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Bezull slid open the bunker tunnel door and clambered into the hangar with his large back pack. Darius looked down at the 'man' getting out of the hole.

“You must be the beast they speak of,” Darius saw the man was just shy of seven feet tall, a weird bronze hue to his skin, his hands with a razor sharp talon at the end. A pair of tusks protruded from his mouth complimenting the horns from his forehead, which stood out from his mane of red hair, and his eyes were a solid, brilliant red “Or you’re some kind of sewer monster that I must flush?”

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Bezull looked down on the little man and grunted, reached into the tunnel and pulled out a large knapsack, followed by a large spiked club.

Darius eyed the man and tapped him on the shoulder “DO. YOU. SPEAK. ENGLISH?”

Bezull knocked his hand away “Do you mind sir?” His voice was clear, polished, distinguished and almost contradictory to his outer appearance “I have just completed a long hike and am in dire need of a shower and after that, a sit-rep on this cell. Then I can meet the obnoxious child who thinks this, is all game! Excuse me?”

Darius grabbed the big man by the elbow “Did you just call me a child?”

Bezull lowered himself to face Darius directly “DO. YOU. SPEAK. ENGLISH?” Bezull stood up, roughly brushing Darius aside and headed into the hangar “Napoleon Base! Ten-hutt!”

Darius gritted his teeth and smiled, reining in his natural urge to fire up his armour and blow the monster’s back through his stomach.


Bezull flipped through a holo-pad as Madrox rambled about the four days since Holland left and he arrived.

“And Daristane has been running drills with Kim, and man she keeps starking him up!” chattered Madrox “It’s been awesome!”

“Do you not know his name?” asked Bezull

“Oh I know it, but he’s in his armour one minute, out of it the next, so I just smashed both names together!” laughed Madrox “He hates it! I think he’s trying to kill me”

“Well, let us ask our guest” Bezull looked up as Darius entered the room “Are you trying to kill young Madrox here Mr Stane? Or do you prefer Daristane now?”

“Your little puppy is quite an annoyance!” stated Darius “But no, I am not actively trying to kill him. He does stand too close when I am working with your psychic, so if a stray blast does take his head off, he was warned. As for the ridiculous name he insists on calling me, clever but wrong. My name is Darius”

“Son of Nicodemus; son of Samuel; son of Zachariah; son of Ezra; son of Jeremiah; son of Solomon; son of Ezekial; son of Obadiah” added Bezull “I’ve just been watching your, career, if you will. Very impressive Darius”

“And I know almost nothing of your work?”

Bezull smiled, revealing his sharp teeth at the backhanded compliment “Good. My work, like most of SHIELD, should be behind the scenes. Setting up the framework, aiding the people, hindering the enemy”

“You mean hiding?”

Bezull chuckled “Believe what you want Daristane, but we do good work. I yearn for the overthrow of the Supreme Commander and Ferrum; but I have realistic expectations. It won’t happen today, it may not happen tomorrow but his time is finite. My job is to train, teach and keep the next generation informed so that revolution can come”

“You are an idealist” commented Darius

“There is nothing wrong with that, is there?” replied Bezull

“No,” scoffed Darius “Nothing at all”

“Now you seem to be monopolising Kimberlyn. May I ask why?”

“I am preparing myself to fight against a telepathic telekinetic. She is not in his league by any means but it helps me prepare for when I face him again” said Darius

“What happens afterwards?” asked Bezull


“You kill the Supreme Commander and the Chairman, and then?”

Darius looked at Bezull, thinking of an answer. Bezull walked over towards him and patted him on the shoulder “When you work out what happens next, we shall talk more. Until then please continue your drills with Kimberlyn. Napoleon Base! Ten-hutt!”


Distain screamed as his arms were wrenched east to west, whilst his feet were being pulled downwards.

-Armour integrity at 72%. Enable countermeasures?-


“Are you talking to me?” asked Kimberlyn

“C-Continue!” yelled Distain

“Okay” said Kimberlyn as her telepathic assault invaded his mind “But this is getting boring”

-Abnormal cerebral activity detected. Enable countermeasures?-

“No!” snarled Distain at his armour “Can you do anything asides from blowing things up?”

-Analysing….nanite reroute to temporal lobe may prevent telepathic intrusion, chance of permanent brain damage 64%-

“Y-you only arrrghh just came up with that?”

“Still talking to yourself?” asked Kimberlyn

“MORE!” yelled Distain

“You asked for it!” Kimberlyn increased her telekinetic rack, stretching the ebony armoured man to breaking point

-Supremis primary function is survival of Darius Stane. Failure percentage for brain damage unacceptable, extreme risk category-

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“Grrrrr, can you do it slower?”

“I’m just gonna assume you’re talking to your armour again” said Kimberlyn as she cleaned her rifle out.

-Slow release nanite to temporal lobe…analysing. Theoretically, parameters are acceptable-

“ENOUGH!” screamed Distain

“Okay that’s for me,” Kimberlyn slammed Distain flat onto the ground “Oops. Sorry”

Bezull walked into the room wielding two kendo sticks. He gave them a spin and slapped Distain across the face plate with them as he tried to stand “Do you think the Supreme Commander will give you an inch?” Another series of taps hit the armour “Imagine each hit is a plasma cannon!” Tap “Or a vibranium knife!” Tap Tap “Each hit, means you’re slower; means you’re dead!”

Distain fired up his shields blocking the next series of strikes “I do not recall asking for your help beast?”

“If you honestly think the Supreme Commander or The Chairman, is going to give you a fair fight,” Bezull drew his hand back and smashed it into the shield, sending Distain flying backwards “Then you are delusional!”

-Shields down 12% from kinetic attack. Countermeasures?-

Distain looked through the options on the HUD, engaged the flamethrower and sprayed a burst of napalm at Bezull. The big man rolled under the flames and shoulder charged Distain, sending him backwards into the wall “I thought this was merely sparring? But you’ve gone a lethal option”

“My armour doesn’t play” retorted Distain

-Shields down a further 27%-

“Very well, Kimberlyn!” commented Bezull dropping the sticks.

“Yes sir!”

“Contact the others, informing them of an intruder masquerading as Darius has infiltrated the base, requiring a full out assault!” Bezull roared as he ran in slamming his fists into the shields “Let us test our friend properly!”


Darius sat on a crate in the hanger, Bezull pushed a cup of tea under his nose “This will help the ringing in your head”

“Thank you” said Darius “Who would’ve thought that a toolbox would be able to cause me that much trouble?”

Bezull smiled “Madrox may be annoying, but he is a skilled tactician for one so young. Dropping that toolbox on you from above whilst we kept you off guard, a low tech solution to a high tech problem”

Darius sipped his tea “Did you know I contemplated blowing up the planet?”

“Who hasn’t?” laughed Bezull

“No, mine wasn’t a metaphysical question, like a wish. I tried to work out if my armour was capable of blowing up the planet”

“I am guessing it is not”

“Unfortunately” said Darius “I was going to take out the source of the problem”

“A very extreme measure.” pondered Bezull “You would kill EVERYONE, to solve the problem, which at its core is merely a few men and a company?”

“If there’s nothing, then there’s nothing left to fight over. No Ferrum. No Supreme Commander. No Chairman. No New Latveria”

“You would die also” stated Bezull

“Very true, but I’d save EVERYONE”

“By killing them?” Bezull rubbed his head “You are a scary individual Darius Stane. You are too smart to be insane but your logic is borderline psychotic!”Bezull stood up and patted Darius on the shoulder “Maybe that toolbox gave you concussion” Bezull left Darius alone in the hangar with his thoughts.


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