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Ferrum NY, rooftop

Cutthroat looks out a large number of Iron army transports moving in, "Boss, we got several truck loads of trouble headed this way."

On the ground floor.

Zemo looks to Callous, "We need to block off the entrance."

He then turned to the employees rounded up before him," Anyone left here in 30 seconds dies."

Arson gives him a wary look, "I could cremate the whole lot in a second."

Zemo shakes his head, "Save your energy, you'll need it. Luckily Ferrum corporate buildings are built to withstand anything short of nuclear assault."

He then hit a switch that put the building in secure mode, every window and exit aside from the main entrance was instantly covered with heavy metal shutters. Callous constructed a makeshift blockade with several cars that had been parked outside and two city buses.

Zemo gave Arson, Shift and Murmur orders to secure the sub levels from an incursion from below. Then sent Absorbing man out as a first line of defense.

The Bronx

Alex looked to the sky, "Looks like the guy you're trapping is caught."

Scalphunter grinned,"Nah, by now he's cleared Ferrum and sitting cozy behind a security system that'd put the vault to shame, Its gonna take them everything they have to get in there, but your brother's new pal is gonna get Zemo out in the clear for me and I'm going for the triple crown."

Iron Claw gives him a curious look, "What are you up to?"

Gerald gave him a wink, "Trust me, Zemo sees that shield Rodgers is holding he'll be out quick, then we got him and two more of America's most wanted and with any luck this many soldiers in town just might draw out that Stane punk, been eager to gut him."

On a roof top across from Ferrum NY

Hawkeye sits perched on a ledge with a pair of binoculars speaking into his comm, "Big bald guy just kind of sunk into the street while the spiked up monster started tossing buses in front of the main entrance, they have the place locked down tighter than that stick wedeged up Darius'..."

Vision cut him off, "Thank you, inform me the moment the situation changes."

He then switched to Darius who's standing by inside an half built office, "The transports just started unloading, haven't got an exact count but I can assure you the odds aren't in our favor."

"Rodgers here, they've blocked off all the bridges, Manhattan is officially on lock down."

Times square

Scalphunter appears with his two companions and puts in an ear piece while he holds a digital dial, Iron Claw looks over, "What are you..."

Gerald shushes him as he listens, "Ooo, buddy we're gettin' paid today. Anthony is across the street from Zemo and he's on a comm with that Vision thing."

Alex seems curious, "What is that?"

Scalphunter talked while he moved, "Its a spy gadget I lifted off Dr. Doom a while back, lets me listen in on any communication device within a 10 mile radius."

"What's going on?"

"Well aside from some really filthy phone sex, we got Zemo's crew getting all snug, soldiers dropping in by the dozen and some goof balls playing Avengers standing in between them."

He then hits his comm, "Hey Jess, we gotta a pay day buffet going on, if want in come find me."

She sighed at the message as she looks to the Iron soldiers behind her, "I'll be around."

As she turns she sees dozens of Iron soldiers lining people up along the streets as they march toward Ferrum HQ.

Jason stands beside the building Hawkeye is perched atop and watches Callous toss cars to bolster his barricade when the soldiers arrive, "Here we go boys."

Hawkeye starts to move but an arrow strikes just left of his foot, he looks down at a beeping sound, "Crap."

He leaps away as the arrow explodes causing a fire to start up as Anthony hits the door to the stair well. Alex stands between Scalphunter and Iron Claw across from Hawkeye's perch. Iron Claw is too distracted by the sight of Callous to notice the small chain Alex attached to his belt. As he walks past them he switches Scalphunter's teleporter to voice command. He then turns and asks, "Can you boys swim?"

Scalphunter then notices the chain as Alex grins, "Hudson river."

The two suddenly find themselves floating in filthy water under a bridge.

Alex then enters the building to catch Anthony on the way down.

As the soldiers march suddenly the street comes alive forcing them to take to the air, many are caught and slammed roughly into the pavement before being crushed. The airborne soldiers went for the building but Callous leapt up and smashed into several bringing them back down as he began to tear them apart.

Around twenty soldiers managed to wrestle Callous into the air but crashed a few blocks away as the Absorbing man continued to protect the Ferrum building. Jason heard some screaming and leapt off in the direction Callous had gone.

Corporal America attempted to get Jason and Hawkeye on the comm but neither answered so he switched to Distain and Vision, "I'm heading in, meet me at Hawk's last location."

Vision replies "Affirmative."

Distain states," I have a bit of a problem."

Upper west side Manhattan

Distain yells into his comm, "I've been spotted, and I'm taking heavy fire."

Vision responds, "On my way."

Distain flies down the street backward firing repulser blasts at multiple targets and relying on his tracking system to keep him from crashing."When the hell did you people actually learn how to fight?"

The 18 Slayer class soldiers chased him doggedly as he evaded their blasts. He was truly shocked at how well they managed to keep up.


Callous was rampaging through a mass of soldiers, some being hurled toward a mass of fleeing civilians. Jason managed to catch two and used one to bat down the third before he hit anyone. He then ran toward Callous to attempt to reign in the carnage.

Corporal America rushed to check on Jason and Hawkeye while the others were busy and stopped at the sight of the now blazing roof of the building Hawkeye had watched from. Behind him a wet and angry Scalphunter appeared. He turned and noticed Nicholas, "Well buddy, looks like you're plan B."

Corporal America turned and recognized him immediately and readied himself for a fight.

In the burning building Anthony was halfway down when an arrow whizzed by his shoulder as Alex called up, "Like the suit."

(To be continued)

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@joshmightbe: Nice, especially the Slayer suits making a reappearance!

@joshmightbe said:

In the burning building Anthony was halfway down when an arrow whizzed by his shoulder as Alex called up, "Like the suit."

Very cool!

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@batkevin74: Thanks next chapter will be pretty much chaos in the city

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@joshmightbe: Maybe this pic is closer: Iron Man = Distain, Wonder Man = Jason, USAgent = Corporal America, Hawkeye = Hawkeye and Scarlet Witch = Jessica Mongoose, just omit Living Lightning and Spider Woman (or make it a team up with Iron Age Spider Man or Scarlet Spider) and VOILA!!

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