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Continued from:

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The Fantastic Force 1-7:http://www.comicvine.com/forums/fan-fic/8/marvel-iron-age-the-fantastic-force-7/685119/#4


A while ago: Nation of The Plains, Arizona,

Distain, Corporal America, Distain, Warstar and the body of Modi appeared in the secret Native American village where Daniel grew up.

“We will be safe here” said Daniel

“Where are we?” asked Nicholas

“Arizona” said Daniel “We rest, we bury our dead and tomorrow…”

“Tomorrow we change the world” said Distain as he removed his helmet.


Darius Stane, Nicholas Rogers, Daniel Warstar and Kaine Reilley stood beside the funeral pyre, the headless body of the nameless Asgardian upon it.

“Into your arms Great Spirit, we commit this proud warrior” said Bethany Warhorse, Daniel’s aunt and matriarch of the Nation of The Plains.

“I thought he was Asgardian?” whispered Kaine to Nicholas, who elbowed him back to silence.

Bethany clapped her hands and flames jumped from her palms to the pyre, igniting it slowly at the bottom.

“Say your goodbyes, reflect on your friend and then come join us for a feast in his honour” said Bethany as she left, stopping by Daniel to kiss him on the cheek “Welcome home”

“Allr faðir!” Daniel prayed as the Eye of Agamotto glowed “Heyra minn bœn. Frjáls annask illr járnsmiðr. Ykkarr hollr skósveinn” The others bowed their heads.


Nicholas Rogers had gathered his gear and headed to the motor pool. He threw his gear onto a quad bike and quietly pushed it out of the camp. A figure blocked his path.

“Going somewhere, son of the flag?” asked a female voice gently

Nicholas squinted through the early morning darkness “I’m leaving Bethany”

“I can see that. Where?” Bethany Warhorse smiled

“I…I don’t know” Nicholas slumped onto the bike “This mission, my life, it’s all…starked! Sorry about my language”

“I take no offense” she walked over and sat next to him “You should go on a walkabout”

“A what?”

“A journey, a vision quest, an expedition, a road trip” Bethany exhaled onto her palm and purple glitter danced off it and swirled into the air forming patterns and shapes “It is time to accept and embrace your destiny while balancing your present”

“That’s really vague” said Nicholas

“I am a medicine woman, not a psychic” laughed Bethany “Go find Madam Web if you want your future told”

Nicholas looked down at his feet “Am I evil?”

Bethany slowly reached out, grabbed Nicholas by the chin and tilted his face up “Evil people don’t ask questions like that. Evil people don’t listen to their conscience, nor regret actions or non actions taken. You son of the flag are not evil. Why do you think you’re evil?”

“I use to be a member of the Iron Army” Nicholas fought back tears

“And I use to be vegetarian” Bethany brushed the tears from his eyes “People change”

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Nicholas burst into laughter and hugged the leader of the Nation of the Plains “Thank you”

“You are welcome son of the flag”

“Why do you call me that? Because of the costume?”

“You are descended from one called Captain America,” Bethany wiped her hands and shimmering image of Captain America formed in her palm from the tears of Nicholas “You look a lot like him. Now you should go before the sun rises, take your destiny by surprise”

Nicholas threw her a salute and got onto his bike and roared off into the plains.


Darius awoke with the sun and exited his tepee. He engaged the Supremis Techno-Organic Armour which melded over his body.

“Where are you going, son of iron?” asked Bethany Warhorse, who appeared from out of nowhere.

“I am going to kill the Supreme Commander!” said Darius with confidence.

