Marvel Iron Age 2.0: Venom #3

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The Ferrum Building, The Wilds, 2213

The Symbiote slowly forced David Brock's body up the side of the Ferrum building. It's host being asleep had barely stopped the alien's performance. At the very most it had slowed it down. It quietly walked up the vent that was causing Ferrum's wastes to spill into the Wilds. This didn't matter at the moment. All that mattered was being whole again. It jumped down from the vent and landed next to the console controlling the waste's movement. Judging from what the Symbiote had heard in it's time at the base, there would be at least half a dozen guards, protecting it's cell. By causing a malfunction, it would distract at least a few of them. The Symbiote raised one of Dave's hands in the air and braced his fist. The Symbiote covered his hand and destroyed the console in a single well placed chop. An alarm started, the Symbiote quickly leaped into the shadows above. Three guards walked in. They left the door open behind them as they searched the room and the Symbiote quietly sneaked out. A few minutes of traveling later and the Symbiote discovered it's cell. The man called Trask would undoubtedly be nearby. He would have easily found out about it's little "trip" the Symbiote would have to move quickly. Operating at only half of it's possible speed the Symbiote was still able to leap from end of the other without being seen. It quickly smashed several cameras before throwing the remains of one of them into the console controlling the force field covering the cell door. The shield fizzed for a second before disappearing. The Symbiote could hear Trask shouting before he entered the room. This was the biggest mistake of his life. The Symbiote inside the cell acted as if it was asleep. Trask and two guards searched the entire area with their backs to it. Their screams could be heard through out the entire floor. The Symbiote felt a sense of relief as the 95% of it's body reconnected with itself. Now it was time to take it's new master home and get some well deserved rest...


Dave's apartment. 7:28AM

Dave's heart jumped as he heard the sound of his alarm going off. Just a few weeks ago this would have meant it was time for him to get up and get ready for school. Fortunately that was no longer the case. He slowly got out of his bed and stretched. He jumped as he saw what was in the mirror. His skin was covered in the Symbiote. Meaning that he'd somehow taken it home with him. Or it had broken free and had bound to him.

"Sleep well?"

Dave blinked as he heard the voice in his head. He realized that the costume was talking to him.

"Uh... yeah. How did you...?"

"Break out? We used your body while you slept to break the rest of us out."

Dave's eyes widened as he realized what the Symbiote was saying.

"Wait. You didn't make me kill anyone did you?"

"Not personally."

"You do realize I'm probably fired now right?"

"Good! You're a fool for wanting to work with them! The things they've done! Such atrocities even our CHILD wouldn't commit!"

"Your son? You mean..."


"Okay. I'm sorry. Wait... so... I'm your master now?"


"So... I can do all that stuff that Spider-Man can do?"

"Yes. Why?"


Dave climbed up the side of the building. Most people from his school lived in the same building he did. Including... the cheerleaders. He peeked through the window and smiled at what he was seeing. Nearly everyone in the cheerleaders lived on the same floor. Sometimes they had get together s. The adult version of sleepovers. All of them were still asleep. Dave quietly opened the widow and climbed up on the ceiling. The shadows made him nearly invisible. He wasn't going to move for a few hours. He pulled his phone out of his pocket and took a picture of the sleeping girls below him.

"You have some kind of romantic attraction to these women?" The Symbiote asked.

"Shh..." Dave whispered.

"But if you wish to procreate with them why not simply,,, talk to them?"

"It's not that simple Symbi..."

The Symbiote apparently didn't listen to him. Dave didn't notice until it was too late that the Symbiote was unraveling from his body. He screamed as he fell to the ground below him with a thud and was terrified as he heard five teenage girls screaming.

"Symbiote you ba$tard!" Dave screamed as he made a run for the window. He felt the heal of a shoe hit him in the back of the head and leaped out. He hoped the girls hadn't seen his face. He also hoped they actually cared that he'd thrown himself out of the window. He felt the Symbiote return around his body and fired a web to a nearby building.


"Tell me Trask. How did you survive?" The hologram of Dr Essex asked.

Trask had barely survived his encounter with the Symbiote. Many of his bones had been broken. He'd need an exo skeleton to replace them soon.

"I honestly don't know sir." Trask muttered, grimacing through the pain.

"So... you're telling me that the Venom Symbiote is now free and in the hands of a teenage boy? Why not simply eliminate him?"

"I'm planning to sir. I have a team of Iron Men soldiers to com-"

"They won't be enough. Do you know why the Symbiote left you alive?"

"N... no sir."

"It wanted to send a message. Your men won't be enough Trask. We should let this problem stamp itself out. The Spiders are well known for their disgust of Symbiotes. They'll surely attack Venom."

"But sir! What about the Spider Slayers Project? We require a Symbiote for our main arsenal!"

"Don't worry." Essex said with a sly smile. "I already have Cletus'."

To be continued...

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@tommythehitman: Great chapter but one thing, it is okay to just refer to the soldiers as just Iron soldiers or even just soldiers. Iron Man soldiers just sounds clunky to me.