Marvel Iron Age 2.0: Venom #4

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2035, New York, Times Square, Prison Convoy

"Roses are red and violets are bluueeee. My knife is blood red and I'm gonna kill youuuu..."

Cletus Kassidy sat in the back of one of Ferrum Corps vehicles. He was strapped in a straitjacket. Meaning he was unable to move at all. The Carnage Symbiote ran through his veins, but that wasn't going to last long. He wasn't going to be executed. Not publicly at least. They wanted his baby. The years had not been kind to him. His once blood red hair had turned grey. His body was aging along with his mind. Yet that hadn't stopped him from killing 16 people in the last month. He smiled as he heard the car stop and the Iron Soldiers outside open the door.

"Get up Kassidy." One of the soldiers said. He picked up Kassidy up the arm and effortlessly dragged him up into the air.

"You shouldn't have done that officer..." Kassidy muttered with a smile showing his yellow teeth. He moved his hand under his straitjacket. "See you've just ticked me off, and when I get ticked off..." Cletus suddenly ripped through the jacket using a shiv he'd somehow stored beneath it. "I GET MURDEROUS!" Cletus screamed as he slashed across the Soldier's chest. The shiv bounced off and caused Cletus' hand to hit him in the head.

"How the hell did he get a shiv down there?" One of the soldiers asked.

"No idea. Freak thinks he's still living in the past. MOVE!" The other soldier yelled as he nudged Cletus in the back of the head. Cletus slowly walked out of the van. The world had changed. He hadn't changed with it...


2213, The Wilds, Toomes Convenience Store

Andrew Toomes sighed as he realized what he was doing with his life. In the last 13 years he'd opened up this store and that was it. Nothing ever happened. Nothing good anyway. He lowered his head on the counter. Life was bad. Very bad. He jerked his head up as he heard the sound of the store's door opening.

"Welcome to my store." Toomes muttered. "I've got a new shipment of Gator Meat if you're inter-" Toomes' heart stopped as he realized who it was that was entering the store. 3 members of the gang known as the Goblinz stood at the end of the aisle. They stood there carrying their own version of Pumpkin Bombs. Flaming molotovs with a smiley face painted on. They casually walked over towards the counter as Toomes quivered in fear.

"Hey old man." One of them said brandishing his molotov. "You know the drill. Pay up. Or we trash the place."

"You punks won't get anything out of me! I work hard everyday and I earn my wage!"

The Goblin smiled and licked his lips. It was hard for Toomes to not back away in terror.

"That's too bad man. Looks like we're gonna have to trash YOU as well!"

The Goblin raised the molotov above his head and prepared to drop it on Toomes head...


"I still can't believe you did that." Dave muttered.

"We cannot believe that you're using your new found powers to spy on sleeping females."

"Hey! Do you know what it's like being me?! I've never had a girlfriend before! Also the Wilds doesn't have any internet! How else am I supposed to vent my frustration out on?!"

"We know a good way."

Dave's head turned as the Symbiote made his neck twist. Below him he saw several gang members entering a store.

"No. Just no. I'm not cut out for crime fighting." Dave said as he fired a web onto a rooftop and reeled himself up to it.

"Which is exactly why WE shall take control for the first time. You have nothing to fear."

"...No Symbi. Just no," Dave fired a web line onto another rooftop and prepared to swing from it. "Look maybe Ferrum will han-"

Dave's body jerked in the air as the Symbiote made him head towards the store.

"I hate you so much..." Dave muttered as he landed outside the door.

Dave saw one of the Goblins raise his pumpkin bomb above the counter and realized they were about to torch the place. He willed the Symbiote to raise his arm and prepare to fire a web.

"Here goes nothing..."

To be continued...

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Short but good, I like Dave's reluctance to super heroics.