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Dover, England

This place seemed a waist land, there were the remains of a now forgotten city and scattered bones left over whatever foul creature had finished off it's population. The only sign of life were 2 obviously mutated creatures, they looked like dogs the size of lions with rams horns on their heads. They snarled as the group approached but Ares raised his hand toward them and it seemed to calm them. He walked over to them and crouched down pulling a small bag from his belt. He took out something he called ambrosia and fed it to them, " These 2 look like fighters", he yelled back to his comrades as he rose to his feet and beckoned them to follow. They walked for a few hours when Morbius informed them of the coming sunrise. They decided to make camp as Morbius dug himself a hole to sleep in. Marcus took the opportunity to sleep as well leaving Ares who needed very little sleep to sit watch along with his new pets. At dusk they headed for the prison camp no more than a mile from where they camped.

As they neared the camp Marcus shrunk himself down to the size of an ant and Ares placed him onto one of the dogs' back and prodded it to run toward the fence. As the dog turned away before hitting the fence Marcus let go and was hurled through the bars. Meanwhile on the towers Morbius dropped down on the unarmored guards and feed off them as Ares and his dogs walked to the front gate making as much noise as they could to keep attention on themselves. Ares swung his ax at the gate smashing through it as the few armored guards flew at him top speed. The dogs leaped at them and astonishingly ripped right through their armor with their teeth as Ares attacked. He killed the first 3 to come at him with his ax and as he saw the remaining 5 he slung it on his back while drawing his sword. He chopped the first's head off then buried his sword in the next one's chest while spinning around to crush the third's skull with his fist. The last 2 then attempted to attack but were crushed under Marcus' now massive foot.

The unarmored guards in the towers opened fire but Morbius moved through the towers almost too fast to be seen, snapping necks and hurling guards to the ground until only one was left. Ares ordered that he be left alive and brought to him. He forced the guard to take him to the master control for the collars the prisoners wore and he switched them off. He then talked over the loud speaker ordering all prisoners come to the yard immediately, The group then marched the last guard into the yard telling them they were all free men now and any who would like to get some revenge on the Iron goons was welcome to join him. An old man approached the god and told him, "I know of a man who would be very helpful to your cause and likely grateful if you were to free him." Ares asked, "Where is this man?" The old man pointed to a large metal structure in the center of the camp.

Ares stepped up to a small bared hole in the wall and asked, " What is your name?" The smallish man inside looked up, " Alan Banner", Ares eyes lit up for a second" Banner, you say? Any chance of you being a Hulk?" "No but I do have some talents", was the answer. Ares thought for a moment and asked, "Such as?", Banner shot back,"Are the collars off?" Ares nodded as Banner told him to step back. A blast of green energy tore the door off the structure. Alan stepped out with a smile and and offered his services. Of the few hundred able bodied men at the camp around 80 decided to come along. For the next few days the group went around to other camps freeing all the prisoners and growing in numbers. Almost a week had passed when Marcus pointed out that there were far too many for their lone ship to carry, Ares simply nodded and pointed toward the port they were approaching. There were several large Ferrum vessels docked and many soldiers all over the place. The group had armed themselves with the left over weapons from the camps and many were mutants of varying power levels. Alan was told to take a group of the most powerful mutants with energy based powers and await their signal to attack. He then sent Morbius off with those who could several men capable of moving at superhuman speed armed with blades and hand guns to remove the outer guard. Marcus was and Ares divided up the remaining group and split up, Ares leading the frontal assault while Marcus was to attempt to flank the opposition.

After a few minutes passed Morbius sent a signal letting them know it was time to attack.

To be continued.

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@joshmightbe: Good chapter, Ares war machine chrusn along

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Holy crap that's gonna be a lot of prisoners released into the world. I don't think Stryfe is going to like that.

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@PrinceIMC: That's all part of the plan

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Stryfe will probably just nuke the UK!

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I smell a war brewin'!

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Alan Banner was his name! Ah ha! I can still use this guy right? I think I have found a use for him in Deathstrike #12.

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@Time_Phantom: He's all yours