Marvel Iron Age: Defenders Incorporated #1

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“Leon, I…I think we’re here…” A large house stood in front of the warlock Flux, and the witch Leon. Yet this was not just any house, it was the house of the Defenders!

“You think we should just walk in?” Leon asked as she went to reach the doorknob.

Flux quickly grabbed it, “We should knock, unless we want to get our heads cut off or something.”

Leon smirked, “Good call.”

Flux knocked on the door, within seconds the door opened, bags were thrown over their heads and they were taken inside.

Flux and Leon both struggled to try to get the bags off of their heads, but it was too hard of task, whoever was holding them hostage was no joke.

When Leon woke up, all she saw was the deceiving menace Arick standing in front of her with a machete, “Finally, you’re up. I’m not going to drag this out, where is Wasp?”

Leon studied her surroundings, “Wh...Who are you?”

Arick became more irritated, “You know what, I don’t have time.” Arick grabbed a gun and aimed it at her head.

Leon’s eyes widened and turned purple, “Get away!” Arick flew backward and hit the wall, instantly knocking him out.

Leon closed her eyes and spoke, “Serano archato arach!” The ropes flew off of her and she got up, she put her finger on her head, “Flux, are you there!”

Before he could respond, Leon was struck with a blow of dark energy; she dropped to the ground and looked around her.

The darkness manipulating Alfred stood in front of her, “Trying to escape eh? Not a good life decision on your part.”

Alfred suddenly dropped to the floor, “Quickly, come with us.” The infinite energy matrix Wasp 2.0 said as she held out a helping hand. Behind her the cat like super heroine Black Cat, the spark of brilliance Scott Lang, and surprisingly Flux stood.

Leon smiled at the sight of seeing her dream fulfilled, “Finally, I’ve meet my makers.”


“You found them, you say?” Stryfe said as he slowly walked around his “neighborhood telepath” Relay.

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She looked at the case file pictures she had, “Well, if my mind serves me right. Wasp was seen around the Hanson Facility yesterday. Then around the home of The Offenders.”

Stryfe gazed into her eyes, “Kill them.”

2 Days Later…

Relay stood in front of the Defenders HQ, that due to a very strong magic trail, they were able to find. A squad of Iron Soldiers followed Relay as they stormed the base.

The first to be taken out was Black Cat, she heard them enter the building and went to check it out, but Relay quickly dealt with her with a devastating mental attack.

Wasp 2.0 was walking from the kitchen when she was attacked by two Iron Soldiers who obviously didn’t get the “silence” memo, as Scott, Flux, and Leon all came running to help their friend.

The Iron Soldier’s made every strike count; they fought in pairs. Each hit hurt, they weren’t trained to lose. They were trained to perfection; trained to attack their opponent with deadly intentions.

Flux was the more offensive between himself and Leon; he blasted Iron Soldiers with acidic energy blasts that melted through their armor and burned their skin. While Leon was more subtle, using telekinetic spells to throw them into walls and lengthy sleeping spells to send them into a coma.

Scott Lang took on Relay, she thought that he would be an easy opponent due to the fact he didn’t have powers, but she doubted the fact that his technology was his greatest strength.

Scott took out a mind purifier, which greatly enhanced his telepathic immunity. Relay struggled to get into his mind. She was surprised when Scott pulled out a mini shock button that electrified her into a comatose state. It always was his favorite weapon.

After the Relay and the Iron Soldiers were “disposed” of, the Defenders returned to their base.

Wasp 2.0 told everyone to meet in the command room, which they did.

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When everyone arrived, a very old, gray, and frail man appeared on the screens.

No Caption Provided

“I’m coming there.” Cadaver said.

Wasp’s eyes widened, “Why?”

Cadaver rolled his eyes, “I saw Relay infiltrate your base. You also brought in two new recruits and didn’t inform me, I’ll be there in two days.” The call disconnected.

Wasp looked at her teammates, “Let’s get this place cleaned up, and then pray to God he is in a good mood when he arrives.”

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#2  Edited By batkevin74


Okay. There are some excellent elements here but it needs a polish and some…what’s the word…atmosphere! Nice use of Cadaver! :)

The Iron Age is kicking off again 9 months after the Battle of Asgard, keeping all our previous continuity so your Defenders Inc needs maybe a brief recap before kicking off. I read it and was a little lost (maybe include links or at least the address of your previous chapters)

Here’s my edit of your opening chapter (no idea where the house is, I just picked somewhere known for witches)

Salem, Mass

“Leon, I…I think we’re here…” gulped Flux as the ominous house came into view. It stood proudly amongst the overgrown vegetation, too pristine. This was not just any house; it was the mythical house of the Defenders! Slowly, carefully they approached the house. As they got up on the landing, the front door was slightly ajar.

“You think we should just walk in?” Leon asked, trying to sound braver than she felt.

Flux quickly grabbed her, “We should knock, unless we want to get our heads cut off or something.”

“Well…go on” she urged. Flux grimaced and gingerly approached the door. His fist hovered before the door before he finally got the courage and briskly rapped on the door. The silence was agonising. The pair looked at each other, unsure of their next move.

Leon went to speak when the door flew open as several blurred figures were upon them. Bags were thrown over their heads and they were pummelled into submission.


The light burnt Leon’s eyes as the bag came off her head. She blinked and tried to focus finally making out the shape of a man.

“I’m not going to drag this out, where is Wasp?”

Leon studied her surroundings as she strained against the ropes that bound her to a thick wooden chair, “Wh...Who are you?”

He drew a gun, cocked it and pressed it to her forehead “I don’t havetime for your stupidity!”

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