wide releasing deep red energy that split the floor and dropped it down a level. David saw the creature and turned to run but a legion of Iron soldiers filed in and began firing wildly not caring if they hit David or not.

The Creature fired off another energy blast shattering a line of soldiers and charged at the rest swatting them away like gnats. Nothing they hit it with affected it at all. The rest of the crew came down to help David. 7 and Walker blasted away a few soldiers as they made their way through. David used the suit's tendrils to help clear a path. The floor had exploded into chaos as soldiers began to panic when Abbadon began eating them whole. They began firing wildly. Morton took a repulser blast to the knee shattering it.

He responded by putting a bullet through the mouth slot of the soldier that shot him. 7 tried to concentrate his fire on the creature but the erratic soldiers made it difficult. He sighed as the creature burst through the outer wall. The turrets fired full force on it as the tanks rolled up. It grabbed one of the tanks and hurled it into a turret and leapt over the fence as it made its way toward the city. Inside the building 7 ordered his crew down and let out a blast from either side and forced the Iron soldiers into retreat as they snuck away. Jenkins drew a symbol on the floor and used it to teleport them back to the spider hole as they'd originally planned.


After the crew had rested 7 insisted on making a call to Queen Danvers.

She answered, "Do you have a status report?"

7 replied, "We have a huge problem."

(To be continued)

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@joshmightbe said:

7 replied, "We have a huge problem."

Oh yeah you do! Good stuff

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@batkevin74: Next chapter they will be forced to really get started on their mission to get to the Bifrost cannon since containing Abbadon isn't really an option any more. But it will take a few chapters to get them there.

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