“It is always good to have a goal” laughed Bethany

“Thank you for your hospitality Bethany” said Darius, bowing slightly “Please tell my comrades I have headed off”

“Well the one called Nicholas left last night, saying almost the same thing you just said. Daniel is with the spider child out in the valley”


Day 1“I rode in no particular direction. I just rode, It felt good to have the wind in my hair, to gather my thoughts. May have to invest in a compass”

Day 3“Definitely need compass. Sure basic army training let’s me work out east and west, but out here on the plain, I’m sure I rode in a big circle”

Day 6“I can see the lights of Las Vegas…and my gut tells me to stay away. The bright lights in the middle of nowhere. But now I have a bearing. Will need fuel soon”

Day 9“Ditched the bike, had to after I hit a sleeping krang. Those things are tough, mean and stubborn. I cracked it in the head with the shield five times before it finally turned tail, only to return with a bigger krang. I really dislike lizards”

Day 13“On the outskirts of Denver. There’s a hovertrain around here which will get me to Chicago”

Day 14“I nearly got arrested for not having an I-Dent card. I have one, but since I’m technically dead…I’m dead…wow, never thought about that. I got killed, brought back by that white-faced guy, rescued by that bandaged faced guy, trained by the bald drunk and then hooked up with Magni, Kaine, Daniel and that stark Distain! Anyways I need to get a new I-Dent card, and after being an Iron Pig for five years I know what to do”

Day 16“I never thought I’d ever be called anything other than Nicholas Rogers, but my new I-Dent card says my name is Howard T. Duck…I’m gonna get shot! What kind of made up name is Howard?! But for what I paid, what do I expect?”

Day 19“Just saw what the Army did to Kenosha. I am rethinking my attack plan of charging into Chicago after seeing that. Sick to my stomach!”

Day 24“I swear I just saw Distain kill a man in the air above my head. There one minute, gone the next. Something’s happening here in Madison, soldiers are out in fo…”

“Force. Out in force”

Nicholas whipped up his shield, ready to strike at the voice that had snuck up on him.

“Whoa Nicky! Easy! Seriously that tin lid really packs a wallop, I know you hit me with it in about a week” the man smiled and showed his hands were empty.

“I know you?”

“Dude it’s me, Traveller! We met…have we met? Man time travel really confuses even me sometimes. Let’s see Thanos beaten, check! Kenosha goes boom, check! Asian sword girl in the aquariam, check!”


“I’m doing my checklist so I know where I am Nicky. Coz if I’m like a week out or so, then I have to go back OR forward as the case may be to get the pivotal moment to convince you to join the Avengers”

“I did that Fantastic Force thing and we achieved nothing. Magni got killed, Scalphunter got awa…”

“Magni’s not dead” laughed Traveller “He’s just stuck in Asgard”

“I saw his body!” snapped Nicholas

“You saw A headless body! Scalphunter ran off with the head before you got a chance, remember? Bright flash of light and BOOM! No Magni’s fine, his brother not so fine” Traveller looked at his wrist “Excuse me” He vanished to reappear seconds later “Long time, how have you been?”

“You didn’t go anywhere?” Nicholas scratched his head

“Time travel, bit mad sometimes. Anyway, have you joined the Avengers yet?”

“The what?”

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“The Avengers! Vision, Distain, the boy with the arrows y’know the Avengers”

“You’re going to get a smack in the face with my shield” warned Nicholas

Traveller looked at Nicholas, furrowed his brow and cocked an eyebrow “Its Tuesday isn’t it?”

“I don’t know”

“Of course you don’t. Have a nice week, see a show, DON’T DIE and I’ll be back to get you” Traveller vanished.

“What the stark was that?” Nicholas looked around


To be continued in 's Marvel Iron Age: Avengers Assemble out soon!

(coz I know you really use to like this)

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That was fast. Gonna try and get caught up on everything Iron Age tonight-January 17th.

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@YoungJustice: Wow! Good luck and thanks for reading!

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@YoungJustice: Gonna be a long night for you

@batkevin74: Thanks for the set up and I liked the field journal bit

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@joshmightbe: Well he'd been away for a while and trying to space it all out, coz not everything happens on the one day but trying to roughly work out how long its been between things, bit hard but a month kinda works for me

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F*cking awesome.

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@TheCannon said:

F*cking awesome.

Thanks! :)

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